April 24, 2009


Hope is in the air

It serves the soul well, every now and then, to take a break, relax and just enjoy life a bit. That is what we are doing today!

Life has been hard on all of us! We have had to face many issues and many elections, and we have been confronted daily with some sort of tragedy, death, or mayhem.

Examples abound. Pirates attacking huge cargo ships and getting away with millions of dollars - in today’s modern age! The head of Freddie Mac, the housing mortgage company, succumbs to the pressure and commits suicide. Talk about torture and the acceptance of it at the highest levels of our government. A tragic story of a shooting rampage happening somewhere in country seemingly occurs weekly. It was noted that this week it was 10 years ago a couple of students went on a shooting rampage at Columbine.

The tragic and serious side of life has overwhelmed us lately.

We are taking a break. It is baseball season and the Padres are in second place with a winning record. Let us enjoy this. Basketball playoffs are in full swing and the Chargers are getting ready to draft the next super star.

The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, and spring flowers are everywhere. We wake up in the morning to the sounds of birds chirping as we look forward to a new day. When folks ask us how it’s going, we no longer automatically say, “Don’t ask,” but instead say, “Things are getting better slowly but surely.”

It is too early to say if all of President Obama’s policies are working, but things are changing and that was the one thing he did promise while running for the job. His willingness to work with foreign leaders seems to working, and there is a sense of cooperation.

The issues of immigration and the Dream Act are once again on the table. There appears to be a common-sense approach to these issues. Immigration no longer seems to be the lightning rod or the divisive issue it once was.

Hope is in the air. Let us breath it in, renew our energy, feel fresh and alive. Enjoy life and our loved ones. Tomorrow we will have yet another challenge and another opportunity.

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