Volume XXXII Number 45 November 7, 2008

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Homeless Hispanics in New York face somber future

By Mariana Martínez

New York stands at a chilly 50 degrees, as the cold wind creeps up inside the heavy coats of beautiful women in high heels, many of whom are walking casually through Upper West side looking for the next trend.

Right by the door of one of New York’s favorite stores, Filenes’ basement, up on 79th and Broadway there’s a dark dirty figure with his frozen nose dripping over a sign that says, “Homeless, please help.”

From Manta, Ecuador, Juan Carlos Gonzalez finds himself homeless in New York after losing work due to an on-the-job accident.

He is 30 year old Juan Carlos Gonzalez, he has an inserted bolt in his right ankle ever since being in a car accident when he was just 15 years old.

Originally from Manta, Ecuador, he came to New York four years ago, after obtaining a work permit. Since then, he had been working for an air conditioning company hired to work on many of the impressing Manhattan constructions.

“I came from a small town where streets are made of sand, you know…New York always seems like being in a movie, it’s so beautiful.” Until a few months ago Juan Carlos shared an apartment with a couple of friends, had bank accounts, money to send home, and even money left over for a couple of weekend beers.

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Hispanos sin Hogar en Nueva York con un Futuro Sombrio
Por Mariana Martínez
Nueva York está a 11 grados centígrados, el viento frío se cuela por los huecos de los abrigos de las bellas mujeres que en tacones, recorren la zona Oeste de la isla en busca de la última moda.

Latino voters made a big difference in Tuesday’s elections
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
As expected, last Tuesday Latinos in San Diego County went out to the polls in record numbers, thanks to several campaigns that focused on getting young Latinos and immigrants that recently became citizens to register to vote.

Latinos Achieve New Political Milestones in Congress and State Houses
Latino candidates continue to reach new milestones in Congress and state houses across the nation, according to an analysis of Election 2008 conducted by the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund. In State Senates, Latinos are also demonstrating significant political progress in communities with emerging Latino populations.


Chertoff’s Challenge to Obama
By Tom Barry
Immigration reform has a less than comprehensive look at the end of the Bush administration, as Homeland Security Secretary (DHS) Michael Chertoff made clear in his wrap-up speech on the “State of Immigration.” Over the past three years Chertoff has intensified the post-Sept. 11 immigrant crackdown with the aim of simplifying immigration reform.

Howard Dean touts mandate for Dems
By Brian Hughes
WASHINGTON - A day after his party snatched back the White House and padded majorities in both the House and Senate, Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean had no time to bask in the victory. The question of the hour: What now?

The Joy and Sorrow of Election Day
The historic 2008 US election that catapulted Barack Obama to the White House was fast on its way to becoming the top story in Mexican media. As the afternoon of November 4 wore on.

Two Words That Can Get You Life in Prison
By Raj Jayadev
The only time a mother can celebrate her son being sent to prison for 19 years is when it could have been for life.

Gracias Casa Cornelia Law Center
Por Carmen G. Kcomt
Esta organización sin fines de lucro nació en primavera del año 1992 a iniciativa de Ann M. Durst quien después de explorar e investigar la posibilidad de fundar Casa Cornelia encontró el respaldo de la American Province of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Una Injusticia Olvidada
Más de una vez por ahí me ha tocado decirle a la gente que lo que hay que hacer no es recordarle la historia a nadie, sino que hay que enseñárselas porque no la saben. Y lo que no se sabe no se puede ni recordar ni olvidar.

New Plan to Save Baja Porpoise, Promote Local Economies
By Kent Paterson
A trinational plan to save the world’s most endangered marine mammal was announced by the Montreal-based Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) this week. At the request of the governments of Mexico, Canada and the United States, the CEC drafted the North American Conservation Action Plan aimed at rescuing the threatened vaquita (Phocoena sinus) from extinction.

Por Mónica Rodríguez
Prevenga la influenza, vacúnese
Es sorprendente que estando ya en los inicios del invierno, se presentan unos días de soles espectaculares, acompañados de otros de frío, pero así están los cambios de temperatura en el planeta y para ello debemos prepararnos.

