Volume XXXII Number 38 September 19, 2008

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Community unites against peaker electric power plant

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

Residents of southwest Chula Vista protested against a proposed peaker electric power plant in their community during a luncheon where Mayor Cheryl Cox was scheduled to receive a recognition.

There were about 40 protesters on Wednesday, September 17, in front of the San Diego Country Club in Chula Vista, including many children and seniors, most of which live within 350 feet of the proposed MMC Energy Plant, which would be built at the end of Albany St. to replace the current, smaller plant at the corner of Harvest and Otay Mesa Rd.

Protesters are against the Chula Vista City Council’s agreement with MMC where the company agrees to pay the city $210,000 in exchange for allowing it to expand the power plant.

The residents said their health is at risk with the proposed construction of the peaker electric power plant in the middle of the community.

“We want to make it clear that it is the City Council’s responsibility to protect its citizens,” said Theresa Acerro, president of the Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association, the group organizing the protest. “By allowing MMC to build this plant, the council is not doing its job. This is a civil rights injustice. Our City Council is failing all of these children. We’re outraged by this. It’s insulting.”

According to the Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association, the new power plant would be 350 feet from homes, 1,300 feet from Otay Elementary School, and 1,200 feet from Otay Recreational Center.

Among the health risks for residents especially children and seniors, are poor air-quality, pollution, asthma, and even cancer.

“Historically, the city has dumped all the toxics to southwest Chula Vista because they’re always taking advantage of low-income families of color,” said Diana Vera, who has lived in the area since she was 11 years old. “We’re finally raising our voice to say we will not tolerate this any longer. We want our children to live free of toxics. It is ironic that in the U.S. where we have freedom of choice and freedom of speech, we have to fight for our right to clean air.”

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La comunidad se une en contra de planta de energía
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Residentes del suroeste de Chula Vista protestaron en contra de una propuesta para construir una planta de energía en su comunidad durante un almuerzo donde la Alcaldesa Cheryl Cox recibiría un reconocimiento.

Crime Tarnishes Mexico’s Image
Mexico — the land of the the legendary mariachi, world-famous tequila and awe-inspiring pyramids — is battling a new image that has been crafted recently by drug-traffickers who have left 3,148 people dead this year and kidnappers whose contempt for human life drew thousands and thousands of people to the streets demanding a stop to the violence.

Who Gets to Attend College?
By Tram Nguyen
Growing up in Boyle Heights, a working class neighborhood of East Los Angeles, Nancy Meza figured out early on that the school system wasn’t working for many of her friends and family. Both her older brothers went from being honors students in middle school to dropping out in high school. One brother, who was put in woodshop two years in a row, eventually started ditching and never came back.



La memoria y el poder
Por Eduardo Stanley
FRESNO — “Estos son tiempos difíciles para muchos de ustedes. Están preocupados por conservar su empleo o encontrar uno nuevo…”, decía McCain en su discurso de aceptación de la nominación del Partido Republicano, el pasado 4 de septiembre. Percibí que su voz denotaba la fatiga de la edad —una ventaja de escuchar por radio en lugar de seguirlo por TV.

McCain Slanders Obama on Immigration
McCain is trying to cover up his, the Republican Party’s enforcement first (and only) anti-immigrant, anti-Latino policies
By Rosalio Muñoz
The Republican attack machine has launched a multifaceted offensive to falsely accuse Democrat Barak Obama of being anti-immigrant. In Spanish-language ads directed at Latino voters in the battleground states of Florida, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada, John McCain wrongly claims Obama blocked the path to legalization. At the same time McCain and the GOP are saying to their far-right base (in English) that Obama and the Democrats in general are “soft” on “illegal immigration.”

