January 18, 2008

Cuevas has Barons off to an Impressive Start

By John Philip Wyllie

After a brilliant sophomore campaign and an injury-riddled junior season Bonita Vista center midfielder Arturo Cuevas is hoping to re-ignite the magic he displayed in 2006 and make 2008 a year to remember. Skillful and hard working, Cuevas has led his Baron team to an impressive 8-1-2 record.

“Arturo has grown immensely from tenth grade to twelfth grade,” according to Baron coach, Jason Murphy. “I’ve known him since he was 11 or 12 and he has always been really good. He listens and he is very coachable. You could just see his intelligence when he joined us as a tenth grader. When you have somebody that is as smart as Arturo, it is easy to coach. Without him in the middle it becomes a totally different game. He got knocked unconscious in our game against Torrey Pines and after he left they just killed us. Skill-wise and attitude-wise he is one of the best players to ever come through here.”

As the Barons have notched win after win an enthusiasm has been building within the team.

“This is the best start that we have had in the last three years. My sophomore year started in a similar way. Now that we are headed into league (competition) I am hoping that we can continue in the same way,” Cuevas said.

Winning a league and then a CIF championship would be a great way to conclude his career here and he believes it is possible. Cuevas however, is already thinking about what comes next.

As good as he is on the soccer field, he is even better in the classroom. With a G.P.A hovering around 4.8 Cuevas is currently ranked 10th in his class. He has a shot a becoming the school’s valedictorian, but he is not concerned about winning personal awards either on the field or in the classroom, only in doing his best.

Cuevas, the son of Mexican immigrants, was born in the U.S., but spent his first nine years in Tijuana. He grew up speaking only Spanish, but was able to learn English well enough to excel in school. He credits his parents for providing him a strong foundation and the motivation to always strive to do his best.

“My parents have always wanted me to do well in school and have encouraged me to play sports. It has always been school and sports for me and I have dedicated my time to both of them. My dad is an engineer and my mom is a biochemist so they are both intelligent people and they have always helped me. I am not going to say that it just comes naturally because it has taken a lot of hard work, but without them I don’t think I could be here.”

Once he reaches college he will have a new challenge to face. Cuevas wants to continue his soccer career and plans to also enroll in the extremely difficult courses that will one day get him into medical school. It is not something that many students even attempt. But then Cuevas is no ordinary student.

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