Volume XXXII Number 23 June 6, 2008

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Levine Draws on her Past and Looks to her Future

By John Philip Wyllie

As the daughter of Mexican-Jewish immigrants Yael Levine has often looked to her faith and heritage whenever she found herself in need of a motivational edge. It helped her when she competed in the butterfly and for Bonita Vista’s swim team and it helped her in the classroom where she compiled an extraordinary 4.64 G.P.A. When her class of 2008 graduates on Thursday morning she will be joining fellow salutatorian Jaeuk Shin and valedictorian Gerad Hanono on the podium where each will provide a commencement address.

UCLA bound Yael Levine finished second in her graduating class. Photo: J.P. Wyllie.

Coming from a family where academics were stressed much more than athletics Levine struggled initially in the pool.

“I’ll never forget my first day. I had to stop swimming so many times. I couldn’t make the times that the coach was asking for,” Levine recalled.

Although frustrated she stayed with it.

“By the end (of her high school swimming career) I could do however many laps he asked for. To be honest, I wasn’t the best of the best in swimming. I did it for fun. It was more just being a part of something, being a part of a club and staying healthy by getting some exercise. My favorite stroke was the butterfly.”

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Gerad Hanono: Valedictorian Headed to Stanford
By John Philip Wyllie
“My great-grandparents left Syria to make a better life for themselves in Mexico. They prospered in Mexico, but my grandfather decided to come to this country to seek a better life for my dad and his brothers. They have taken risks in order to help me and my brother and sister succeed. Now I feel like I have to succeed in order to make (their sacrifice) worth it.”

María Isabel’s Farewell
By Jennie Rodríguez
Editor’s Note: A service was held this week for 17-year-old farm worker María Isabel Vásquez Jiménez, whose death was the first occupational, heat-related fatality in California this season. Gov. Schwarzenegger, who attended the funeral, established regulations in 2005 to protect workers from California’s summer heat, but farm workers say the regulations are not being enforced.

Steve Padilla
Small Steps and Big Strides
One foot in front of the other my mother used to say. Sometimes focusing on a giant task at hand can be just too overwhelming. Take it one piece at a time, and before you know it, you’ve traveled farther than you think. The problems and challenges we face today when it comes to our environment, the impacts of global climate change, especially those on human health can seem overwhelming. While there is much more to do, and many more eyes to be opened, there is some reason to hope when considering some recently proven successes, each the result of individuals taking small steps.


Mexico’s War on Drugs is a Sham
By Gardenia Mendoza
Mexico’s strategy against organized crime is failing because it has not attacked the larger financial or political structure behind drug trafficking, writes La Opinión’s Mexico City correspondent.

Drug War — Can Mexico Succeed Where Colombia Failed?
By Louis E.V. Nevaer
MEXICO CITY – The familiar complaint that Mexican presidents are reluctant to be full-fledged partners in the war on drugs is no longer heard in Washington these days: Mexican President Felipe Calderón has taken the lead, launching the most ambitious war on the drug cartels operating in Mexico.

Overcrowding for immigrant detainees to end at Otay facility
By Mariana Martínez
Eighteen months after filing a lawsuit against the Department Of Homeland Security and Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of San Diego County has reached a settlement with the hope of ending severe overcrowding at the San Diego Correctional Facility.

Se Espera Fin a la Sobrepoblación en Centro de Detención Migratoria de Otay
Por Mariana Martínez
18 meses después de haber entablado una demanda en contra del Departamento de Seguridad Interna y el subcontratista Corporación de Corrección de América (CCA), la Unión de Libertades Civiles del Condado de San Diego (ACLU) ha entablado un acuerdo que podría ser el fin de la sobrepoblación en el centro de detención migratoria del condado de San Diego.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Candidato Habemus
Salió humo blanco de algún lado, entre Puerto Rico y Minnesota, y finalmente Barack Obama se definió como el candidato Demócrata para las elecciones presidenciales de noviembre.

The Hispanic Institute Proposes CNN Boycott;
Cites Lou Dobbs’ Anti-Immigration Crusade

The Hispanic Institute today announced that it will mount a Latino boycott of CNN to protest the cable news network’s ongoing distortion of facts surrounding U.S. immigration issues, especially in commentaries and reports on “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”

A better place for soccer, kids in National City
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Julian Cortez, a 15 year old who attends Sweetwater High School, visits the Boys & Girls Club in National City almost everyday.

Un mejor lugar para el fútbol, los niños en National City
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Julian Cortez, un muchacho de 15 años que asiste a la Sweetwater High School, visita el Boys & Girls Club en National City casi todos los días.

