Volume XXXII Number 43 October 24, 2008

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12 Mile Mural and Their Imagination Will Take Tijuana Children Around the World

By Mariana Martinez

Pablo Picasso used to say “all children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

But many children, despite being artists, live in deplorable conditions of poverty and neglect, surrounded by adults struggling to make ends meet and for whom art has unfortunately never been a part of their life.

Anita teaches a young boy how to sketch.

Creating and sharing a common goal can help a whole community come together and learn about each other in a non-threating way. It can help learn about different cultures and show children how being compassionate and tolerant is vital.

This is why the Esperanza Learning Foundation, -dedicated to the implementation of literacy and social skills programs for deprived orphan children in Mexico-, signed up to work with the Art Miles organization on the Art Miles Mural Project for Egypt 2010.

The project seeks to give children the opportunity to artistically expand their horizons and to create an environment that fosters communication between art, culture, and literacy while giving them the satisfaction of joining a worldwide project.

There are 12 themes that will cover 12 miles of canvas, where children from all over the world get to talk about the environment, fairy tales, music, indigenous culture, peace, women and sports.

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Un Mural de 12 Millas y su Imaginación Llevarán a Niños de Tijuana Alrededor del Mundo
Por Mariana Martinez
Pablo Picasso solía decir que “todos los niños son artistas, el problema es seguir siéndolo al llegar a adulto”.

The Battle over Immigration Has Unleashed a Tsunami of New Voters — Election Guide
A new report suggests that “2008 will be the year of the immigrant and Latino voter,” as “unprecedented numbers of immigrants are becoming citizens and registering to vote.” The stakes, according to the report by America’s Voice, an immigrants’ rights group, “could not be higher.”

The Ghost of Joe McCarthy
As a historian I keep wishing that we will learn something from the past
By Dr. Rudolfo Acuña
Throughout the presidential campaign, I have been waiting for the media to expose the McCarthyism surrounding McCain/Palin’s campaigns. To take it out of the category of legitimate criticism. As a historian I keep wishing that we will learn something from the past.

Mum’s the Word on Prop 8
Richard Rodriguez on the church and same sex marriage
By Sandip Roy
In the end it might come down to our mothers.
Editor’s Note: Churches have thrown their money and muscle behind Proposition 8 which would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry. But essayist Richard Rodriguez says the real energy has moved away from the pulpit and into the homes. Richard Rodriguez is the author of Brown – The Last Discovery of America.


Three candidates for Southwestern College Seat 1 talk about Latino students
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
As the only institution of higher learning in the South Bay, Southwestern College is one of the most important educational assets for Latinos in the area.

Steve Padilla
Nothing Grand Here
Something significant is clearly happening in our country in this year’s election. The seriousness of the historic challenges we are facing as a nation, and the intense level of demand for change has surprised pollsters and pundits. Front-runners became also-rans, and the improbable have become the likely. Historic voter turnout is expected, maybe even for once – among the nation’s young. But a close examination also reveals that when this is all over, something of historic proportions may also need to happen to the major political party now in the minority in this country. A real soul-searching is in order for the G.O.P.

Háblele, dígale que si se puede y que vote
Actores, organizaciones políticas y cineastas exhortaron a los mexicanos a que llamen a sus familiares y amigos en Estados Unidos para que voten en las próximas elecciones presidenciales, ya que será el peso de los hispanos con derecho a voto, que a la fecha suman 18 millones, los que ayuden a inclinar la balanza en favor de una candidato o del otro para la Casablanca.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Ni Tanto que Queme al Santo…
Con la novedad de que ahora los indocumentados tienen la culpa de la crisis económica de los Estados Unidos. En particular, tienen la culpa de la crisis bancaria en relación con las hipotecas y los bienes raíces.

Former National City Mayor George Waters urges a YES vote on Prop “M!”
National City: Herman Baca, Chair of the National City (NC) based COMMITTEE TO REPEAL – VOTE YES on PROP “$M” announced that, “former National City (NC) Mayor George Waters has endorsed the campaign to repeal the city’s 8.75% sales tax.”

