October 24, 2008

12 Mile Mural and Their Imagination Will Take Tijuana Children Around the World

By Mariana Martinez

Pablo Picasso used to say “all children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

But many children, despite being artists, live in deplorable conditions of poverty and neglect, surrounded by adults struggling to make ends meet and for whom art has unfortunately never been a part of their life.

Anita teaches a young boy how to sketch.

Creating and sharing a common goal can help a whole community come together and learn about each other in a non-threating way. It can help learn about different cultures and show children how being compassionate and tolerant is vital.

This is why the Esperanza Learning Foundation, -dedicated to the implementation of literacy and social skills programs for deprived orphan children in Mexico-, signed up to work with the Art Miles organization on the Art Miles Mural Project for Egypt 2010.

The project seeks to give children the opportunity to artistically expand their horizons and to create an environment that fosters communication between art, culture, and literacy while giving them the satisfaction of joining a worldwide project.

There are 12 themes that will cover 12 miles of canvas, where children from all over the world get to talk about the environment, fairy tales, music, indigenous culture, peace, women and sports.

All day Saturday Tijuana kids will be painting a kindness mural of their perspective of what it means to be “kind” on both sides of the US and Mexico international border and what it means to “work as one”.

In the case of Tijuana the Art Mural will be a two-part collaboration art piece.

The first part of the mural will be painted by the orphan children in Tijuana this Saturday October 25th 2008, while the remaining half of the mural will be painted by the children from Trinity Life Church in Chula Vista, CA at a later date.

“The Esperanza Learning Foundation will implement and build The Hope Literacy Center to foster and nurture a higher level of education for these children including art, music, computer skills, world geography, English, and full time tutors that will enable these children to soar to educational heights they never dreamed possible” explained Esperanza director Moises Godoy.

“We will provide hope for these children so that tomorrow they will be fully functioning individuals in their society and not have to migrate north to be treated inferior and exploited”, he added Children from Uganda, Pakistan, Canada, Japan, Mexico City, and other parts of the world have already completed the murals and once they are finished, The Art Miles organization will build a structural pyramid in Giza, Egypt, in 2010, and all of the art canvases will cover the surface of the pyramid.

It will take 12 miles of art canvases 12' X 5' to cover the entire pyramid.

Making a mural is no child’s play, so Irina Negulescu “Master Muralist” who has graciously donated her time and experience to be the murals managing artist and set up the children to work with acrylic painting in 12' X 5' canvases.

“I believe that through the power of literacy and education a child’s imagination can visit any part of the world and make it his/her paradise” sentenced Godoy, proving that he is and adult with an artist in mind.

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