Volume XXXII Number 21 May 23, 2008

FrontPage Stories

93 Year Old Enjoys Adult School Success

By Heidi Paris

Bright eyes sparkle, peering out beneath folds of skin that make small eyes even smaller. Her laugh is full of life, the joy of living.

“¡Ya llegué!” ¡Ya llegué!” [I arrived! I arrived!] she proudly announces entering the room with a merry laugh. This little star shines with her eyes and smile, radiating beauty wherever she goes.

Crucita Rueda at 93 still learning new things. Pictured with her is fellow student Ana Bacame. Photo by Heidi Paris

Born on January 17, 1915 in Torreon, Mexico, and armed with a sixth grade education, Cruz Rueda is back in school. How does she fare? Her 4 foot 9 inch frame proudly walked up to receive her class’s certificate of achievement in art for the 2005-06 school year in Montgomery Adult School. Three gray haired daughters in their 60s and 70s witnessed this proud moment along with students, teachers, principal Dr. Thomas Teagle, and Luis Maestre, director of adult education for the Sweetwater Union High School District.

Cruz, or “Crucita” as she is known to friends, was selected out of 160 students enrolled in art at Casa Pacifica, an adult day care center and one of Montgomery Adult School’s off-campus sites in the South Bay.

Why was she chosen? Crucita is the little engine that could. She used her immense will to complete the challenges of each art project. No excuses. She’s always willing to try new things.

[Translated from Spanish] “I had never done [art}, but now that I am here at Casa Pacifica, I started and like it.”

On receiving the day’s assignment, Crucita concentrates her energies on first thoroughly understanding the project and planning it out. Things don’t come easy when you’re 93. She takes too much effort and has too much pride to do second rate work. No matter the project, Crucita finishes, something not all students have the ability nor will to accomplish.

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Marty Block looking to stand out in the race for the 78th Assembly District
By Daniel Muñoz
The 78th Assembly District was crafted in the last redistricting that coincided with the 2000 census to create what was to be considered a safe Democratic district. The district was created with a Vince Hall victory in mind for 2002. But, as they say: sometimes the best laid plans can go wrong. The Plan for the 78th went wrong for the Democratic Party!

Poll Reveals High Hopes Among Californians
By Carolyn Goossen
Immigrant Latinos’ High Expectations For Public High Schools
In the poll released by Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) last week, the majority of Latino respondents said that they see college preparation as the main purpose of public school. A much smaller percentage of Blacks and Asians, 30%, and whites, 20%, see college that way. Fifty three percent of foreign-born residents also see college preparation as the ultimate goal of public schooling, versus 27% of American-born residents.

Doctors on strike and expect more
By Mariana Martínez
Men and women with blindfolds, bound hands and feet , a store-owner crying in rage, after numerous robberies, family members asking for the safe return of their brother, their sister, their son who is only 21.


Violence killing Rosarito tourism industry
By Mariana Martínez
Despite the strong campaign to improve Rosarito’s image, deeds can speak louder than words during this week prior to Memorial Day weekend.

La Violencia está matando la industria de turismo en Rosarito
Por Mariana Martínez
A pesar de la fuerte campaña para mejorar la imagen de Rosarito, los hechos pueden hablar más que las palabras, en esta semana previa a la fecha conocida como “Memorial Day”.

Memorial Day: A Latino Perspective
By Gus Chavez
Memorial Day is almost upon us and on Monday, May 26, our nation will celebrate and pay tribute in honor of our fallen men and women warriors. This day of honor has been around since the American Civil War and over the years has gained importance and significance to generations of families whose sons and daughters made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country. While questions remain over the wisdom of engaging in particular wars, there is no question over the patriotism, participation and ultimate commitment exhibited by the U.S. Latino and Latina warrior community.

Día de los Veteranos: Una Perspectiva Latina
By Guz Chavez
El lunes 26 de mayo, Día de los Veteranos Caídos, se aproxima. La nación entera celebrará y rendirá tributo a miles de héroes, hombres y mujeres caídos. Este día de honor ha existido desde la Guerra Civil Americana y a través de los años ha cobrado gran importancia y significado a generaciones y familias cuyos hijos e hijas hicieron el máximo sacrificio en la defensa de este país. Aunque se pueda debatir y queden preguntas sin contestar sobre el juicio de envolucrarse en ciertas guerras, no queda lugar a duda del patriotismo, participación, y último sacrificio de miles de latinos y latinas de los Estados Unidos.

A Proud Marine Returns Home
By Phyllis Hanson
FORT HOOD, Texas — There’s no fast way of “getting back” to normal for soldiers who are deployed away from home for more than a year. Separation from loved ones and friends, along with an accustomed way of life can be hard for even the toughest GI.

