Volume XXXII Number 02 January 11 2008

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Hispanic Leaders Endorse Candidates

By Neil H. Simon
Hispanic Business

In the halls of Congress and City Halls nationwide, from conference tables to comedy clubs coast-to-coast, the 2008 presidential campaigns have spent the fall gathering hundreds of key Hispanic endorsements.

Complete with staffs specifically tasked with nailing down endorsers, each campaign has spent the year making their pitches, and now it’s pay-off time as the first votes will be cast in January.

Senators Hillary Clinto and Barack Obama.

“We try to grow these coalitions organically,” says Mitt Romney’s campaign spokesman Alex Burgos. Mr. Romney has secured endorsements from the country’s first Republican state party chair, Florida’s Al Cardenas, and the first Republican Hispanic Congressman from Texas, Henry Bonilla, among others.

“Governor Romney immediately struck me as what the Republican party sorely needed – a fresh new face with an optimistic outlook,” says Mr. Cardenas, who met Mr. Romney in 2005.

For national candidates who fly around parachuting into local political landscapes, these endorsers soften each landing, make each crowd feel like the candidate truly has a local connection, and give validation to unknown contenders.

Steve Padilla
Many are saying something historic is happening in this Presidential election year, including all the candidates. True, each election and their results are important. But in this new year of 2008 the facts may actually support the speeches and rhetoric.

Group supports “equal opportunity” for CV bayfront project
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
A coalition of local trade associations, builders, contractors, and workers, are urging the Chula Vista City Council to adopt an ordinance that the coalition said will “promote competition and equal opportunity” in the construction of a hotel and convention center on the Chula Vista bayfront.

Grupo apoya “oportunidad equitativa” para proyecto en la bahía de CV
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Una coalición de contratistas, constructores y trabajadores están alentando al cabildo de Chula Vista a aprobar una ordenanza que la coalición dice “promoverá la competencia y la oportunidad equitativa” en la construcción de un hotel y un centro de convenciones en la bahía de Chula Vista.

Sanctuary’s Human Face
By Aarti Shahani
Elvira Arellano met with Felipe Calderon in his salon. These household names from Michoacán, Mexico followed starkly different paths to celebrity: the latter, a Harvard graduate, had just taken the Mexican presidency with only a .58-percent margin of victory and amidst fervent dissent; the former, a cleaning lady, had just been deported from the United States after taking sanctuary to evade immigration laws.


Velan Indocumentados Mexicanos Muertos en Incendios De Estados Unidos
Por Sergio Flores
ACAPULCO, Guerrero — Los cuerpos calcinados de una joven pareja de campesinos guerrerenses que perecieron durante los incendios que afectaron a California en octubre pasado, fueron velados y sepultados este lunes en su natal pueblo de Mazatlán, Municipio de Chilpancingo a unos 100 kilómetros al norte del puerto de Acapulco.

“Little Jesus” caravan brings happiness to Tijuana on all kings day
By Luis Alonso Pérez
Thousands of Tijuana children enjoyed a happy all kings day thanks to a caravan of hundreds of families that traveled from Los Angeles, California and brought gifts to the poorest areas of this border city and other cities in Baja California.

Caravana “Pequeño Jesús” trae felicidad a Tijuana en Día de Reyes
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Miles de niños en Tijuana pasaron un feliz día de reyes gracias a una caravana de cientos de familias que viajó desde Los Angeles, California para llevar regalos hasta las zonas más pobres de esta ciudad fronteriza y de todo Baja California.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Romney contra Romney
En periodos electorales hay más contradicciones que uvas en la viña del Señor. Ahora resulta que Mitt Romney quiere el voto de los latinos.

The County Registrar of Voters certifies required signatures to place the Elected City Attorney Initiative on the Ballot in Chula Vista
The San Diego County Registrar of Voters informed the City of Chula Vista that proponents of the Elected City Attorney Initiative had collected the necessary 13,669 valid signatures to place the measure on the ballot. The initiative seeks to make the office of the City Attorney an elected position. The purpose of the initiative is to ensure that the City Attorney represents and is responsible to City residents, rather than only representing the Mayor, City Council and other City Officials.

