Volume XXXII Number 47 November 21, 2008

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Tijuana’s “El Cubo”

By Michael Klam

In September, the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) expanded at a cost of more than 90 million pesos, about $9 million U.S. dollars.

CECUT’s “El Cubo” — named for its right angles standing in contrast to the center’s existing oval Imax Theater called “La Bola” — puts Tijuana on the map as a destination city for museum-quality arts and culture.

The new facility has 16,500 square feet of state-of-the-art exhibition space on three levels, and includes office space, a bookshop, a store, a cafeteria and a bar.

The construction also supports artists and curators with 8,800 square feet of storage and 5,500 square feet of space to register work and prepare installations.

El Cubo’s modernized facility — climate control, lighting, vaults — was a necessary upgrade to make possible large-scale touring and in-house exhibits, said Carmen Cuenca, deputy director for exhibitions in the visual arts.

Carmen Cuenca (left), deputy director for exhibitions in the visual arts.

Cuenca explained that CECUT, established in 1982, previously did not have the room or the technology to house major traveling shows like El Cubo’s inaugural “Buddha Guanyin: Treasures of Compassion,” Buddhist sculptures from China, or its new “Civic Project,” works by 18 contemporary artists.

In 1985, the organization built a 1,100-seat theater, but there has been no other noteworthy redevelopment until recently. Construction of El Cubo is historically significant as the first space of its size and capability in Tijuana, and it has already given the organization some international clout.

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Vislumbran cambios para Escondido
Olga Díaz es la primera mujer hispana elegida como regidora en 150 años de historia de esa controversial ciudad del Norte del Condado
Por América Barceló Feldman
Escondido - Tal como lo dicta el viejo refran ‘el que percevera alcanza’, que hoy bien se puede aplicar a Olga Díaz, una joven mujer de negocios quien hace dos años no logró obtener los suficientes votos para ganar el puesto al cabidlo de Escondido, pero que el pasado 4 de noviembre cambio la historia de esa comunidad.

Escondido glimpses future changes
Olga Díaz is the first Hispanic woman elected to the City Council in their 150 year history, the most controversial city in North County.
By América Barceló Feldman
ESCONDIDO - The old stating goes ‘if you work hard enough, you can achieve your goals’! This applies perfectly to Olga Díaz, a young business woman, who two years ago did not get enough votes to win the seat in the Escondido City Council. However, on November 4 she just changed the history of this city.

A former crewman honors JFK
By John W. Flores
The young, skinny Navy officer strolled along the dock and met his new crewmen for the first time, as they stood on the sun-drenched deck of a nondescript, battleship-gray gunboat bearing large white numbers on its hull: PT 109.


Obama and the Minority Majority
By Laura Carlsen
The election of Barack Obama as the nation’s first African American president has been heralded as proof that the United States has finally broken through the racial barrier. The image springs to mind of recalcitrant whites at last convinced to see beyond skin color, voting for a black man.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Saber o no saber…
Una de las muchas lecciones que aprendimos todos, activistas de inmigración, inmigrantes y sobre todo abogados, en la ahora ya famosa redada de Postville, Iowa, ocurrida el 12 de mayo de este año, es que los trabajadores inmigrantes indocumentados si son, después de todo, criminales.

Afford a UC College Education? Yes, You Can!
Por Mark Yudof
Editor’s note: Families worried about the financial burden of sending their children to college should be reassured: the University of California offers grants and scholarships, work-study jobs and low-interest loans to make it more affordable. Now is the time to submit applications, and UC President encourages students to apply to the system’s institutions as the best investment in their futures. Mark Yudof is president of the University of California system.

¿Educación Universitaria a su Alcance? Sí Se Puede!
Por Mark Yudof
Nota del redactor: Las familias que están preocupadas sobre el costo de la universidad deben saber que la Universidad de California ofrece becas, préstamos y otras maneras de financiar una educación. Mark Yudof es el presidente del sistema de La Universidad de California.