The State of Migrant Mental Health 2008
Immigration law crackdowns and the growth of anti-foreigner sentiment in the United States are translating into increased psychological problems for migrants, mental health professionals and community leaders say.

After-school program students get wonderful gift
Granger Jr. High, in National City, receives electronic equipment donation after break-in.
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
If it wasn’t for the After-School Program at Granger Junior High School in National City, Michael Crawford would probably spent afternoons in the streets or at home all by himself.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
Pasando de la televisión análoga a la digital
El 17 de febrero de 2009, a la medianoche, todas las estaciones de televisión en  Estados Unidos dejarán de transmitir sus señales análogas y cambiarán totalmente a transmisiones digitales.

The City of San Diego is re-writing (creating a new) Barrio Logan Community Plan
If WE who care about the workers and the families of the workers who live in the Barrios of San Diego, and if WE who live in the Barrios of San Diego do not attend these meetings and stand-up for ourselves and our people – the voices of the masses will have little, if any, representation at these meetings.

During Older Americans Month, American Specialty Health Offers Seniors 10 Tips On How to Stay Active and Fit
Staying Healthy Can Help Stave Off Chronic Disease and Other Illness Later in Life
The millions of baby boomers set to turn 65 years old this decade are leading a vast wave of aging adults that has been called the “Silver Tsunami.” By 2030, the number of boomers aged 65 and older will more than double to 71 million older Americans, according to The State of Aging and Health in America 2007 report. Seniors will comprise roughly 20 percent of the U.S. population at a time when the nation is facing a shortage of geriatricians, nurses, primary care doctors, physical therapists, and home health care workers.

New Bilingual Ocean Safety Signs for California’s
Visitors to California’s beaches are about to receive new and critical safety information to help them protect themselves and their families from dangerous ocean conditions.

Editorial and Commentary

Mayor Cox and Jerry Rindone cross the line
At La Prensa San Diego we appreciate nothing more than a good healthy debate on the issues. That is what makes this country great, encourages, and provides the populace the opportunity to have their say on issues. At the same time there is nothing we detest more than dirty politics and right now that is what we see going on with the City of Chula Vista, in particular the way Mayor Cheryl Cox and City council person Jerry Rindone are trying to manipulate the debate and use taxpayers money to do so.

A Response to the “Implications” of Proposition E by EPS - Walter Kieser
By Peter J. Watry Jr.
In July 2007, Walter Kieser presented a report to the Council entitled “Final Report: Chula Vista Independent Financial Review,” dated June 2007. Both in his written report and in his verbal report to the Council on July 10, he states the need for “priority-setting” and the need to “prioritize” expenditures. It can be seen (via video streaming) that in his verbal report he was even much more emphatic on the need to “prioritize” than he was in his written report. Now nothing could be further from the truth. With respect to the budgeting process, his paper would have received an “F” in any first-year economics class. In making decisions, one is always faced with a certain “benefit” (or they would not be thinking of doing it) and a certain “cost.” (The “cost” may be a money cost or it may be an “opportunity cost” of what alternative the resources could have been used for.) What counts for budget-making is NOT the “priority,” but rather the incremental “benefit-per-dollar-of-cost” of one alternative versus another. Automobile manufacturers use robots instead of people now to assemble cars – but not because of some “priority” or because robots cost more than men, but because robots produce more output-per-dollar than men do.

All Prop A does, is create a caste system
Exemption Of Core Public Safety Services From Managed Competition
City of San Diego
Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required
Shall the voters approve an amendment to the Charter to exempt from the Managed Competition process the core public safety services provided by police officers, firefighters, and lifeguards who participate in the City’s Safety Retirement System?

Proposition B is redundant
Permanency Of The Strong Mayor Form Of Goverance
City of San Diego
Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required
Shall the voters approve an amendment to the Charter to require the City Council to submit to voters at the June 2010 election Charter amendments making the Strong Mayor form of government permanent; adding a Council seat; and, when the ninth seat is filled, increasing the Council votes required to override a mayoral veto?

Proposition C Compromises the independence of the City auditor
Financial Officers and Responsibilities
City of San Diego
Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required
Shall the voters approve amendments to the Charter to establish or modify the offices and responsibilities of a Chief Financial Officer, City Auditor, and Independent Budget Analyst; modify the City Treasurer appointment process; and create an Audit Committee to oversee the City Auditor?