Radio Bilingüe announces “Hacia el Voto 2008,” a multimedia coverage of the 2008 campaigns, presidential conventions and general election
Radio Bilingüe will begin airing a bilingual weekly program, Hacia el Voto 2008, that will provide extensive coverage of the presidential and other campaigns in the next 12 months, including special coverage at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

Vote-By-Mail Begins in California Presidential Primary
The growing number of Californians who choose to vote by mail may start requesting their ballots and voting today for the February 5, 2008, Presidential Primary Election.

Un Año Nuevo Trae Nueva Esperanza Para Educación Temprana
Por Gregory Taylor
Año Nuevo es una oportunidad para refleccionar en dónde hemos estado, lecciones aprendidas, y cómo podemos mejorarnos en el futuro.

Políticos: Hispanos Quieren Escoger Sus Escuelas
Por Israel Ortega
Aquí está una sugerencia para el nuevo año para los políticos – escucha al pueblo Hispano que apoya la opción educativa. Para un tema de suma importancia para los niños en este país, es claro que los políticos no están escuchando al pueblo.

Gompers School Principal Selected as Finalist for ASCD Outstanding Young Educator Award
Vincent Riveroll, founding director of Gompers Charter Middle School in San Diego is a finalist for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development’s (ASCD) 2008 Outstanding Young Educator Award (OYEA). ASCD, a nonprofit, international education organization, created OYEA in 2002 to recognize creative and committed teachers and administrators under the age of 40 who are making a difference in the lives of children.

Software development increasing in Tijuana
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Anton Zajac, co-founder of ESET, one of the fastest growing security software companies in San Diego, came to the United States via Mexico more than 10 years ago from, at the time, communist Czechoslovakia.

El desarrollo de software va incrementando en Tijuana
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Anton Zajac, cofundador de ESET, una de las compañías de software de seguridad con mayor crecimiento en San Diego, vino a los Estados Unidos vía México hace más de 10 años de, en ese entonces, la Checoslovaquia comunista.

FTB Launches Tax Season With New Taxpayer Services
ReadyReturn Among Services Offered to Ease Tax Filing Burden
State Controller and Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Chair John Chiang today kicked off the tax season by announcing new tax filing services to help taxpayers file their 2007 state tax returns.

North County Agency Needs Volunteers
Volunteers make low-income tax program possible
Interfaith Community Services, a non-profit social service agency in North County, is gearing up for its fifth season providing tax filing assistance to low-income working families in San Diego. But with the program starting in just two weeks, Interfaith needs more volunteers to make the program successful for 2008.

South Bay Expressway “Drive Free” Promo Ends January 13
New Years Resolutions: Save money, spend more time with family, save gas, avoid stress, arrive on time, GET FASTRAK

Editorial and Commentary

In this Presidential race the message is clear: time for a change!
The Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries are over and the Presidential hopefuls are gearing up for the California primary which is a part of Super Tuesday. On Super Tuesday, February 5th, 22 states will hold Democratic primaries. From this, one candidate will emerge with enough delegates to be selected the Democratic Presidential hopeful.

Schwarzenegger’s Year of Education: Taking It Out on Teachers
By Robert Cruickshank
As a teacher myself, from a family of teachers, I have never quite understood why so many people think the problem with education is bad teachers. Sure, I’ve had one or two along the way, but they were far outweighed by the good teachers. Teachers are the key to education. If they are happy and supported, and allowed to do their jobs, wonderful things can and often do happen. But if they are demoralized and attacked, well, teachers are human beings, and nobody does well in that kind of environment.

Apaches Rise to Defend Homelands from Homeland Security
By Brenda Norrell
Apache land owners on the Rio Grande told Homeland Security to halt the seizure of their lands for the U.S.-Mexico border wall on Jan. 7, 2008. It was the same day that a 30-day notice from Homeland Security expired with the threat of land seizures by eminent domain to build the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Identification, Please
New border entry rules may greatly harm U.S.-Baja economies
By Patrick Osio
It is incredible that more than six years has passed since our lives were so dramatically changed on Sept. 11, 2001, and with it our country’s attitude toward our international borders and measures of security implemented to keep out potential terrorists. Prior to that infamous day, the border crossing concerns were the interdiction of drugs and the undocumented.