Overcoming Fear to Win the Battle Against Breast Cancer
By Mayte Prida
There are few illnesses that we fear more than cancer. From diagnosis to recovery, cancer brings to mind frightening thoughts of hair loss, surgery and – yes – even death. But fear can be as dangerous as cancer, preventing us from getting the potentially life-saving early screening tests we need because we’d rather live in ignorance than face a cancer diagnosis. In fact, we each need the exact opposite of fear. We need hope.

Superando el miedo para ganarle la batalla al cáncer de seno
Por Mayte Prida
Son pocas las enfermedades que tememos más que al cáncer. Desde el diagnostico hasta lograr la recuperación, el cáncer trae consigo pensamientos aterradores que van desde la muerte, las cirugías, hasta la caída del cabello. Pero el miedo puede ser tan peligroso como el cáncer mismo. El miedo nos paraliza y nos puede impedir obtener los exámenes médicos que necesitamos y que potencialmente salvan vidas. Hay quienes prefieren vivir en la ignorancia a enfrentar un diagnosis de cáncer y no debe ser así. Cada ser humano necesita saber que existe una esperanza.

Consejos Para Halloween
Halloween es una época del año para los niños, y para asegurar que tengan un día de fiesta seguro, estos son algunos consejos de la American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) y Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.

Keeping Kids and Your Family Safe During Halloween
Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids and to help ensure they have a safe holiday, here are some tips from Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Community Notes:
Councilmembers to Discuss Chula Vista Police Department Use of Force
Councilmembers Steve Castaneda and Rudy Ramirez will hold a Public Safety Subcommittee meeting on Thursday, October 30, 2008 at 6PM at the Lauderbach Boys & Girls Club, 333 Oxford Street to discuss community concerns about an incident in which Chula Vista Police Department policies were questioned.

Editorial and Commentary

Marty Block is the right choice for the Hispanic community and the 78th Assembly District.
The race for the 78th Assembly District offers a clear and distinct choice between Marty Block, a Democrat, and John McCann, a Republican. The difference is not only about issues in the district and how the candidates would address them, but in their campaign styles. Block takes a forward looking approach while McCann appears to be stuck in the negative politics of the past.

Pamela Bensoussan es la persona ideal en el momento preciso para la Ciudad de Chula Vista
Si usted ha asistido últimamente a una junta del Ayuntamiento de la Ciudad de Chula Vista, usted tendría que describir las dinámicas de la junta como disfuncionales. Las constantes peleas, acusaciones, desdén a oradores públicos, polarización de un miembro del Ayuntamiento y en particular las acciones de la Alcaldeza Cox, se han convertido en una vergüenza para los residentes de esta ciudad.

Steve Castañeda se ha ganado otro período en oficina
Cuando usted se pone a revisar los cuatro años de trabajo de Steve Castañeda en su cargo, usted ve a un joven muy trabajador que ha puesto todo su empeño para servir al mejor interés de la ciudad de Chula Vista.

Ballot Recommendations
State Propostions and Local Elections

Learning From the Last Eight Years
By Congressman Bob Filner
As we rush headlong into this fall’s election, what can we learn from the eight years we’ve just been through? Without the White House, and with slim majorities in Congress, Democrats have spent the past two years working to bring change to our country.

Churches Won’t Lose Tax Exemptions for Performing Same Sex Marriages
By Patricia Cain
The proponents of Proposition 8 have unleashed an ad in which a law professor proclaims that unless marriage rights are denied to same-sex couples, churches risk losing their tax exemptions. The claim is pure nonsense and any lawyer who makes such a claim should apologize for misleading the many religious leaders and congregations in this state who, because they are not legal experts, rely on those of us who are.

