January 18, 2008

Coalition of California Latino Leaders Announce Endorsements of Obama

A coalition of California Latino leaders announced their support of Barack Obama today in press conference held in the Obama for America Los Angeles Headquarters.

State Senator Gilbert Cedillo (D-22), Vice Chair of the Latino Legislative Caucus, has announced his support for Senator Barack Obama. He had previously backed New Mexico Governor Bill Richard-son. A longtime champion of social justice, Senator Cedillo cited Senator Obama’s commitment to bringing about fundamental change in Washington, creating economic opportunity for all Americans, and push for comprehensive immigration reform.

“Senator Obama’s message of change, hope, and unity is inspiring the people of California, many of whom have never before been involved in politics, to stand up and be counted,” said Senator Cedillo. “I believe he is right for the Latino community on the issues, and I’m going to spend the coming weeks leading up to the vote on February 5th talking to the Latino community about why Barack Obama is the best candidate for us.”

Former State Senator Martha Escutia also announced her support of Barack Obama today. She formerly supported Governor Richardson. Senator Escutia served 14 years in the state legislature. She was the first woman to serve as the chair of the Legislative Latino Caucus and served the 30th Assembly District.

Also in attendance were State Senator Majority Leader Gloria Romero (D-24), the highest ranking female in the State Legislature and chair of California Latinos for Obama; State Senator Dean Florez (D-16), the only Democratic State Senator to represent the Central Valley; and Pomona Mayor Norma Torres of Pomona. Giselle Fernandez, community leader in Los Angeles and former journalist with CBS and NBC News, served as the Emcee.

The Obama campaign has been conducting targeted outreach to the Latino community, holding Spanish language phone banks in its offices throughout the state and canvasses with Spanish speakers in Latino neighborhoods in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles.

Barack Obama is making history in California by launching the first truly targeted, grassroots, precinct level field operation in a presidential primary. The Obama campaign is organizing leadership teams encompassing each of California’s congressional districts that will help turn out the vote and elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States on February 5th, 2008.

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