Las Elecciones Primarias
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D.
El proceso electoral en la Unión Americana ha tenido un comienzo histórico. El carismático candidato de los demócratas, Barack Obama, se alzó con una victoria impresionante en el estado de Iowa la semana pasada. Cuando las encuestas electorales mostraban que también iba a conseguir otra victoria en las primarias de New Hampshire, el apoyo de Obama flaqueó, se debilitó aunque no se desvaneció.

Un cóctel venenoso
Por José R. Uzal
En EE.UU. solamente hay problemas migratorios en años de elecciones o de depresión económica. Este es un año de elecciones, en medio de una guerra cada día menos popular, con un presidente con baja aprobación y una economía en decadencia. Esto es la receta de un cóctel venenoso para los hispanos. Especialmente para los ilusos indocumentados. Digo ilusos porque nadie sabe cuántos indocumentados hay ni de donde vinieron.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
“Confidential” National City employees pay raises?
The city council on Tuesday will vote on approving a 3 per cent cost of living raise for several confidential employees effective Jan. 1 and a 4 per cent increase in base salary effective next January. In addition the confidential employees who are executive assistants agreed to begin contributing 2 percent of their retirement account instead of having the city pay the entire cost.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Por Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that Mexican-Americans have the highest proportion of D.U.I’s and alcohol-related traffic fatalities of any ethnic group (60 percent as opposed to 40 percent for Caucasians—they’re even substantially higher than any other Latino group). I apologize that this question isn’t wisecracky, but that statistic is terrible. What’s the deal with all the boozy driving and carnage?

Former gang member makes acting his true calling
By Kiko Martinez
Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, a young Hector Atreyu Ruiz struggled everyday to help his mother – an immigrant from Chihuahua, Mexico – put food on the table.

Otorgarán Jugosos Premios en Varios Certámenes Vinculados con las Letras en Este 2008
“Premio de cincuenta mil pesos en el Concurso Frontera de Palabras / Border of Words”
Por: Paco Zavala
En este 2008 se están promocionando la concertación de varios certámenes vinculados con actividades relacionadas con la proyección de las letras mexicanas, todos apoyados por el Consejo Nacional para la cultura y las Artes y otras instituciones gubernamentales municipales, estatales y federales.

Realmente Realizan su Quehacer Teatral los
Grupos de Teatro de Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Para percibir el quehacer teatral en Tijuana, no hay que usar una sola perspectiva como suele suceder. Los actores, directores y compañías que han existido y que existen, privilegiados bajo la sombra de protección de “papá gobierno”, no han realizado, ni realizan su quehacer con un 100%, de tiempo y de energías dedicados a la realización de sus quehaceres, muchos de estos dos factores los dedican a “grillar”, en contra de los grupos, actores y directores que no están protegidos por las instituciones gubernamentales, en los que se incluyen grupos, actores y directores independientes, y a la inversa.

Barbara Hopes to Lead Titans to a Mesa League Soccer Title
By John Philip Wyllie
With nearly everyone returning from last year’s competitive 9-7-1 team the Eastlake Titans are confident that they can edge perennial league champion Bonita Vista out of a Mesa League soccer crown this season and advance deeply into the CIF tournament. A lot of that confidence stems from the dominant play of their talented center midfielder, Alexis Barbara.

Titans Castilleja “Addicted” to Wrestling
By John Philip Wyllie
When he enrolled at Eastlake High School several years ago George Castilleja thought his future might be in football. At that time he didn’t know a thing about wrestling. In fact, he harbored negative feelings about the sport and had no interest whatsoever in pursuing it. That all changed when one of his friends talked him into trying out for the wrestling team during his sophomore year. He made the varsity squad in his first year and has progressed steadily ever since. Last year he posted a 20-4 record and claimed the Metro Conference Championship. Now a senior, Castilleja ranks as one of Eastlake’s top competitors and he provides leadership as a team captain.

Fishing Deep Water In Winter
By Jay Yelas
Fishing in deep water is still probably the most misunderstood type of fishing that bass anglers have to deal with on a regular basis. Deep water can be productive almost any time of year that the bass aren’t on the beds, but during the winter is when it can be especially effective.

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