April 24, 2009


One Lump or Two?

By Victor Kamber

If you can’t succeed, secede.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, running for cover as federal stimulus dollars rain down on his state, was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore. That made him a heroic figure at the tea bag rebellion.

Perry said he believes the federal government “has become oppressive in its intrusion into the lives of its citizens.” In Texas, for instance, the federal government intruded by offering extended unemployment benefits to laid-off workers. He wants the Feds to butt out and do nothing, just as the Bushies did when Katrina destroyed the Gulf Coast.

“Texas can leave the union if it wants,” shouted Perry, citing state sovereignty to the boisterous cheers of angry tea baggers waving “Secede!” signs.

One thing we learned is that the craziness of Limbaugh and Hannity and the Fox Network has a contagion infecting much of the GOP leadership. Not only are several Republican governors advocating “state sovereignty” resolutions, but GOP chairman Michael Steele gave tea baggers an extra lump of satisfaction when he said it wasn’t patriotic to pay taxes. It appears the Party of No has gone from low taxes to no taxes.

While this nuttiness was going on, President Obama didn’t appear to be distracted. He was keeping up with all those mainstream chores of a busy president, such as helping free an American ship captain from pirates, offering new proposals for energy independence, pushing ahead with his plan to provide affordable health care for every citizen, orchestrating the best ever Easter Egg hunt, easing tensions with Mexico, tackling the immigration problem, loosening travel restrictions to Cuba, explaining in a Georgetown speech why government spending is necessary to revive the economy (noting for tax protesters that under his administration zero taxes have gone up while 95 percent of Americans have received a tax break), and joining the family in assuring Bo, the first dog, that he has a loving home in the White House.

What do Republicans say to that?

He’s “polarizing” America.

Is it Bo?

Karl Rove, who helped make George Bush the most unpopular president in American history, is quick to see the flaws in Bush’s successor. “No president in the past 40 years has done more to polarize America so much, so quickly,” he wrote in The Wall Street Journal.

Karl has a point, but only if the ever shrinking GOP base sees the tea baggers, the gun nuts and the “sovereign movement” as the mainstream

How about some more tea, Karl? Or is that Limbaugh kool aid you’re drinking?

For more than a quarter of a century, Victor Kamber has made headlines as a political consultant while writing several books and providing sound bites that resonate for network and cable talk shows. His blog can be read at www.victorkamber.com.

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