Tragedia de la economía
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
La crisis financiera en Wall Street empieza a tener su efecto maléfico sobre la clase trabajadora. Uno de mis entrañables amigos me envió una nota a mi correo electrónico recientemente, y en ella me indica que su trabajo como editor y director de una sección comunitaria del periódico Los Angeles Times resumió esta semana.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Why I’m voting for Steve Castaneda for Chula Vista City Council
I was a candidate for Chula Vista city council in the June primary election, but ended my campaign prematurely. My opponents, Steve Castaneda and Scott Vinson, are now in a run-off election, and many of my supporters from the primary are asking which I believe is the better candidate. I know Steve and Scott. They are both decent men who care about their families, our community, and our country. But I am urging my supporters to vote for Steve. Why? Because of Steve’s demonstrated strength of character and because of his governing style.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: One of our Arizona politicians once said on the PBS show Horizonte that the ‘crime’ of being undocumented in this country is equivalent legally to that of a parking ticket. Do you know where I can verify this statement? So often in the argument over immigration the bottom line for those who are anti-immigrant is that there must be no tolerance for ‘criminals’. I don’t see people who have gotten a parking ticket as being so bad. I’d like to remind people of the exact legal nature of being undocumented, but want to be sure I know what I’m talking about. Can you help?

Celebran con Diversas Actividades el 31 Aniversario de la Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Siempre el mundo girará sobre su eje y en este movimiento la naturaleza humana asentará sus reales con su verdad y su realidad, en esta circunstancia toda la vida habrá seres inconformes con lo que sucede a su alrededor, sobre todo en cualquier entorno relacionado con la manipulación de los sectores dependientes de la administración pública.

Aterciopelados: Vuelven con su álbum ecológico
Por James Klein
BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA (KPRENSA) – La banda Aterciopelados regresa para presentar “Río”, un disco social, comprometido y de corte ecológico. Andrea Echeverri and Hector Buitrago, los integrantes de la banda, retoman el escenario público con esta producción que reafirma el compromiso social de Aterciopelados con su país y Latinoamérica.

Inauguran en “El Foro” la Exhibición de las Momias de Guanajuato
Por: Paco Zavala
En el marco de las celebraciones Halloveenescas norte-americanas y las celebraciones del 1 y 2 de noviembre, “Días de los Muertos” en México, días tradicionales de fiestas macabras dedicadas a celebrar con espantos y difuntos, pues por estas días tan memorables, están de visita itinerante en Tijuana, la Exhibición de Algunas Piezas Museográficas de las Momias de Guanajuato.

En Exhibición la V Bienal Internacional de Estandartes ES2008
El artista brasileño Paulo Climachauska Gana el Primer Sitio
Por: Paco Zavala
Como ya se nos ha hecho costumbre, no podemos cerrar un año sin presenciar la presentación anual de la exhibición de estandartes que se realiza en el sitio designado para presentarla, por su ubicación, por sus amplias instalaciones, nada más adecuado que el Vestíbulo del Museo de las Californias, el cual se encuentra en el Centro Cultural Tijuana.

Resalta Congreso Del Estado La Labor Del Inde En El Primer Año De Labores
MEXICALI — Los avances en el rubro del alto nivel de competencia, así como la infraestructura y desde luego, el fortalecimiento en la promoción de la cultura física bajo un marco educativo integral formaron parte del análisis presentado en este sector ante la XIX Legislatura en la glosa del Primer Informe de actividades gubernamentales de la actual administración.

¡Sorpresa! Film Competition Winner “I Want My Parents Back”
Filmmakers Featured in TV Special “Luz, Cámara, ¡Sorpresa!”
¡Sorpresa!, America’s fastest-growing Spanish-language children’s network, announced today that “I Want My Parents Back” has been selected as the winner of the ¡Sorpresa! Youth Film Competition at the 16th Annual Hampton’s International Film Festival.

King hopes to lead Mustangs to Mesa League Crown
By John Philip Wyllie
In football, it is usually the quarterbacks, running backs and receivers that get all the glory. Offensive guards generally fly below the radar as they battle in the trenches doing the grunt work up front. Despite being only a junior, Otay Ranch’s Andrew King has emerged as a leader on the Mustangs O-Line. Having upset eighth-ranked Bonita Vista last weekend in a 22-17 thriller King and his Mustang teammates have positioned themselves for a run at the Mesa League title.

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