La Prensa San Diego Endorsements:

Memorial Day: Putting our Troops and Veterans First
By Congressman Bob Filner
It is my hope on this Memorial Day that we, as a nation, remember the words of President Franklin Roosevelt when he said more than a half century ago, “Those who have long enjoyed such privileges as we enjoy forget in time that men have died to win them.”

Adán y Evo de nuevo
Por José R. Uzal
La Corte Suprema de California declaro inconstitucional la prohibicion de matrimonios entre homosexuales. Esta decisión abrira de nuevo el debate de los matrimonios homosexuales en un año de elecciones. Pronto el Senado decidira debatir el tema de presentar una enmienda constitucional para prohibir dichos matrimonios. El Presidente Bush como ha hecho previamente, le brindara todo su apoyo a dicha enmienda. En el pasado cuando el tema de una reforma constitucional salio a la palestra nacional Bush arguyo que la Ley de Defensa del Matrimonio (Marriage Defense Act) pudiera ser rechazada por un juez liberal, y para evitar esta catástrofe es necesaria una enmienda constitucional. Para su credito esto es lo que que acaba de suceder en California.

Preferencia de los latinos
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Estamos a pocos meses de las elecciones presidenciales. Todavía no sabemos quién va a ser el contrincante del republicano John McCain, aunque es muy probable que Barack Obama esté levantando la bandera de los demócratas.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: I’m a Mexican-American, but I always lie and tell people my ancestors were from Spain and immigrated to the United States in the 1920s. My whole family says this. We feel embarrassed if we tell people that our heritage is Mexican because Mexicans in the USA are so dirty, mostly gang bangers, and they spray graffiti everywhere—my family is not like this. My father went to UCLA and I’m going to USC right now. Should I face my background and tell people the truth?

First Person:
Latin Legends At The Greek
By Al Carlos Hernandez
The L.A. Latin Jazz Festival 2008 May 10th produced by one of my oldest friends East Coast Eddie Rodriguez featured Eddie Palmieri plus The Latin Giants of Jazz (former members of Tito Puente Orchestra) with invited guests Dave Valentin, Oreste Vilato, Alfredo De La Fe Plus, The Jazz on the Latin Side All-Stars featuring Conga Master Francisco Aguabella and guest bongo player Actor Andy Garcia. The show was a critical success; the bar has been set high as this gig was the first of the concert season at the Greek in LA.

Actor Manny Pérez embraces Latino-themed roles
By Kiko Martinez
When actor Manny Pérez moved from the Dominican Republic to Rhode Island at the age of 10, he was quickly intrigued by the theater company right around the block from his house.

Participará la Actriz Irma Dorantes en Lectura de Poemas de Poetisas Latinoamericanas
Por Paco Zavala
Si la vida se pudiera mover con una varita mágica y pudiera remontarme a la década de los 1960-1970, a aquellos días juveniles de vida de estudiante, una noche estando en la Sala de Recepción del Hotel Imperial en la ciudad y puerto de Tampico, estado de Tamaulipas, en una estancia iluminada con la presencia de la entonces y ahora rutilante actriz del cine mexicano y cantante del género folklórico, la bella Irma Dorantes, ella se encontraba esperando el llamado del Maestro de Ceremonias para con su presencia ornamentar el show de esa noche en el Centro Nocturno del hotel referido, mientras la actriz esperaba, muy amablemente departía con su característica simpatía con Fernando Figón un compañero de estudios y con un servidor… ¡Ay, qué tiempos aquellos señor Don Simón…!

Impartirán Gran Curso de Danza para el Próximo Verano
Por: Paco Zavala
Si te interesa estudiar danza y participar en un verdadero curso de danza, puedes aprovechar este verano próximo para tomarlo, analiza la siguiente información proporcionada por el bailarín y coreógrafo tijuanense Jorge Domínguez Cerda.

Hernandez and Rodriguez Go the Distance
By John Philip Wyllie
Cristina Hernandez and Alfredo Rodriguez have a lot in common. Both of them enjoy playing soccer and competing in cross country. Both of them are good students. And now both of them are Mesa League track title holders. These two Bonita Vista High Barons even run the same event. In the Mesa League, nobody ran the grueling 3200 faster this year than Hernandez and Rodriguez. The good news for coach, Lou Russo is that both of them are not only talented, they are also young. He is expecting that Hernandez and Rodriguez will be the cornerstones of their respective teams for the next several years.

Cristian Mijares Nuevo Campeón Supermosca CMB y AMB
Por Jesus Gomez Flores
En una verdadera noche mágica en Gómez Palacio Cristian Mijares supera por decisión dividida a Alexander Muñoz quien sufre su tercera derrota en su carrera y una vez más a manos de un mexicano.

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