January 2, 2009


A Sobering Ending to a Year that went very bad for all

At 12 am on Wednesday night when the world yelled Happy New Year, or Feliz Navidad if you will, there wasn’t much joy or belief that the New Year will be a very happy one for all concerned.

We all know what the situation is with our economy no sense in rehashing that issue. We ended the year with the war in Iraq continuing on. Afghanistan situation continues to deteriorate. India and Pakistan are rattling their sabers as they prepare for a war. Israel is attacking Gaza and the Hamas. News of more than 400 killed in Congo massacres. And there are the daily killings between the drug cartels across the border in Tijuana. Our world has become a very dangerous place. Welcome to the New Year, strap on your seat belt and expect a bumpy ride, 2009 could be a year like no other.

We don’t know what to expect in 2009 but what we do hear is not very good news. At best we can’t expect the economy to start recovering until the second half of ’09 and not really gain any traction until 2010.

So here we are, saying goodbye and good riddance to 2008 as we look forward to ’09 and hope for the best but expect it to get much worse before it gets better.

Seemingly our only hope lies in the Presidency of Barack Obama, but even with that we must take it with a grain of salt. Obama may engender hope but the reality of the situation will preclude any real change from taking place until well into the New Year and that will be under a best case scenario.

So this New Year’s day we raised our glass and welcomed in the New Year, making a wish for a Prosperous New Year. And at this point that is about all we can do and wish President elect Obama God speed in instituting his ideas and plans in bringing about change -- we need it!

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