Chihuahua David vs. Arkansas Goliath
Like other residents of small Mexican towns who subsist on the periphery of industrial centers, Raul Avila Andujo was recruited by the big company to work in the city. In Avila’s instance, this meant going to work for the Chihuahua City branch of Wal-Mart, which offered to transport Avila and his rural neighbors from the village of La Villita to the workplace every day. Working in the store’s produce section, the arrangement worked well for six years, Avila said, until the management informed Avila and co-workers one day that they would have to find their own way to work.

Concerned Over Effects on Families, Communities, Bishops Urge President Bush, Homeland Security to Drop Raids
WASHINGTON— Speaking on behalf of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Bishop John C. Wester, chairman of the Bishops’ Committee on Migration, urged the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and President Bush to reexamine the use of worksite enforcement raids as an immigration enforcement tool.

Tenamaztle: La otra independencia en pie de lucha
Por María Dolores Bolívar
Las fiestas de la independencia se conocen como El grito, porque evocan ese pasaje de la guerra contra el poder español en el que Hidalgo –a la cabeza del criollismo conformado por una parte del clero y los hijos de españoles nacidos en América, todavía sin plenos derechos políticos- tomó la campana de la independencia y llamó al pueblo a unirse a luchar contra el poder imperial. Las fiestas tal y como se celebran hoy (o debería decir como se celebraron hasta hoy) dieron inicio en los tiempos de Porfirio Díaz. Para toda fiesta siempre hay una explicación menos solemne, y la fijación de ésta nos ha sido contada de maneras distintas. La realidad es que la fecha “del grito” fue cambiada por Díaz para hacerla coincidir con su cumpleaños. Obsesionado con su papel de prócer (que le vino no de los años de dictador, sino de La batalla de Puebla –celebrada ésta el 5 de mayo-, Díaz imaginó que no habría fecha mejor para celebrar el cumpleaños de la patria que el suyo personal.

Mí Patria Café
Por Alfredo Trillo
En la alegría de los festejos patrios quiero celebrar una patria muy distinta a la que por estas fechas confundimos fácilmente con sus símbolos. Más profana que los himnos y las banderas, yo quiero celebrar esa otra patria que fui a divisar un 16 de septiembre desde la ventana de un tercer piso en un pueblito de Minnesota.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
Celebrando la Dignidad Hispana
Además de celebrar nuestra riqueza cultural y nuestra diversidad, el Mes de la Herencia Hispana debe ser un espacio para la reflexión y un momento para analizar nuestro papel en esta sociedad.

Project to document 200 years of Latino journalism in the U.S.
On the heels of the 200th anniversary of the first Spanish-language newspaper in the United States and the absence of any visual documentation on the history and evolution of the Latino press, “Voices for Justice: The Enduring Legacy of the Latino Press in the U.S.” is a dream come true for City College of San Francisco journalism instructor Juan Gonzales.

UCSD BioBridge Program to Award $300-grants to Area Schools for Best Exhibit Proposals for San Diego Science Festival
By Michael Dabney
The BioBridge science education program at UC San Diego is inviting area science teachers to work with their middle school and high school students in submitting proposals for exhibits that best communicate what excites them about science.

Where Are Latinos Getting Medical Info?
Want to know where Latinos are getting the majority of their medical information? According the Pew Hispanic Center, 83 percent of Latinos get their health information from some branch of the media, with television being the dominant source. And they’re not just listening—79 percent say they take that advice and act on it.

Are Kids too Caffeinated?
By Crystal L. Nguyen
Do you think 193 milligrams (mg) of caffeine, equal to 8 ounces of coffee too much for children to consume? If only caffeine was a nutrient, having high amounts of it would be good, but not in this case. Consuming high amounts of caffeine at a young age or even as an adult can have some negative effects depending on one’s body weight, genetics and level of tolerance. Having too much caffeine can cause cramps, muscle twitching, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Previous studies including one conducted in 2004 at the Bone Metabolism Laboratory at Tufts University have shown that caffeine can interfere with calcium absorption, which can lead to bone loss over time if there is not already enough calcium in the body. Studies suggest children with a 5% to 10% deficit of calcium in their bone mass may have a 50% risk of hip fractures when they become older adults.

