Volume XXXII Number 25 June 20, 2008

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Students of Lincoln Acres Recipients of iVIE Award

By Marisol Magana

At the 7th Annual 2008 Innovative Video in Education Awards Ceremony (iVIE) a group of sixth grade students from Lincoln Acres Elementary School from National School District completed a couple of Firsts. This was the First time the students have ever entered this event and this was the First time that students from the South County have won First Place, in the 6-12 Unity in Action category demonstrating their use of technology in the classroom.

Principal: Debbie Costa Hernandez, Brianna Uriarte, Pricila Gudino, Marco Rivera, Yesenia Lopez, and Class Teacher: Hernan Baeza.

Debbie Costa Hernandez, Principal, said the awards ceremony was like the “Nickelodeon version of the Oscars, a Red Carpet event. Students as reporters, in full blown costumes, taking their reporting very seriously, and the students being interviewed taking the questions and answering full heartedly. The event was incredible.”

The Red Carpet event and awards ceremony was held on May 12 at The Rock, located in the new Liberty Station development in Point Loma. The Rock’s state-of-the-art audio and video features with 3600 sq. feet of video screen only added to the grandeur of this amazing setting.

Brianna Uriarte, Pricila Gudino, Marco Rivera, and Yesenia Lopez, are the four, sixth grade students who, competing against older students, brought the iVIE award to Lincoln Acres Elementary.

The video was initially a class project but turned into the pursuit of a dream for the four students.

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“Wetback,” in Hawaii?
By Daniel Muñoz
“Wetback,” a term that is archaic and used only when intended to insult persons of Mexican ancestry has shattered the tranquil and paradise image of the Hawaiian island. Hawaii, which to date had not been drawn into the volatile immigration debate has now been plunged into the issue when Honolulu City Councilman Rod Tam used the term “wetback” not once, but twice during a public meeting.

Latino children are behind in preschool enrollment
New study finds that minority and low-income children are least likely to attend quality preschool programs.
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Children who attend preschool are better prepared to enter kindergarten. They have better grades in the following years. They’re more likely to graduate from college.

Los niños latinos se matriculan menos en preescolar
Un nuevo estudio dice que los niños de minorías y de bajos recursos tienen menos oportunidad de asistir a programas de preescolar de calidad.
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Los niños que asisten al nivel preescolar están mejor preparados para comenzar el kinder. Tienen mejores calificaciones en los siguientes años. Tienen más oportunidad de graduarse de la universidad.


How Do You Say Justice in Mixteco?
By David Bacon
FRESNO - Erasto Vasquez was surprised to see a forklift appear one morning outside his trailer near the corner of East and Springfield, two small rural roads deep in the grapevines, ten miles southwest of Fresno. He and his neighbors pleaded with the driver, but to no avail. The machine uprooted the fence Vasquez had built around his home and left it smashed in the dirt. Then, the forklift’s metal tines lifted the side of one trailer high into the air. It groaned and tipped over, with a family’s possessions still inside. “We were scared,” Vasquez remembers. “I felt it shouldn’t be happening, that it showed a complete lack of respect. But who was there to speak for us?”

Needy family struggles to get ahead
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
There are nights when Luz Mendez’s three children go to bed hungry.

Familia necesitada lucha por salir adelante
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Hay noches en que los tres hijos de Luz Méndez se van a dormir sin haber probado bocado.

Home visit programs help children succeed, experts say
By Jackie Best
WASHINGTON - Julie Fenley, 29, did not know where to turn when her son was born with pulmonary hypertension and she learned he could have developmental problems, including hearing loss and delayed speech.

Associated Builders and Contractors Inc to defend Chula Vista citizens’ right to vote
ABC of San Diego, Inc has announced it will defend the constitutional right of Chula Vista citizens who signed the Open Competition and Anti-Discrimination in Contracting petition to vote in the November 2008 election against legal challenges by San Francisco based labor union leaders and their lawyers.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Ya Encarrerado el Ratón…
Como si deveras creyeran que es posible deportar a todos los 10 ó 12 ó 15 millones de inmigrantes indocumentados antes del 20 de enero de 2009, cuando se termina (¡al fin!), el régimen de George W. Bush, el ICE anda agarrando gente a diestra y siniestra. Pero como todos sabemos, la prisa no es buena consejera.

