Volume XXXII Number 11 March 14, 2008

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Montgomery Middle School Students Take a Trip Back to the Civil War

By Steve Rodriguez
U.S. History and English Teacher
Montgomery Middle School

Students from Montgomery Middle School (Sweetwater Union High School District) recently participated in a school field trip to view a U.S. Civil War reenactment held on the grounds of the Antique Gas and Steam Museum in Vista, CA. These 8th grade students were able to view a spectacular battle reenactment between Union and Confederate forces that included artillery and cavalry demonstrations. The battle reenactment, held on Saturday, March 8, simulated many of the sights and sounds associated with the U.S. Civil War, to include the loud boom of cannons, and the shrill notes of bugle calls. Later, the students were able to tour replica soldier campsites to see how the typical Civil War soldier lived between battles. The students also enjoyed talking to actors playing the roles of such Civil War luminaries as President Abraham Lincoln, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and Confederate General George Pickett.

Montgomery Middle School students (left to right: Melissa Corral, Alana Bock, Erika Radatz, and Marcela Alvarez) pose with soldiers from both sides at a Civil War reenactment.

The field trip coincided with the study of the Civil War in U.S. History classrooms at Montgomery Middle School. “We have been studying the causes of the U.S. Civil War these past few weeks,” said U.S. History teacher Steve Rodriguez. “I am hoping that by attending this reenactment students will be further motivated to study the Civil War in greater detail. It really enhances what we learn from the textbook.”

Marcela Alvarez, one of the 8th grade students attending the field trip, commented on the battle reenactment by saying, “I was impressed by all the re-enactor soldiers. They made the Civil War come alive. It was like being in a time machine.”

Another student, Erika Rubio, said “I enjoyed discussing history with President Jefferson Davis. I tried to tell him that slavery was wrong.”

Funding for the field trip was made possible by the Target Corporation, which sponsors a school field trip grant program. Montgomery Middle School was one of several schools throughout the country that received one of these competitive grants. The Target Corporation recently recognized 18 local teacher grant recipients at a reception held at the Centro Culture de La Raza in Balboa Park.

Benedicto XVI y el viaje a Cuba del cardenal Bertone
Lo más grave del viaje a la isla-cárcel del alto prelado es la enigmática continuidad de la política de mano extendida del Vaticano y de importantes figuras eclesiásticas hacia la tiranía del Caribe, durante casi cuatro décadas, continuidad enigmática que ineludiblemente llega al propio pontificado de Benedicto XVI, del cual el cardenal Bertone es secretario de Estado y fue a Cuba como su enviado
Por Armando F. Valladares

Castro Is Out, Christ Is In
By Louis E.V. Nevaer
HAVANA – Catholic churches are full to capacity during mass, and the neighborhood Communist offices are empty.

Budget cuts will affect all South Bay school districts
Part I
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
These are not good times for public education in California.


Nobody Here Chickens Out
A Mexican Community Leader Dies of AIDS
By Alonso Yáñez
"Stories Against the Silence: HIV/AIDS in the Latino Community" profiles artist and activist Jose Santibáñez who fought for basic social services such as electricity and water for his neighborhood in the outskirts of Tijuana.

Immigration Matters:
Progressives Fight Back on Immigration
By Wendy Sefsaf
Editor’s Note: “Anti-immigrant” measures aren’t the only immigration laws taking effect in states across the country. They may not make the headlines, but some important work is being done across the country by progressives.

Caminando por la Tierra
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
“Los seres humanos deben caminar con la tierra no sobre ella.”

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Sin Centavos…
Que la inmigración está pegada a la economía es cosa que siempre se ha sabido. También se ha sabido que la inmigración beneficia económicamente a los países con inmigrantes. Pero ahora resulta que la inmigración le está saliendo muy cara a algunos lugares, no por lo que los inmigrantes hacen, sino por lo que hacen los anti inmigrantes.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
Luchas, Mujeres y Futuro
Todos los días millones de mujeres en el mundo construyen la vida, por eso, todos los días ha de celebrarse su gracia, su fuerza, su enorme capacidad de amar y esa mítica inteligencia que la hace poseedora de aquel misterioso sexto sentido.

Barriers to Food Stamps Continue to Hurt San Diego
By Jessica Nicholas
Of the 800,000 people in San Diego who are food insecure, meaning they live in hunger or fear of it, 250,000 of them qualify for food stamps but are not currently receiving them.

San Diego Housing Commission has $6 million available in home buyer assistance funds
The San Diego Housing Commission has $6 million in funding, along with a new allocation of Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCCs), available to help residents purchase a home in the City of San Diego.

Promoting Higher Education to High School Latinas in Southern California
“Following Our Dreams and Creating Our Future” “Siguiendo Nuestros Sueños y Creando Nuestro Futuro”
The Association of Chicana Activists (A.Ch.A.) is providing their 15th Annual High School Student Conference. Free workshops promoting higher education, culture, and activism will reflect this year’s theme: “Following Our Dreams and Creating Our Future.” The conference will be held at San Diego State University on Saturday, March 22nd, 2008 @ 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free parking is available.

Community Notes:
The Red CalacArts Collective Presents The 4th Annual

Editorial and Commentary

Guest Editorial:
40 years after L.A. student walkout, situation still grim
By Carlos Muñoz Jr.
Forty years ago this month, I was one of thousands of Mexican-American students who shocked the city of Los Angeles by walking out of the public schools. We marched through the streets of East Los Angeles to peacefully protest the racism and educational inequality we faced in the schools.