El Humo de Segunda Mano En Contra de Tú Salud y La De Tu Familia
A principios del siglo XX, el tabaco tomó popularidad a raíz de la Segunda Guerra mundial, ya que este permitía a los soldados estar más enérgicos y eliminar el hambre. Pero no fue hasta 1950, que se dieron a conocer los efectos negativos que el fumar causaba en la salud de las personas. Lo alarmante no es solo el daño que causa al fumador, provocando cáncer de pulmón, enfisema pulmonar y deficiencias cardiacas entre otras enfermedades crónicas, sino los daños irreversibles que causa al fumador pasivo, lo que conocemos como humo de Segunda mano. Se calcula que en el año 2000 hubo 4.9 millones de muertes causadas por el humo de segunda mano, llegando a si a ser la segunda causa de muerte a nivel mundial, por lo que es importante conocer los problemas que este contrae en la salud de nuestras familias.

Editorial and Commentary

Economic Chaos
There are times with our editorials we feel that it is important to provide words of hope and support. To bring comfort and let our readers know that they are not alone as they, like us all, deal with life’s hardships. With today’s editorial this was our intent, to take a look at our economic crisis and see if we could find a silver lining, something positive or at least hopeful that would inspire us which we could share with our readers.

Community Organizers Keep Hope Alive
By Rodolfo F. Acuña
I have gotten countless emails in response to Sarah Palin’s disparaging remarks about community organizers. It is really disheartening to have a person running for the second highest office in the land and for her to be so ignorant of history. Historically there has been the need for better educated people, with better skills, to advocate for society’s disenfranchised.

Desfalco financiero
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
La situación económica empieza a mostrar nuevamente el lado oscuro que produjo la caída de la bolsa de valores en 1929 y su consecuente desfalco financiero con la Gran Depresión.

Por José R. Uzal
El 3 de enero de 1961 Dwight D. Eisenhower, Presidente de Estados Unidos en aquel entonces, conocido como Ike rompió relaciones con el regimen de Castro 3 semanas antes de que terminara su mandato. Ike fue el que establecio las bases para que el Presidente John F Kennedy impusiera, el 2 de febrero del 1961, el bloqueo contra el gobierno de Fidel Castro.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Fire Protection just another tax
The new fire inspection fee for businesses brought forth by our elected representatives at City Hall is just another sad attempt to mask the incompetent and deceitful practices that have left Chula Vista in a financial mess.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: I am a chica struggling with the choice to come out to my parents about my sexual orientation. My family is Catholic and my parents are old school. While we are very close, I am scared of how badly this can go. My parents have been living in the U.S. for about 45 years and they have adopted some American attitudes about life. What are your thoughts concerning those of us that juggle Catholicism, homosexuality and old-fashioned (but great) Mexican parents?

First Person:
Obama vs. Hockey Mama
By Al Carlos Hernandez
Presidential voting for me has been simple all of my adult life. One simply had to pick the least objectionable white Anglo Saxon male. As a staunch Republicat, party lines never really concerned me. I usually tried to pick the guy who lied the least, or at least I tried to find something that I had in common with whatever convicted liar happened to be running that year.

América Latina Ensambla Musicalmente al Grupo Moderno “Paté de Fuá”
Por: Paco Zavala
Es hermoso enterarse que un grupo de entusiastas jóvenes músicos se hayan unido para formar un grupo musical, en el que se amalgaman sonidos de todo un continente, desde los sonidos más autóctonos, hasta el encuentro con los sonidos de la modernidad, que se han dado con la aparición de la tecnología impuesta por la electrónica.

