June 20, 2008

Este Indio en la montanña con mi pipa y mezcal. Needed to commune with mother earth and visit with spirits. Pero, I had to leave the hills, muchos problemas en mi tierra.

Greg Sandoval, este Indio never did like este vato, could never support el hombre in any of his elections, bad karma. Finally we are getting a better picture of this vato. Sandoval accused of sexual harrasement decided to quit job at college. Good riddance.

Now that Sandoval is out at Southwestern, what about his position as board member of the Sweetwater High School Board??? Qué pasó gente?? Time to start asking questions???

Prop E. Folks in Chula Vista blew it when they ignored La Prensa and spent all their dinero with the UT…. They got the biggest percentage of votes where La Prensa had the greatest area of distribution!!! With a little support La Prensa could have made the difference! Can’t do much about it now, but something to keep in mind for those other close races, come November.

Qué pasó con Ben Hueso??? City councilman Hueso carrying the water for Jan Goldsmith in city attorney race. La gente voted overwhelmingly for Mike Aguirre. Pregunta, whose interest is Hueso representing? He is not representing La Gente!!!

Gas prices and cost of living just killing us. Say adios to cruising. No more trips to visit the folks for an afternoon barbeque. And to top it off, mass transit raised their prices so it cost just as much as driving. This is just madness!!!

The really sad part about this is that it just plain greed that is driving up the prices and the politicans don’t have an answer, they sold out a long time ago and they are powerless to get this whole crazy mess under control. Qué lástima!!!

La Gente de Barrio Logan big plans for your neighborhood but not much community input, unless you consider Rachel Ortiz your spokesperson! You do get one opportunity on the planning for your community at: The Barrio Logan Website for a Community Survey and the June 24, 2008 Barrio Logan Plan Update Stakeholder Committee meeting materials at http://www.sandiego.gov/planning/community/profiles/barriologan/index.shtml.

Mi amiga en Hawaii a little upset over hate mail. Good thing ella on the island and not on the mainland; este Indio receives much hate mail and even death threats. Not many jobs where you get to read hate letters and have to call the police where you report estos death threats. Guess it goes with job when you have to stand up and fight for what you believe in.

With that adios.

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