Píenselo dos veces antes de arrojar sus medicinas antiguas al inodoro
Por Mayte Prida
Como muchos de ustedes, yo me preocupo muchísimo por la salud de nuestro medio ambiente. Como madre que soy, quiero estar segura de que mis hijos pueden gozar de los beneficios que brinda el tener agua y aire limpios. Además, quiero estar segura que los niños pueden disfrutar y respetar todo lo que ofrece estar al aire libre. Para lograr esto, todos debemos hacer nuestra parte responsablemente, protegiendo al medio ambiente – incluyendo, el deshacernos de los medicamentos de una manera segura.

Mission Federal Credit Union Makes Large Donation to Sweetwater District
Funding to be used for district’s attendance incentive campaign
Representatives from Mission Federal Credit Union presented the Sweetwater Union High School District Board of Trustees with a $15,000 check to support the district’s attendance incentive campaign.

City of San Diego awarded $7 million federal grant to help eliminate lead-based paint hazards in housing
The San Diego Housing Commission, on behalf of the City of San Diego, has been awarded $7 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) to help protect residents from lead paint hazards.

Community Notes:
Chula Vista Library Hosts Workshops in Spanish
Is your property at risk of foreclosure? Do you know your rights as homeowners? Those are a few of the questions Attorney Ruben Arizmendi will answer for Spanish speaking homeowners at a series of foreclosure prevention workshops Nov. 12, Dec. 10 and Jan. 14. The workshops will be held at the Civic Center Branch Library, located at 365 F St. at 6:30 p.m. For more information contact the library at (619) 691-5069, or go online at www.chulavistalibrary.com.

Editorial and Commentary

Today we celebrate the Obama Presidency, tomorrow is a new day
It is not often that we get to watch and participate in historical milestones, but Tuesday night we were a part of an event that will forever change the United States of America - the election of Barack Obama as our 44th President.

At the Crossroads with the GOP
By Vince Vasquez
With the control of Congress and the White House now firmly in Democratic hands, the Republican Party will need to take some time in the coming months for serious soul searching and internal rebuilding. Key to their political recovery is restoring a professional party that works hard for the support of every voter, especially Latino voters, which voted 66% for Senator Barack Obama for President.

We still aren’t in a post-racial society
By Fred McKissack
Moments after CNN declared Sen. Barack Obama the next president of the United States, I called my parents. I could tell my father was beaming. Through Obama, he could see the future for his grandsons and their peers — a collective sense of inclusion that has eluded the race for so long.

Obama: El que persevera alcanza
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Dijeron que nunca lo lograría. Que era afroamericano, la población blanca no votaría por un candidato presidencial de color, ni mucho menos por una persona cuyo segundo nombre estaba estigmatizado por el radicalismo musulmán. La mayoría se equivocó, pocos le dieron oportunidad, pero al final Barack Obama nuevamente demostró que el que persevera alcanza.

We owe veterans our appreciation
By David K. Rehbein
John C. Villepigue was a 22-year-old Army corporal from Camden, S.C. On a mid-October day, Villepigue and two comrades were on a scouting mission when they were ambushed and bombarded with enemy machine gun fire. One of Villepigue’s fellow scouts was instantly killed and the other seriously wounded, but Villepigue charged on. Advancing another 500 yards, he killed four enemy soldiers, captured six more and secured the two enemy machine guns, while sustaining serious injuries of his own.

Remembering The War To End All Wars
By Mike Ferner
At the stroke of the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 the roaring guns fell silent. Our holiday that marks the end of “The Great War” is now called Veterans’ Day, yet it’s worth taking a moment to recollect when it was called Armistice Day and meant more than midnight madness sales at department stores.

Streets Running with Blood
By Raoul Lowery Contreras
Rosarito Beach became world famous as the quiet Mexican Beach town south of Tijuana when Billionaire Ali Khan rendezvoused at the Rosarito Beach Hotel with the sexiest Hollywood actress of the day, Rita Hayworth.