Maya Entertainment Acquires “Amexicano”
Film based on writer’s experiences hiring day laborers
By Luz Maria Castellanos
With several noteworthy films already in its arsenal, including Latin urban film “Ta-lento De Barrio” starring Daddy Yankee and the futuristic Sci-Fi feature “Sleep Dealer,” Maya Entertainment acquired the U.S. rights to the award-winning “Amexicano,” starring 2008 Grammy Nominee Jennifer Peña and veteran actor Manny Perez (“Bella”, “El Cantante”).

13th Annual Guelaguetza Celebrates Oaxacan Culture at CSUSM
The culture and traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico, will be celebrated at Cal State San Marcos during the 13th annual Guelaguetza, noon to 4 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 28 on the campus’ Forum Plaza. This is the largest Guelaguetza celebration is the San Diego region and the eighth year it is being held on the CSUSM campus, 333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Road.

“Lemon Grove Incident” Changes History
Nearly 80 years ago, the all-Anglo Lemon Grove school board decided to build a separate school for children of Mexican heritage without giving notice to their parents. Known as “The Lemon Grove Incident,” the event led to a landmark lawsuit that became the first successful school desegregation court decision in the history of the United States.

Realizan la Edición XII del Encuentro de Teatro Tijuana 2008
Por: Paco Zavala
La inquietud por cautivar públicos para el teatro, las fuerzas vivas teatrales de Tijuana, realizarán del viernes 19, al martes 23 de septiembre, en diferentes horarios las actividades organizadas para el desarrollo del “XII Encuentro de Teatro Tijuana 2008”, con la presentación de: 1.- Puestas en escena de montajes teatrales, 2.- Eventos gratuitos al aire libre para toda la familia, 3.- Lecturas en atril, 4.- Conferencias y, 5.- Mesas de Trabajo y Análisis, con la participación de destacados profesionales vinculados con el género y quehacer teatral.

Calendar of Events
Films from Mexico at the Imperial Beach International Film Festival
“A POCO” Margarito Tal-vera came to Tijuana to stay. Accompanied by his violin he shares melodies for those crossing the border. This short film from Tijuana filmmaker Antonio Aispuro is a sample of love, survival, and pride. “A POCO” will be screened on opening night Friday September 19th 7 pm at the Dempsey Holder Center 950 Ocean Lane Imperial Beach. Films De Cuernos Al Abismo. Four shorts from Mexico City will be screened on Saturday September 20th 1 pm at the Dempsey Holder Center 950 Ocean Lane Imperial Beach.
Emiliano Zapata

The Ballad of Juan Manuel Marquez
By El Gran Campeon
Last Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez gave a performance that Mexican leader Emiliano Zapata would have been proud of. In a fight called “The Challenge,” Marquez (49-4-36 KOs) played the part of a general in the ring, who led his Mexican countrymen in a Mexican Independence Day battle vs. cagey Cuban veteran Joel “El cepillo” Casamayor. With a sea of Mexican flags waving, and chants of, “Mar-Quez, Mar-Quez,” and “Me-xi-co, Me-xi-co,” Marquez displayed his intelligence as a fighter. He strategically took Casamayor apart with timely combinations before delivering a hammering right hand to the chin of Casamayor, prompting referee Tony Weeks to stop the fight at 2:55 in round eleven.

Sevilla a Leader for 5-1 Mar Vista
By John Philip Wyllie
Mar Vista High senior, Ashley Sevilla was all smiles following Mar Vista’s trouncing of Bonita Vista High Tuesday afternoon in women’s volleyball. The impressive three games to none victory was the first in her three-year varsity career in that series. So, Tuesday’s win over the usually dominant Barons was a long time in coming. While Sevilla was among the kill leaders on this day, her primary role has been as a back row defensive specialist.

Baja California Ruta De Inicio Del Fuego Simbolico Por La Paz y El Deporte
ENSENADA — La “cenicienta del pacífico” se convirtió en el punto de partida de la ruta inicial del fuego simbólico por la Paz y el Deporte, dentro de la celebración de los 40 años de la realización de los Juegos Olímpicos de México 68.

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