Student with Most Improved Attendance Wins Computer
It was Lauren Sapoudias lucky day. The Hilltop High freshman was surprised in her classroom with a Dell laptop computer for having the largest percentage increase of days in school from last year to this year.

The 1st Annual Bounce Back School Graduation and Awards Assembly
On June 10, 2008, the Sweetwater Union High School District’s Alternative Education Program will host the first annual “Bounce Back School Graduation and Awards Assembly”, at the Chula Vista High School of Creative and Performing Arts Theater, located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and K Street in Chula Vista. The Bounce Back Assembly begins at 10:00 a.m. and celebrates the outstanding accomplishments of all Bounce Back students, with a reception immediately following for family and friends. Along with the graduation ceremony, Bounce Back students will also be receiving awards for many of their major accomplishments that include Perseverance, Overall Improvement, CAHSEE Test Success, Outstanding Character, Ambition and Initiative.

Kids Get Insight into Flight from FRCSW Engineers
By Jim Markle
By combining paper airplanes with a lot of fun, engineers from Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) introduced 22 fifth-graders from Hancock Elementary School to the aerodynamics of flight during Naval Air Systems Command’s Science Enrichment Day May 22.

Crying Wolf
By Javier Sierra
Remember the fable of the boy shepherd and the wolf? The one about the mischievous little boy crying wolf to trick the community, until the wolf really came and nobody rushed to help save his flock.

En la Boca del Lobo
Por Javier Sierra
¿Se sabe la parábola del lobo y el pastor travieso? Se la pasaba el pastor alertando a la comunidad de que venía el lobo, pero el lobo, entre las risotadas del pastor, nunca aparecía. Hasta que finalmente, el lobo sí vino, y nadie ayudó al pastor a proteger su rebaño.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
Ahorra cientos de dólares en gasolina
Con los precios de la gasolina por las nubes, no es mala idea, que tratemos de encontrar formas de economizar y ahorrar dinero.

First federally funded Healthy Start Project of San Diego celebrates one year of service to pregnant women
Project Concern International and other key stakeholders from more than 35 clinics, hospitals, and county and community organizations, convened at the Malcolm X Library to celebrate California Border Healthy Start Project’s one year of service to pregnant women. Congressman Bob Filner and representatives from Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny and Assemblywoman Shirley Horton’s offices were also in attendance.

CVESD to Provide Summer Breakfast and Lunch Program
The Chula Vista Elementary School District, with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, will provide a free summer breakfast and lunch program for children up to 18 years of age. The “seamless summer” meals program will be offered at seven locations to children from families in need of assistance during the summer months. The free breakfast and lunch programs will be offered at the following locations during the times and dates indicated below:

Editorial and Commentary

Barack Obama for President
It was pre-ordained that this year’s Presidential election would take on historical proportions with either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as the candidate of their Party for President. Even with the knowledge of the forth coming moment the excitement and sense of hope was beyond expectations when Obama reached the necessary delegate count to claim victory as his Party’s candidate for President of the United States. The coinciding speech by Obama that day was not only thrilling, it was inspiring, and was reminiscent of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.

In Memory of Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez and Her Unborn Child and All Farm Workers Who Have Died to Make our American Life Easier
By Steven J. Ybarra, JD
Every day Mexican citizens work in the United States. For instance, these hardworking individuals toil in the fields, assist and bathe babies and old people, clean homes, wash dishes, mow lawns and even build homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood and hurricanes in the sun, cold and rain. In some of the Katrina states, police would pick up Mexican citizens at the local home building store in buses to take them to work cleaning up the toxic waste left behind by the storms. The police would make sure that they were taken to places they were needed most. Today, those same police now arrest for deportation the same workers that helped to rebuild their communities.

Senator Feinstein, you are wrong!
By Congressman Bob Filner
Senator Diane Feinstein’s intervention in San Diego’s problems in dealing with Mexican sewage flows shows the danger of Washington overruling local officials and communities who have been dealing with an issue for decades.

El tabú latinoamericano
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
A pocos meses de las elecciones presidenciales, el electorado latino tiene la gran tarea de confrontar a uno de los tabús que por siglos ha permeado a su cultura en América Latina.

El Alto Costo de Familias Rotas
Por Israel Ortega
Desde 1970 a 2005, el número de niños que viven en hogares con dos padres ha disminuido del 85 por ciento al 68 por ciento. Esencialmente, un tercio de los niños que nacen en EEUU son concebidos fuera del matrimonio. Y lo que es más importante, es que el 46 por ciento de esos niños son hispanos. ¿Por qué nos debería importar? O más bien, ¿por qué le debería importar al gobierno?

