Volume XXXII Number 03 January 18 2008

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The ¡Si, Se Puede! Test for Obama

By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
New America Media


I recently had a discussion with a good friend who heads a prominent Latino social service agency in Los Angeles about the White House prospects of Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama. He lowered his voice and shamefacedly said that many Latinos that he talked with scoffed or sneered at the idea of voting for Obama.

When I asked why, his answer was blunt. They just can’t see themselves voting for a black guy. The disdain, or less charitably bigotry, that he said many Latinos express toward Obama is anecdotal and can hardly be taken as the sentiment of most Latinos. But that some expressed that sentiment is not surprising.

Barack Obama at a recent rally. File Photo.

A recent New America Media poll on race relations found that almost half of Latinos said that blacks were crime prone and that they feared for their safety around them. A slight majority of blacks returned the negative typecast compliment and said that Latinos take jobs from blacks and they are out to undercut their political power. If the negative stereotypes, fear and wariness that many Latinos have of blacks spills over into the voting booth, it could spell trouble for Obama.

The big test is whether he can overcome the racial fears to make a big, or at least a respectable enough, showing among Latino voters in Nevada and California in the upcoming primaries, and if he gets the Democratic presidential nod, in the general election. That’s crucial, since the Latino population and voting numbers have swelled in the past few years in the western states. The increase has suddenly put these states in play for the Democrats. Nevada is a near textbook example of how the Latino vote has gotten so big that it is now hotly contested by Democrats and Republicans.

New SDSU partnership offers international experience for students
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Last summer, Enrique Velasco, an international business senior at San Diego State University, was an intern at Sempra Energy Mexico in Tijuana.

Nuevo acuerdo de SDSU ofrece experiencia internacional a estudiantes
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
El verano pasado, Enrique Velasco, un estudiantes de último año de negocios internacionales en San Diego State University (SDSU), hizo prácticas profesionales en Sempra Energy Mexico en Tijuana.

Nordica Heights, a great neighborhood to live
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Mauricio Aparicio lived in the Nordica Heights neighborhood in San Diego for more than 30 years.

Nordica Heights, un buen vecindario para vivir
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Mauricio Aparicio vivió en el vecindario de Nordica Heights en San Diego por más de 30 años.

Victorias de los Chargers, ganancias para “piratas”
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
El liderazgo que han demostrado los Chargers a lo largo de esta temporada y la racha victoriosa que ha mantenido han alimentado las esperanzas de la afición de contender por el Super Tazón.


Tijuana vive jornada violenta
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Una intensa noche de violencia que cobró las vidas de tres policías y cinco civiles aterrorizó de nueva cuenta a los residentes de Tijuana y sacudió profundamente a sus autoridades.

The Growing Gouge of January
Now that that the free-spending holiday season has drawn to a close, Mexicans are staring straight at the annual, grim cost of January. Every year, property taxes, vehicle registration fees and school tuition come due immediately after Mexicans spend generous amounts on vacations, family dinners and Three Kings Day gifts. And this year’s gouge to the pocketbook promises to be a painful one. Among others, costs for transportation, cross-border travel permits, building and eating will shoot up in 2008.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Hecha la ley…
A dos semanas de entrar en vigor la ley que penaliza fuertemente a los patrones que contraten trabajadores inmigrantes indocumentados en Arizona, los resultados son… cero a cero.

New book from Civil Rights Project takes aim at No Child Left Behind
Authors recommend major assessment and accountability changes to the federal law
By Shaena Engle
The federal No Child Left Behind Act’s current accountability system provides insufficient evidence that the law has succeeded in raising student achievement levels or closing the nation’s racial achievement gap, according to a new book from the Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles (CRP/PDC) at UCLA’s Graduate School of Education & Information Studies.

Coalition of California Latino Leaders Announce Endorsements of Obama
A coalition of California Latino leaders announced their support of Barack Obama today in press conference held in the Obama for America Los Angeles Headquarters.
State Senator Gilbert Cedillo (D-22), Vice Chair of the Latino Legislative Caucus, has announced his support for Senator Barack Obama. He had previously backed New Mexico Governor Bill Richard-son. A longtime champion of social justice, Senator Cedillo cited Senator Obama’s commitment to bringing about fundamental change in Washington, creating economic opportunity for all Americans, and push for comprehensive immigration reform.

El Grupo wants to raise $10,000 for hate crime tips
“BASTA YA!” say North County Latino groups whose goal is to have $10,000 on hand at all times to offer as a reward to anyone with information leading to the arrest of those responsible for hate crimes.

