January 18, 2008

Hijole the more este Indio trys to stay away, the more the readers want este viejo Tezzy back. La Prensa trying to be a kinder, nicer newspaper but la gente wants their chismes!

Of course it is kinda of hard to stay away when the Latino Builders Association and its director Jose Mirales is getting fined for illegal campaign contributions. El problema es Mirales backing a bunch of losers: Ralph Inzunza, Juan Vargas, Bob Griego, even our own Steve Padilla.

This could be the end of the Latino Builders Association (LBA), but then again they never did Latino Builders much good. The City of San Diego has a horrible track record in hiring minority contractors and the LBA was charged with improving this track record. They were awarded two contracts by the city, the second one after they failed miserably with the first one – minority contracting did not improve one iota.

Speaking of Juan Vargas he caused a little stir when he was seen going around to community group meetings. Buzz was that he was thinking of running for office, once again. Juan say it ain’t so!

Lorena Gonzalez was anointed the Secretary/Treasurer of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council. Gonzalez reflects the majority of the membership, Hispanic, and is viewed as the new face to the labor movement. Solemente uno problema. Most rank and file type guys like their Secretary/Treasurer their leadership to come from the rank and file. From what we can tell Gonzalez has no Union background whatsoever. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

Residents of the South Bay went before the County Board of Ed in the final step before geographic district representation could be placed on a ballot for the Chula Vista Elementary and Sweetwater Union school boards. The County Board shot them down, seems like it was a political power play. The feeling from the community members was that the petition may have been torpedoed by Bob Watkins, former president of the Lincoln Club, who is running for Duncan Hunter’s congressional seat. The loser in the whole process was the Democratic representation.

Not exactly a shining moment at the County Board of Ed meeting for Bertha Lopez, board member of Chula Vista Elementary School District, and Pearl Quiñones of the Sweetwater High School Board. Seems they embarrassed themselves with catcalls and insults from the back of the room during the hearing. Not exactly lady like. Allegations of Brown Act violations have been made.

Qué pasó con los Chargers. Chargers shocked the world when they beat the Indianapolis Colts. Now they face the best team in football the New England Patriots. Este Indio is going to stick with the home team with one thought: the team with the best defense usually wins. Between the two teams the Chargers defense is way better. Win or lose it should be a great game.

Speaking of the Chargers, Chula Vista Mayor Cherly Cox not exactly on the stadium bandwagon to be built on the bay. So far she has been pretty luke warm. She has been heard to say her focus is now on Gaylord. Too bad her focus wasn’t on Gaylord before the whole thing blew up, with Gaylord pulling out for the time being.

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