September 12, 2008

For a traditional Mexican Independence Day Celebration, Tijuana is the place to be

By Mariana Martínez

Despite San Diego being home to great Mexican Independence Day Parties, Tijuana is still regarded as the closest escape to a true authentic Mexican Independence Party . This year, the Fair that goes along with the celebration started early, August 22th and will remain open until September 21.

This year Tijuana adds a window into the past with a historic view of the so called “Fiestas Patrias”, held at the Culture Palace (corner of Second street and Constitution Street, Downtown Tijuana) where people can see the historical magazine “Revista Minerva” and take a look back at this celebration as it was held in the 1930s.

As part of the cycle “talking to history”, professor Mario Ortiz Villacorta Lacave will give a free talk titled “The celebration of Independence in Tijuana”, on September 18th at 6 pm at the auditorium at Culture Palace.

If you are already down Second Street, you might as well go walk by the Tijuana Cathedral, full of traditional medicine men and mediums, or walk by the candy market, where the smell of fresh cheese, tamarind and sugar candy will engulf you and take you back to early childhood.

The traditional Tijuana Fair 2008 will be at the Morelos Park (By Insurgentes Boulevard) and its open since August 22, with halls full of fried food, chance games and fun games for the whole family. For those who are brave and into partying until dawn, there are plenty of late night concerts to enjoy.

Expecting over 120,000 visitors, the fair has a price of $5 for adults and $3 for children under 10, Monday to Thursday, and $8 adults and $5 children during the weekend. The price of admission includes the day’s concert.

For those worried about the safety of their car or just tired of driving, Mexicoach is offering a travel package that includes transportation from the border to the fair grounds and back, and it even includes hotel discounts and ticket sales.

Another series of concerts is held at the Palenque, after nightly cockfights, the concerts start at midnight and go on well into dawn, making Tijuana true to the party-city status.

This Friday September 12 Jenni and Juan Rivera are playing and Norteño idols Fidel Rueda and Raúl Sandoval will play Saturday and Sunday. Pancho Barraza will play September 15th and Yuridia will play on the 16th. Prices for the concerts held at Palenque include entrance to the cockfights and range from 15 to 60 dollars, some prices are not yet listed.

As expected, the best night to come to the fair will be on the 15th, when Mexican flag color the fair, the mariachi band plays and at midnight you can be part of the traditional scream or “Grito”.

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