Por Julio Marenco
Al que madruga Dios le ayuda
La vi de nuevo hace pocos días y casi no la reconocí; sentada frente a mi reía y bromeaba sobre su presente y sobre lo que le deparará el futuro. Nada que ver con la mujer que conocí hace cerca de un año en su casa de Stafford, Virginia; deprimida, resignada a ser deportada y a dejar atrás 18 años de vida, a su compañero y a sus dos hijos.

The Gift of Good Health
By Grace-Marie Turner
The holiday season is here again. But amidst the hustle and bustle of gift-giving and family get-togethers, seniors enrolled in Medicare Part D should carve out time to consider whether they want to stay with their current prescription drug plan.

El regalo de la buena salud
Por Grace-Marie Turner
Nuevamente se acercan las fiestas. En medio del ajetreo de las preparaciones, regalos y festines familiares, convendría que aquellos ciudadanos de la tercera edad que estén inscritos en la Parte D de Medicare hagan una pausa, y consideren si desean permanecer en el mismo plan para medicamentos por receta que habían adoptado.

Bi-National Health Week Community Baby Shower Celebration
By: Natasha Flores and Nasim Novin
In celebration of Bi-National health week, Project Concern International (PCI) and its partners held a community baby shower for the pregnant women and children enrolled in the California Border Healthy Start (CBHS) project. On October 15, over 100 pregnant women, mostly enrolled in the program, and their families gathered at the Malcolm X Library for this free event with lunch and celebration activities.

Skip the Pumpkin Pie?
By: Crystal Nguyen, M.A.
It finally feels like fall with the golden brown leaves on the ground and the cold, crispy air blowing all around us. The best thing about this season can be found in the produce section in the grocery stores. There are many varieties of locally grown, in-season produce such as apples, pomegranates, persimmons and gourds. And who could forget the pumpkins? Better yet, pumpkin pie! It was quite amusing to hear 3rd grade students asking, “Is pumpkin pie a fruit or a vegetable?” How exciting would that be, if pies were part of the fruit and vegetable food group? Many of us would probably eat the recommended 5 or more servings very easily.

Community Notes:
Applications for Home Repairs Now Being Accepted For Our 2009 Home Renovation Program
Deadline extended to December 10, 2008

SWC’s Muslim Student Association Presents ‘Culture Explosion 2008’
Cultural Diversity Festival to be held on November 22nd from 1p.m. – 9p.m.

Editorial and Commentary

Hispanic representation on the Obama leadership team?
President elect Barack Obama is going through the process of filling his high level Cabinet positions, positions that are being filled rapidly and to date no Hispanic representation. Does this surprise? Yes and no.

Immigration Reform Under Obama Likely to be Piecemeal
By Marcelo Ballvé
Grassroots immigrant advocates, emboldened by Latinos’ decisive vote in the presidential elections, already are pushing Barack Obama’s team to act quickly on immigration reform. They also want the new administration to halt workplace immigration raids, something Obama seemed to all but promise in a key campaign appearance on Spanish-language television.

La Cara de Pendejos
CSU budget cuts: The people in charge can do this because we are not involved

By Rodolfo F. Acuña
An item appeared in the Los Angeles Times that the California State University System was going to cutback enrollment by 10,000 students because of the financial crisis. The CSU receives $2.97 billion of its budget from the state’s general fund and $1.5 billion from student fees. The cutback will make up for the deficit caused by the economic downfall. Of course, the burden will fall on minority communities whose schools are already below the standards of schools in white communities.

Derecho de los damnificados
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Si de veras existe un infierno después de la muerte, es muy probable que tenga la misma fisonomía apocalíptica de los incendios que azotaron la periferia de la zona metropolitana de Los Ángeles. Durante los últimos días, esta ciudad se tornó en un valle de lágrimas y fue presa de los vientos encaprichados de Santa Ana.

George Bush, Big-Government Man
By Sheldon Richman
In an unscripted and candid moment, a top spokesman for President-elect Barack Obama let the cat out of the bag. On Meet the Press, interviewer Tom Brokaw asked transition co-chair Valerie Jarrett, “I wonder if, as a Democrat, which has always represented the party of big government, . . . there will be a kind of paradigm shift this time, that you’ll take the [Chicago mayor] Rich Daley model and shift more money and more responsibility to municipalities and the state government.”

