March 7, 2008

Señor Flavio: Expanding the Borders of Rock Latino

The Argentinian bassist, composer, singer and producer, Señor Flavio has a new album. The ex-member of The Fabulous Cadillacs, presents “Supersaund 2012”

By James Klein

(KPRENSA) - As a member of the legendary Argentine rock band The Fabulous Cadillacs, Flavio Cianciarulo is widely recognized as a father of rock latino. On March 4th, he debuts his new CD as the Señor Flavio with his band Mandinga Project. “Supersaund 2012” is the name of this work. It is composed for 13 diverse, intense songs that reflect the constant growth of this great artist.

“The different styles on the disc have to do with the eclecticism at the moment of composition, of listening to music, of living life. It’s like I learned at the artistic academy of the street, the academy called “The Clash” life” says Flavio, in reference to the English punk band that he counts as one of his biggest influences.

“On the other hand, I’m Latin-American, racially mixed although I am light and look like a “gringo”, but I’m not, I’m the product of the crossbreeding of our continent, our folk, our pride of mixture, our inclinations. The songs on this CD reflect all of that.”

All the songs on “Supersaund 2012” were composed by Flavio except “Cristina” and in the middle of a tour of Mexico, the Flavio Mandinga Project recorded some of the new songs in a studio Monterrey. In fact, Flavio has a special connection with Mexico and it’s always a source of inspiration.

“Mexico is inside of me, and I am inside of Mexico” he says “it is one of the few countries on the planet with so much magic, passion, humility, intensity, good food, beautiful women, and good, good folk “corridos”

The first single from the disc, a song called “Malito”, was recorded in Mexico.

The Fabulous Cadillacs and After

The Fabulous Cadillacs originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was formed in 1985 originally with the name of “Cadillacs 57” and as a ska band, dressing in the style of English bands like Madness or The Specials, its main influences in the group’s early years. The Fabulous Cadillacs become one of the most successful and most influential rock bands from Latin America.

They played a diverse mixture of styles aside from rock (which was the main influence): ska, jazz, salsa, tango, samba, reggae and cumbia, among others. The band had many hits including many composed by Flavio like “Matador”, “Mal Bicho”, “ V Centenario”, among others.

After the separation of the Cadillacs, Flavio began carving out a place as a soloist with his own sound, transforming into an artist on a constant musical search. In 2001 he put out his first CD as a soloist, “Flavio, alone, old and hairy”. In 2003 he delivered “The Marplatense”, from the “Flavio Cala-veralma Trio” accompanied by the drummer José Balé and the keyboardist Gustavo Liamgot. In 2004, fronting the band now known as the Mandinga Project, he presented “Cachivache!”, a disk based on African rhythms. The last CD of the Mandinga Project, “Sonidero”, was produced in 2005.

“Supersaund 2012” is a new page in the musical life of this notable rock musician from Argentina.

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