Hispanic Homeownership on the Rise
Pardee Homes Programs Encourage the American Dream
The dream of homeownership is becoming a reality for an increasing number of Hispanic homebuyers, who have traditionally faced obstacles such as language barriers and rigid lending rules. Today, almost 28 percent of new homebuyers in California are Hispanic, thanks in part to a rapid advance into the middle class and innovative efforts like Pardee Homes’ personal mortgage consulting program.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
Crisis Hipotecaria: No sea una víctima más
La crisis hipotecaria que atraviesa Estados Unidos está muy lejos de terminar, es más, según los expertos puede agravarse y aun cuando el gobierno federal ha empezado a tomar medidas, las consecuencias del descalabro son dramáticas para la comunidad hispana.

Editorial and Commentary

Term Limits needs fixing
Proposition 93: Limits on Legislators’ Terms in Office
Initiative Constitutional Amendment - Majority Approval Required
In 1990 term limits was needed. Campaigning against and beating a political incumbent was and is one of the most difficult things to do, which in turn provides little opportunity for fresh faces and new ideas. The biggest hurdle to overcome was the distinct fundraising advantage that an incumbent politician had. Fundraising also empowered the lobbyist and special interest groups who delivered the bulk of the money to an incumbent’s financial war chest.

Prop. 91 A Ballot Initiative that proponents want you to vote No.
Proposition 91: Transportation Funds
Initiative Constitutional Amendment - Majority Approval Required
When Proposition 91 was being qualified for this year’s ballot the spon-sors of this bill were asking the voters to ensure that taxes collected for transportation projects be used soley for those projects. In the meantime a bipartisan State Legislature and the Governor put a constitutional measure on the 2006 elections, Prop. 1A, that accomplished the same as Prop. 91. Prop. 91 is no longer needed.

Oportunidades Disparejas
Por John Rogers y Jeannie Oakes
La semana pasada el Superintendente Estatal Jack O’Connell invitó a más de 4,000 educadores, políticos y expertos a una reunión cumbre en Sacramento en donde les pidió que se enfrentaran a la disparidad que persiste en el desempeño académico entre los diversos grupos raciales. Tal realidad es evidente en los bajos resultados que los estudiantes latinos y afro-americanos recibieron en comparación a los de sus compañeros blancos y asiáticos en California. Los participantes de 125 sesiones de la reunión cumbre hablaron sobre las causas de tal disparidad y ofrecieron estrategias para reducirla. O’Connell les pidió que se enfrentaran con “honradez y valentía a este pernicioso problema” y durante dos días, la capital del estado quedó prendida con energía, ideas y hasta esperanza.

King is an American Hero. But he needed Johnson ... and Truman, Humphrey and the Kennedys … to succeed at his life’s work
By E.A. Barrera
As we approach the Martin Luther King holiday and recall the man who has become a symbol of American courage and liberty, a rather ugly debate has formed over who is responsible for the legacy of Civil liberties coming out of the 1960s. Candidates for the presidency - namely Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - have haggled over whether King was solely responsible for the victory of civil rights during that time, or whether he needed help from President Lyndon Johnson to achieve that victory. Candidate John Edwards has sought to criticize the idea that King needed help from Johnson by dismissing our 36th President as just “a Washington politician” whom King was not dependent on for any success.

Los retos del nuevo Sheriff de OC
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
El Sheriff del Condado de Orange, Mike Carona, regresó a su trabajo y se encontró con unos subordinados que ya no le estrecharon la mano, ni le rindieron la acostumbrada solemnidad.

Un cóctel venenoso
Por José R. Uzal
En EE.UU. solamente hay problemas migratorios en años de elecciones o de depresión económica. Este es un año de elecciones, en medio de una guerra cada día menos popular, con un presidente con baja aprobación y una economía en decadencia. Esto es la receta de un cóctel venenoso para los hispanos. Especialmente para los ilusos indocumentados. Digo ilusos porque nadie sabe cuántos indocumentados hay ni de donde vinieron.

No tienen idea
Por José R. Uzal
Los candidatos a la presidencia han decidido hacer la inmigración ilegal uno de los principales temas de la contienda electoral. El problema es que ninguno de los candidatos, sin importar su afiliación, tiene la menor idea de cual es el problema y menos de cómo solucionarlo. Ninguno osa denunciar la construcción de una muralla inútil y contraproducente en la frontera sur. Todos enfocan el debate en dicha frontera pero no proponen una reforma migratoria. No entienden que el problema de los indocu-mentados y la reforma migratoria son dos temas diferentes.