Merit is More than Numbers
By Jose J. Soto and Deborah Waire Post
Most people think of affirmative action in the context of access to education. Whether we call it affirmative action or diversity, there is a widely shared belief that any process that considers race or gender in evaluating an application for admission is unfair. Actually, the reverse is true.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Readers: So your presidential candidate lost (congratulations; McBama! Our condolences, O’Cain. Damn early deadlines…), and you can’t bear the thought of living under his reign for the next cuatro years. Fear not: the other side of America’s bullshit sandwich will save you! The Mexican hereby turns this column over to his Canadian fans—but first, a comment about my two-weeks-old column explaining Mexico’s love for Clamato:

Vivieron una Maravillosa Noche Mágica Presenciando una Ceremonia Prehispánica
“Conmovió la participación del Grupo de Danza Tlaloke”
Por: Paco Zavala
¡Excelente! Hoy día las tradiciones y costumbres con varios miles de años de existir y provenientes de nuestros ancestros, están logrando penetrar y, poco a poco convencer y enraizarce en el medio y la sociedad fronteriza, tan contaminada de costumbres y tradiciones provenientes de allende las fronteras.

En Tu Idioma with Three Award Winning Latin American Features: El Violin, El Baño Del Papa, and XXY
Media Arts Center’s San Diego Latino Film Festival presents its final installment of the 2008 Cinema en Tu Idioma Film Series showcasing the most celebrated Latino films from international film festivals. The final installment will feature screenings of “El Violin” (The Violin), “XXY”, & “El Baño Del Papa” (The Pope’s Toilet) November 14-20 at UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center.

Bestselling Author Victor Villaseñor to Visit Spring Valley Library
Bestselling local author Victor Villaseñor will visit the Spring Valley Library, 836 Kempton Street, on Monday, November 17, at 5:30 p.m. Villaseñor will participate in a book discussion and book signing. The author’s newest book, Crazy Loco Love, was released in September of this year.

“Celebrate Baja” at Early Evening @ MINGEI
The culture, cuisine and art of Baja California will be celebrated at EARLY EVENING @ MINGEI on Friday, November 14 from 6 until 9 pm at Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park. “CELEBRATE BAJA” is sponsored by the State of Baja California, the Consulate General of Mexico - San Diego, the Baja California Secretary of Tourism (SECTUR), the Baja California Cultural Institute, Univision, Union Bank of California and Mingei International. The event will showcase the burgeoning cultural and culinary delights of Baja California. Guests will enjoy wines from the Guadalupe Valley and food prepared by talented Baja chefs while listening to musicians from the Orchestra of Baja California. Artists who will show their work at the event include painter Juan Angel Castillo, whose mural Promised Land is on view in Tijuana’s Centro Cultural, and acclaimed photographer Julio Rodríguez Ramos.

XV Festival HispanoAmericano de Guitarra
** Participarán destacados músicos de Croacia, Estados Unidos, Argentina, Irán, Hungría, España y México
TIJUANA, B.C. - La calidad artística, el conjunto de razas y de estilos, el aire musical y sobre todo, el foro para disfrutar de un espectáculo internacional, es lo que ofrecerá el XV Festival Hispanoamericano de Guitarra en Tijuana.

Hilltop’s Ramon Always Ready to Compete
By John Philip Wyllie
Whether it is fall, winter or spring you will find Hilltop senior Melissa Ramon competing for the Hilltop Lancers. At present she is the steady and hard working left wing on the school’s field hockey team. When that season concludes it is into the pool for water polo and following that it she will be swimming.

Pozos a Jack-of-all-Trades
By John Philip Wyllie
The boys and girls cross country teams at Bonita Vista High are off to another promising start. The girls team is thus far undefeated while the boys team has lost just once in head to head competition. On the boys side, Alfredo Rodriguez continues to set a torrid pace as one of the county’s top long distance runners. Gifted runners such as Shinola Agbede, David Garcia and Juan Garcia provide the depth this team will need if it is to reach its goal of qualifying for state competition. Farther back in the pack you will find one of the school’s most notable personalities, Edwardo Pozos.

Clavadistas de SDSU Se Ponen a Prueba en el CAR
TIJUANA, BAJA CALIFORNIA — Integrantes de la selección de clavados de la Universidad Estatal de San Diego realizaron su primer entrenamiento en las instalaciones del Complejo Acuático en el Centro de Alto Rendimiento.

Darchinyan Anota KO Sobre Mijares Para Unificar Los Tres Títulos Mundiales
Por primera vez en la historia de la división de las 115 libras, tres de los cinturones fueron unificados cuando el campeón peso súper mosca de la Federación Internacional de Boxeo (FIB) Vic Darchinyan noqueó al campeón de la Asociación Mundial de Boxeo (AMB)/Consejo Mundial de Boxeo (CMB) Cristian Mijares el sábado.

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