May 30, 2008

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Summer Bullfight Season Opens Without Much Fanfare

The 2008 summer bullfight season opened, last weekend, but it didn’t offer much to celebrate.

In Plaza Monumental de Tijuana, a herd of bulls from Los Encinos was faced by Leonardo Benitez, who was applauded and took a turn of the ring; Uriel Moreno “El Zapata”, who heard applause for his first performance, then returned to cut two ears from his second; and José Mauricio, who was unable to accomplish anything worthy more than light applause.

The corrida scheduled in Juárez, which was to have featured Juan Antonio Adame, Arturo Macias, and Ricardo Rivera, challenging bulls of Begoña, was postponed for reasons that were not announced.

In Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Rejoneador Pedro Louceiro won a singular ear from each of his bulls, while Enrique Garza was applauded, and Israel Téllez cut one ear from his first toro and heard applause for his second.

And, in Madrid, young matador Carlos Escolar “Frascuelo” was suffering intense pain, after receiving a grave goring from a San Martin bull. In addition to the goring in the leg, doctors expressed concern over receiving a trampling in the head and neck.

All of which leaves this reporter with very little to report. So, I’ll wave my magic palillo over the column and remind everybody of the incident a season or so ago, when a bull in La Plaza Mexico decided that it might prefer the view from the stands, rather than the arena, so it took a flying leap into the stands, demonstrating all of the grace of wounded water buffalo and putting the lives of many spectators in grave danger.

Videotape of that incident is viewable by using www.mastercar...pps. Will it work? Don’t ask me. My knowledge of computers is about on a par with my knowledge of nuclear physics. Try it. If it works, thank yours truly. If it doesn’t, blame editor Dan Muñoz.

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