Housing Commission and Citibank launch financial education program for low-income youth
In partnership with Citibank, the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) launched a pilot program to help low-income youth become “financially fit.” The program is designed to help break the cycle of poverty by encouraging asset-building and economic self-sufficiency.

CalHFA hace convertirse en propietario de vivienda una realidad
Por Theresa Parker
Las condiciones del mercado recientemente están haciendo la compra de un hogar más comprable que ha sido en décadas. Sin embargo, las familias se preguntan cómo pueden permitirse una señal y una hipoteca sin enfrentarse a los mismos problemas en el futuro que tan muchos individuos están enfrentando hoy: lucha para pagar hipotecas, y en unos casos, enfrentarse a ejecución de una hipoteca.

Machado, Senate Banking gut crucial mortgage reform
Californians must wait another year for needed protections
The California Senate Banking Committee bowed to industry today, killing all but one of the Assembly Democrats’ crucial bills designed to rein in abuses prominent in the sub-prime market and thereby eliminating the prospect of restoring responsibility and accountability to the mortgage market in California this year.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
Creciendo con Epilepsia, mucho más allá del miedo
Vivir con Epilepsia es un reto; más aun cuando se tienen pocos años de vida, pero el gozo de la vida misma es un reto que la epilepsia no nos puede arrebatar.

Community Notes:
Calling All Teddy Bears! The Child Abuse Prevention Foundation Joins The United Way to Recruit 10,000 Stuffed Animals to Bring Smiles to 10,000 San Diego Children

Editorial and Commentary

Why Oil Prices Are So High
A Commentary on Excess and Inequality
By Sam Pizzigati
In the late 1990s, we had the stock market bubble. That popped. Then we had the housing market bubble. And that popped. Last week the market for crude oil bubbled to an all-time high, nearly $140 per barrel. We seem today to be forever blowing bubbles. Maybe we should stop and ask why.

Obama’s Comments on Black Males Fan Old Stereotypes
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama thundered to vigorous applause from a Father’s Day Chicago church crowd that black fathers don’t engage with their children. A month before Obama made this stereotypical and plainly false assertion, Boston University professor Rebekah Levine Coley, in a comprehensive study on the black family, found that black fathers who don’t reside in the home are more likely to sustain regular contact with their children than fathers of any other racial group. This was not an obscure study buried in the pages of a musty academic journal. It was widely cited in a feature article on black fathers in a May issue of Newsweek. So there was no excuse to spout this myth.

El último dictador
Por José R. Uzal
Lo que le suceda, o lo que ya le ocurrió a Castro es irrelevante. Si esta vivo,como indica la reciente foto con Chavez, muerto o incapacitado no cambia el hecho de que su tiempo ha terminado. El gobierno cubano se ha estado preparando para evitar un cambio al salir Castro de la escena y asegurar una transición que mantenga el partido comunista en el poder.

Los gays y sus críticos
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Se sentía que venía y sucedió como se esperaba. Era simplemente cuestión de tiempo para que dos personas del mismo sexo finalmente puedan contraer nupcias en California.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Taking Pride in High Levels of Voter Apathy?
“San Diegans won’t have to wait till November to see who the next mayor is. Incumbent Jerry Sanders topped 53 percent of the vote, leaving his rival, businessman Steve Francis, lagging well behind. Francis earned just 35 percent, in spite of spending well over $4 million on the campaign. (KPBS reporter Alison St John).

Este Indio en la montanña con mi pipa y mezcal. Needed to commune with mother earth and visit with spirits. Pero, I had to leave the hills, muchos problemas en mi tierra.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: What do you think would happen if U.S. citizens could as easily buy land and set up businesses in Mexico as Mexicans can do in the U.S.? Might that be a big boost to the Mexican economy? I know there are provisions in the Mexican Constitution that prevent this, but what is the rationale? Who benefits by this?