Hijole the more este Indio trys to stay away, the more the readers want este viejo Tezzy back. La Prensa trying to be a kinder, nicer newspaper but la gente wants their chismes!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Por Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: At a weekly Doors tribute band gig, I’ve noticed the majority of the crowd is Mexican. I swear, sometimes it seems like the crowd missed the exit to the Lupillo Rivera show or a Maná concert. Never realized Jim Morrison was the equal of Morrissey and Charles Bronson among other Mexican güero icons.

First Person:
By Al Carlos Hernandez
Last week, I once again tried to get the hang, “the gusto” of bowling. I went to a local alley with a group of casual friends, two of whom have never bowled. We had a fairly good time, but I am not ready to join a Moose Lodge. The whole experienced seemed weirdly mid-American sub-cultural to me. I felt like buying a van conversion.

Underground Poker: The Hand That Feeds You
Latinos Dominate Illegal Gambling Scene
By Gustavo Rangel
Editor’s Note: Illegal gambling houses are cropping up across Houston, with profits so high that it has become a full-time job for the organizers, many of whom are Lati-no, reports the Texas Spanish-language newspaper Rumbo.

Un Fabuloso Viaje al Habitat del Tigre de Bengala en su Tierra La India
Por: Paco Zavala
Viajar a cualquier lugar o sitio turístico es bastante caro hacerlo hoy en día, hay que echarle mucho dinero al “cochinito”, a la alcancía, debajo del colchón “a la antiguita” o abrir una cuenta de ahorros en el banco; apretarse un poco la tripa durante todo el año, para esperar las otrora famosas vacaciones, si famosas vacaciones, porque también existe la opción de pedir prestado, empeñar las joyas, el carro, la casa o cualquier cosa de valor o solicitar el crédito a la compañía de viajes y ahora si, disfrutar de unos días como “rey” para al regresar volver a la triste realidad y vivir como bue.......y.

Exponiendo Obras de Arturo Mestizo Aperturan en Rosarito, B.C. Nuevo Espacio “Cactus, Café y Galería”
Por: Paco Zavala
En la convulsionada frontera bajacaliforniana el arte y la cultura continúan fortaleciéndose, pese a encontrarnos sorteando la famosa cuesta de enero, de carácteres difíciles y complicados, la vida continúa su curso, aún con la amenaza que implica enfrentarse al fantasma de la inseguridad que hoy día prevalece en la comunidad y que la verdad sea dicha, mucho verbo, pero las acciones concretas se perciben esporádicamente, titubeantes y débiles.

King-Chavez Academies invites you to attend The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration & March Friday, January 25, 2008
The King Chavez Academies (Arts, Athletics, Preparatory, Excellence and Primary) will celebrate the 79th birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with a community celebration and march.

Museum of the Living Artists’ Poetry & Art Series 2008 Presents: San Diego Writers, Ink and Pruitt Igoe
On Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 6:30 p.m., Poetry & Art hosts an evening of progressive arts combinations from San Diego’s top local artists, writers and performers. Our first event of 2008 brings together the literary collaborators of San Diego Writers, Ink (SDWInk) with the edgy, unpredictable performance artists of Pruitt Igoe. The evening includes written, spoken (voice/song/music) and visual art. Entry is $8, free for members. The Museum of the Living Artist (MOLA) is located at 1439 El Prado, Balboa Park.

Cuevas has Barons off to an Impressive Start
By John Philip Wyllie
After a brilliant sophomore campaign and an injury-riddled junior season Bonita Vista center midfielder Arturo Cuevas is hoping to re-ignite the magic he displayed in 2006 and make 2008 a year to remember. Skillful and hard working, Cuevas has led his Baron team to an impressive 8-1-2 record.

Future Looks Bright for Multi-talented Molina-Estolano
By John Philip Wyllie
Gloria Molina-Estolano would be the first one to tell you that she is not one of the stars on Bonita Vista’s 8-5 girl’s basketball team. The Boykin sisters, Danielle and Whitney combine with Melissa Howell for most of the Barons scoring. And two-sport athlete Elie Magracia and Victoria Rochat provide the blue and gold with a pair of quality guards. Molina-Estolano’s role is to provide the team with a spark off of the bench. She often does that when she fills in at guard or at wing or occasionally at forward.

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