Ward Connerly’s Agenda for ’08: From Missouri to Arizona
By Mick Dumke
Ward Connerly maintains he has simple reasons for campaigning to end affirmative action. “I’m not just fighting to end racial preferences—I’m fighting to alter the way people still see Black people as weak and lazy,” says Connerly, a Black real estate consultant who founded and chairs the anti-affirmative action American Civil Rights Institute. “People are rethinking race, and as they do, they’re having a hard time thinking that Black people whose ancestors overcame slavery can’t make it on their own. Because, let’s face it, at the end of the day, when we talk about affirmative action, we’re talking about Black people.”

Moving Women From Benchwarmers to Captains
By Linda Tarr-Whelan
Sometimes progress is measured by half-court movements. When I was in school, girls played basketball by different rules than the boys. We played on a half-court and could only dribble three times before passing the ball. Girls were regarded as too fragile to run the distance. Now, tell that to the women in the WNBA.

La bomba de New York
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Cuando escuché la noticia bomba de Nueva York, no supe si reír, gritar o rezar una plegaria para que los demonios no se aproximen a la tarima política de los candidatos demócratas y se vuelvan a llevar a otro de sus prodigios electorales. Spitzer estaba considerado como figura puntal en las elecciones presidenciales del 2012.

Qué pasó con los Hispanos: Latinos Builders Association fined for misuse of funds in support of candidates for political office (the sad part about this, most of the candidates were losers). Then a Hispanic Chamber employee was charged with embezzling money. And last week a report was sent out that there was a robbery at the Centro Cultural de la Raza by former employees. Qué pasó con la gente, están locos?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: Since moving to Aztlán from Boston, I’ve spent so much time with my next-door neighbor from Mexico City that I’ve taken to using the word manito as a term of endearment with my buddies, regardless of who and where they are. It’s been my observation that most Anglos think mano a mano means “man to man.” Being a bit better informed, I believe its literal translation is “hand by hand” and colloquial meaning is “hand-to-hand.” Is manito the diminutive form of hand? Why, if so, do Mexicans use this term?

Programan y Desarrollan Eventos Vinculados con el “Día Internacional de la Mujer”
Por: Paco Zavala
La mujer el ser más maravilloso creado por Dios sobre la faz de la tierra, desde tiempos inmemoriales ha sido objeto de halagos, honores y pleitesía, pero la mayoría de ellas en las diversas culturas que existen en el mundo aún en este siglo XXI, es objeto de un trato indigno e inhumano, porque es vejada, pisoteada, maltratada, golpeada, etc., etc. y peor aún en algunos países del orbe se le trata como un animal, suena fuerte pero la realidad así es, porque su historia, religión y tradiciones así lo han establecido.

Vale hopes ‘Fea’ on DVD will find new audience
By Kiko Martinez
As the lead actress on the popular telenovela “La fea más bella,” the Spanish version of what American audiences know as “Ugly Betty,” Angélica Vale has found happiness playing the role of Leticia Padilla Solís. Lety is an intelligent and homely-looking young woman who works as an executive assistant at a prestigious media production firm.

Vivir bajo los árboles/Living Under the Trees, fotografías de David Bacon
Vivir bajo los árboles es una exhibición fotográfica contundente del artista/activista David Bacon. La muestra integra una serie de fotografías a color, en formato grande, que documenta las experiencias diarias de indígenas mexicanos, trabajadores del campo en California. La exhibición textos con relatos orales, dando voz a los migrantes que narran su vida y su lucha diaria. Las fotografías son asimismo testimonio de sus esfuerzos de supervivencia en circunstancias difíciles y de cómo, pese a ellas, disfrutan de la vida.

Bubble-ology Presented at Chula Vista Library
Children will have an opportunity for some hands-on fun with “Bubble-ology,” as the second installment in a series of programs offered by the South Bay Children’s Museum at the Chula Vista Public Library. “Bubble-ology” will be held on March 18, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Civic Center Branch in the Children’s Room. The Civic Center Branch is located at 365 F St. All programs are free and open to the public.

Well-Rounded Vargas Back for Barons
By John Philip Wyllie
Last year, while still only a freshman, Elizabeth Vargas hit .306 and earned a spot as a utility player for the Mesa League softball champion Bonita Vista Barons. This season Vargas is back in the hope of becoming the team’s regular left fielder or third baseman. With only two seniors in the starting lineup, young players such as Vargas will have to step up in order for the Barons capture their second consecutive league championship.

La NFL llegó a Kyrgyzstán
Viaje al otro lado del mundo
Por Luis Castillo
El ala defensivo de los Chargers Luis Castillo, en compañía del tackle defensivo de los Bears Tommie Harris y el ala defensivo de los Panthers Mike Rucker, realiza un viaje de una semana para visitar las bases militares de Estados Unidos en Kyrgyzstán y Afganistán.

La Copa de Campeones CONCACAF regresa a Fox Sports en Español por cuarto año consecutivo
D.C. United y Houston Dynamo de MLS se enfrentarán a los poderosos equipos mexicanos Pachuca y Atlante FC en busca de la Supremacía del Fútbol Continental
Fox Sports en Español anunció hoy el regreso de la Copa de Campeones CONCACAF por cuatro año consecutivo. La edición del 2008 será televisada una vez más de forma exclusiva por la principal cadena deportiva por cable en español, comenzando con la cobertura de los partidos de cuartos de final entre Motagua de Honduras y el equipo Pachuca de México televisado martes .

CONCACAF Champions' Cup Returns to Fox Sports en Espanol for Fourth Consecutive Year
MLS's D.C. United and the Houston Dynamo to battle Mexican powerhouses Pachuca and Atlante FC for Continental Soccer Supremacy
Fox Sports en Espanol announced today the return of the CONCACAF Champions' Cup for the fourth consecutive year. The 2008 edition will once again be televised exclusively in Spanish by the leading all-sports cable network, which started with the live coverage of the quarterfinal between Motagua of Honduras and Mexico's Pachuca on Tuesday.

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