First Person:
Kitchen Table Folks
By Al Carlos Hernandez
The economy is getting out of control, working folks can barely fill up the car with gas, and now food prices are getting higher, but it seems to be the middle class people that are the ones losing their marbles. Like some of you I grew up broke, as long as we had a pot of beans a pan of rice, Chicken, tortillas and good friends in the same boat, we would survive.

The New CD and DVD of Julieta Venegas: “MTV Unplugged”
The acoustic performance was taped in Mexico City
By James Klein
New York (KPRENSA) – On March 6th, Julieta Venegas recorded the show “Julieta Venegas MTV Unplugged” in Studios Churubusco in Mexico City. The special hour long program marked the twentieth production of MTV Unplugged for MTV Latin America.

El Nuevo CD y DVD de Julieta Venegas: “MTV Unplugged”
La presentación acústica se grabó en Ciudad de México
Por James Klein
NUEVA YORK (KPRENSA) – En el jueves 6 de marzo, Julieta Venegas grabó el show “Julieta Venegas MTV Unplugged” en los Estudios Churubusco de Ciudad de México. El programa especial de una hora marcando la vigésima producción de MTV Unplugged para MTV Latin America.

Discusiones, Ponencias, Exposiciones en el Desarrollo del Foro “Cultura en Diásporas”
Por: Paco Zavala
El arte desde tiempos inmemoriales ha sido, continúa y continuará su trayectoria itinerante, inquieta, creativa, modificadora, actualizante, modernizante y metamorfósica; sería audáz e incalificable que alguien se atreviera a coartar o a limitar el uso de adjetivos calificativos sobre esta cuestión.

Gana Beca el Fotógrafo Sonorense Alfredo Káram Otorgada por la Fundación Tierney
Por: Paco Zavala
Siempre es muy agradable informar a la comunidad hispana logros obtenidos por nuestros connacionales por méritos propios en su trabajo y proyección, ahora le correspondió al fotógrafo Alfredo Káram, originario de Hermosillo, Sonora; quien se hizo acreedor a recibir la “Beca Tierney” para la región noroeste de México.

The Red Carpet Rolls Out for First South County Film Festival
Festival to be held on Thursday, June 26th at 6 p.m.

Residente de Carlsbad de Una Pierna Toma La Medalla de Oro en el Campeonato Mundial de Triatlón
Juan Pablo (JP) Theberge, un Argentino-Americano, Usará Su Acontecimiento para inspirar a otros amputados y “challenged athletes” (atletas con retos)

Sapp Solid at Short for Gamers
By John Philip Wyllie
With the conclusion of another school year the prep baseball season has ended, but that doesn’t mean the up and coming stars of tomorrow will have no place to play this summer. Traveling club leagues are just getting under way from San Ysidro to Fallbrook and from Imperial Beach to Alpine. We caught up with the San Diego Longball and the San Diego Gamers out of El Cajon when they met at Hilltop High for their game last weekend. It was part of the San Diego Elite Classic. Despite a 5-3 loss Gamers shortstop Eric Sapp, the team’s lone Hispanic star, played well and was upbeat about the club baseball experience.

Aztec Men’s Soccer Inks Small, But Talented Recruiting Class
San Diego State head men’s soccer coach Lev Kirshner has announced its 2008 recruiting class. The five-player group includes an English national team player, a member of adidas/ESP, who is also a regional ODP starter, the San Diego Union Tribune Player of the Year, a Division I transfer and one of the top defenders in Southern California from the 2008 state champion, DMS 11.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
California Bloodless Bullfights
Bullfight World is proud to announce that Jim Verner has been appointed the new correspondent for California and Tijuana bullfights. Verner is an excellent aficionado práctico and most knowledgeable about all things taurine. The following is his inaugural column.

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