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
“The End of Single Family Homes”
Recently I was looking at what is taking place in our neighborhoods. Foreclosures enacted at increasing rates, pushing people off their land removing the stored wealth of the single family home (the greatest single wealthy building tool of working families in our county) and building a Society of Renters. The current finance distress is little more than the most recent tool used, and now a wealth-less population much like the wealth-less population - such as peon, factory-town, surfs, sharecroppers and slaves from our past.

Listo: can we finally declare Pamela Bensoussan winner for Chula Vista city council? 17 days after the election and it is still too close to call. As of 11/19 with 11000 votes to go (not all Chula Vista votes) she leads by 74 votes. Too close to call but looks real good that Bensoussan will win this seat. Not exactly a mandate, but hey, a win is a win.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: I recently received the biography of Rolling Stones bassist Ronnie Woods. While reading about his friendship with Jimi Hendrix, Ronnie described him as part black, Cherokee and Mexican. I’ve always read about Jimi’s grandmother being Cherokee, but this was the first I read about him being Mexican. I Googled Hendrix’s name with the word “Mexican,” and received many hits. Is this another mentira originated by Mexicans like Anthony Quinn’s supposedly real last name being Quintana?

Exponen Alquimia Fotográfica en “Luz Armónica” de Salvador León
Por: Paco Zavala
Al presenciar la inusitada exposición fotográfica de Salvador León, la cual consta de 31, fotografías creadas en blanco y negro y sepia, representando impresionantes e increíbles contrates realizados en las tomas de rostros, cuerpo entero, cañones naturales en roca, esbozos de espiritualidad, fantasía, paisajes; arenas y musgos, nieve, parajes insólitos, árboles y bosques, mujeres, monolitos y más; las cuales representan una contemplación de la naturaleza, sus elementos y el sentido del ser en ella.

Predomina la Palabra y el Verso en un Encuentro de Artistas y Poetas
Por: Paco Zavala
Siempre involucrados en la persecución de metas positivas, que aporten progreso y fortalezcan los lazos de unión pacíficos, amistosos, artísticos y culturales, entre los residentes de ambas fronteras, en las que afortunadamente convivimos, el grupo de poetas mexicanos que integran el grupo “Acanto y Laurel”, mismo que aglutina a la crema innata de escritores que se dedican con verdadero placer a cultivar la siembra de las ideas y transformarlas en hermosos y apasionados versos, en el que se confunden la rima y la métrica poéticas, compartieron el pan y la sal con colegas norteamericanos en un evento, en el que prevaleció una fraternidad sin distingos de raza, idioma, religión, etc.

Santos a Key to Southwestern Gridiron Success
By John Philip Wyllie
It has been 20 years since Southwestern College competed in a bowl game, but thanks to their remarkable come from behind victory over visiting Golden West Saturday night the American Mountain Conference co-champ Jaguars (7-3) are headed to Santa Barbara this weekend to face the Pasadena City College Lancers (6-4) in the Tremblay Financial Services Bowl.

Aztecs Soto Anticipates a Better 2009
By John Philip Wyllie
For the San Diego State Aztec Football team the 2008 season started off poorly and got progressively worse from there. Decimated by injuries across the defensive line, the Aztecs never developed a consistent run defense. And without that or an effective pass rush they were doomed.

Desfilaran Ganadores Del Premio Estatal Del Deporte en Mexicali
Los ganadores del Premio Estatal del Deporte 2008, participarán este lunes en el Desfile Deportivo con motivo de un aniversario más de la Revolución Mexicana, en el centro Cívico de la capital, el cual estará encabezado por el Gobernador José Guadalupe Osuna Millán.

Bajacaliforniana Inglis Hernández Destaca con Selección Nacional SUB 20
TIJUANA, Baja California — La delantera bajacaliforniana Inglis Hernández, será una de las integrantes que representará a México en el Mundial Femenil Sub-20, de la especialidad, a celebrarse en Chile a partir del día 19.

Community Kicks Off First Annual Linda Vista Soccer Cup
The community of Linda Vista held the first annual Linda Vista Cup Soccer Tournament on Saturday, November 15, to help kickoff the Linda Vista Soccer Club.

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