June 20, 2008

Students of Lincoln Acres Recipients of iVIE Award

By Marisol Magana

At the 7th Annual 2008 Innovative Video in Education Awards Ceremony (iVIE) a group of sixth grade students from Lincoln Acres Elementary School from National School District completed a couple of Firsts. This was the First time the students have ever entered this event and this was the First time that students from the South County have won First Place, in the 6-12 Unity in Action category demonstrating their use of technology in the classroom.

Principal: Debbie Costa Hernandez, Brianna Uriarte, Pricila Gudino, Marco Rivera, Yesenia Lopez, and Class Teacher: Hernan Baeza.

Debbie Costa Hernandez, Principal, said the awards ceremony was like the “Nickelodeon version of the Oscars, a Red Carpet event. Students as reporters, in full blown costumes, taking their reporting very seriously, and the students being interviewed taking the questions and answering full heartedly. The event was incredible.”

The Red Carpet event and awards ceremony was held on May 12 at The Rock, located in the new Liberty Station development in Point Loma. The Rock’s state-of-the-art audio and video features with 3600 sq. feet of video screen only added to the grandeur of this amazing setting.

Brianna Uriarte, Pricila Gudino, Marco Rivera, and Yesenia Lopez, are the four, sixth grade students who, competing against older students, brought the iVIE award to Lincoln Acres Elementary.

The video was initially a class project but turned into the pursuit of a dream for the four students.

The class had been studying racism, discrimination, and Martin Luther King Jr. and for Mr. Baeza, class teacher, the video was the perfect opportunity for his students to understand discrimination and racism and realize that they can do something about it.

“I grew up here in National City, I know what it’s like, stated Mr. Baeza. “I wanted to instill in my students that you can do anything you set your mind to.”

The four students had, “ganas de trabajar duro,” they wanted to prove that discrimination was real and it was affecting everybody. Yesenia says, “Never give up on your dreams.” Pricila added, “We are the only ones who can stop discrimination.”

Yesenia came up with the idea of incorporating discrimination into the video.

Marco Rivera volunteered himself to be the main character and experience first hand what discrimination was all about. The video is titled, “A Bad Dream,” and is about one student being discriminated against for no reason at all. In the video the teacher openly discriminates against the one student.

Pricila and Briana stayed after school until four o’clock in the afternoon each day to dedicate their time and effort in the making and editing of the video.

Ms. Costa, Principal, Mr. Baeza, Teacher, and support staff are very proud of the accomplishment of these four students and classmates and hope that this award brings out enthusiasm in other students and indeed it has, with this award other students at Lincoln Acres Elementary have shown interest in the iVIE festival.

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