Un negro porvenir II
Por José Uzal
La Real Academia Española, arbitro del Castellano, define xenofobia como: odio, repugnancia u hostilidad hacia los extranjeros. La definición de extranjero es: que es o viene de país de otra soberanía. No hay diferencia de cuando llego, de donde vino, si se ha naturalizado, si es legal o ilegal o si toda su familia es nativa. El extranjero vive y muere siendo extranjero.

El espionaje político en México
Por Dagoberto Márquez
Se piensa que se trata de una práctica común pero no, no es así aunque hay indicios en el sentido de que sí lo es. Y se piensa así porque todo gobierno instrumenta dispositivos, departamentos y áreas especializadas para monitorear diversas actividades y más.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Readers: The Mexican has previously published only one Best of column in his nearly four years living under his cousin’s identity in this country with, but I must pull this week’s first pregunta out of the archives because ustedes keep asking it—obviously, not enough of you bought my paperback since it’s on Page 192! The second question, on the other hand, is brand-new. Now, back to smuggling more illegals across the Arizona desert…

First Person:
Que Cribs, Que nada
By Al Carlos Hernandez
We have this 150 channel cable hook up and sometimes I get lost in the jump-cut shuffle for hours. The big screen takes me on a visceral trip around the world which is a long way from the 12 inch black and white 3 channel box with the aluminum antenna we shared in the projects, back in the day.

Representan esta Semana Lucia de Lammermoor en el Centro Cultural Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Todo está dispuesto para disfrutar de una velada operática inolvidable para los próximos días: viernes 6, a las 7:00 pm. y domingo 8, a las 6:00 pm., fechas en que representarán en la Sala de Espectáculos del Centro Cultural Tijuana, Lucía de Lammermoor, la obra maestra de Gaetano Donizetti, la más grande gloria de la ciudad de Bérgamo, Italia, en donde naciera el músico, el 17 de noviembre de 1797, quinto hijo de una familia de siete.

Convocan a Participar en Concurso Internacional INFRAleve a Artistas Diversos
“Este evento rinde tributo al artista francés Marcel Duchamp”
Por: Paco Zavala
ARTE59, Ediciones Corriente Alterna, Colegio de Patafísica de Chile y Ajicolor, tienen el agrado de invitar a: artistas y grafistas, sátrapas y santibanques, ilusionistas y poetas, ajedrecistas y juga-dores de ruleta, vírgenes y solteros a participar en una exposición INFRAleve que se realizará el próximo mes de octubre del presente año.

Solana Beach Reads features award winning book: The Devil’s Highway
Solana Beach Reads – a month long one-book, one-city project presented by Friends of Solana Beach Library features award-winning author Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Devil’s Highway. The project features a wide array of scheduled special events and activities relating to the book: film showings, book discussions, an art exhibit, panel discussions, and an evening with the author.

Sweetwater International Student Mariachi Conference
Featuring the Sensational Mariachi Internacional Guadalajara
The 2008 Conference will offer mariachi instruction to students of all ages at novice, intermediate, and advanced levels in addition to instruction in Mexican folkloric dance at three levels Instructors are recognized professionals including the virtuoso members of Mariachi Internacional Guadalajara. Famed arranger Rigoberto Alfaro will be the Musical Director of the Conference.

12th Annual Intertribal Powwow at the Historical San Luis Rey Mission in Oceanside, California
A Celebration of Native Americal Culture and Heritage
OCEANSIDE, CA — San Luis Rey Mission Indian Foundation will sponsor the San Luis Rey Band of Luiseno Mission Indians Twelfth Annual Inter-Tribal Powwow on Saturday and Sunday, June 14th and 15th, 2008. This free two-day event shares with the community local tribal history and spiritual traditions of the Luiseno people.

Crossing Tracks Gallery
Crossing Tracks Gallery located in the heart of Normal Heights at 3275 Adams Avenue, is in its fifth year of presenting an exhibition venue for contemporary artists. The gallery is operated and managed by contemporary artists sympathetic to the lack of exhibition opportunities for emerging artists in the San Diego area.

Latina Referee Bound for Beijing
By Héctor Navejas
SACRAMENTO — Verónica Pérez’s heart has always been with soccer, and thanks to that passion she has been selected to take part in this summer’s Olympic Games in China.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
It’s June, Time To Be Thinking of Pamplona
It’s June, time for local aficionados to reminisce about the just completed Feria de San Marcos in Aguascalientes, Mexico and to look forward to the annual Feria de San Fermín in Pamplona, Spain.

Stacy Sykora: Una Singular Veterana
MEXICALI, Baja California - A sus 30 años, la voleibolista norteamericana Stacy Sykora no renuncia a lo que aún le impulsa a seguir jugando: la diversión.

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