January 4, 2008

First Person:

Guanabee Rocks

By Al Carlos Hernandez

If you are Latino, dated a Latino, worked with a Latino or wish you did, there is an ultra-hip Blog you need to add to your Favorites right now, or else you will be caught slipping and if you don’t know you need to ask somebody.

www.Guanabee.com is Latino commentary on media, pop culture, and entertainment. It’s necessary reading for the culturally addicted that want to stay on top of all things Latino. The site is constantly updated throughout the day and provides a fresh glance into the world of Latino affairs without the sentimentality or stereotypes found in other media.

I have been writing on-line since Al Gore was 50 pound lighter and invented the internet. I was a featured columnist for Latino.com, Latinlink.com, Picosito.com and many other flagship Latino themed websites that are now most likely playing checkers with Elvis. I’ve been told that the ill fated and heavily funded Que Pasa.com spen t Forty Five Thousand Dollars on a table in the shape of a question mark.

Print is dead and I like to think I had a hand in killing it as I have always been opposed to cutesy culturally and politically correct Hispanic publications run by cheap suited pencil mustached Spinglish slingers, and the pretty and plump Macha Matrons that marry them. To that end I was the first to publically fire myself from Hispaniconline.com

Recently, I came across a Gawker-esque style blog called Guanabee.com which has the honesty to cover all things Pop Latino from a literate and non sentimental, cynical and sarcastic point of view. This blog is a must reading for those who are culturally addicted, who are allergic to banal and pejorative pandering publications like Chicken soup for the Latino Soul.

Pardon the pun but I did have a beef with the Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul people. I submitted a piece entitled The Dork of the Dance I was sent a contract from Chicken Soup for the Male Soul, the Gringo version. For whatever reason, I’m guessing they couldn’t find enough soulful White dudes, they cancelled the publication. Dork was sent to the Latinas in charge of the Latin soup project, their esteemed panel of Tameleras gave Dork a Chanlaso, because I made no reference to my Grandmother making tamales, or the fact that we were poor but didn’t know it. I digress.

Educated middle class good job having Latinos have waited whole lives for young blood folks like Guanabees Publisher Daniel Mauser and Editor Cindy Casares with embolden self image, confidence and socio-cultural literacy and iconoclasm to keep it real and revealing. On the real, Latinos can be lame, corny and cheesy, it is time someone said the Emperor has no clothes, and even if he did they would probably not match his shoes.

Guanabee is candid commentary on media society, Pop culture and entertainment which is updated all day; they term it spicy coverage for the Latino in you.

Most Latino/Hispanic themed blogs and or web sites spend all of its effort towards kissing up, blowing up all things Latino painting Latinos as societal victims, our women as vixens our men as malevolent machos and our Muchachos misunderstood. Guanabee lifts the curtain in on Pop media in a Machiavellian way, refreshingly audacious in calling a Spaniard a Spade, making light of the Hispanic hype, saying the things that well educated Latinos are really thinking.

Many of 2nd and 3rd Generation Latinos are compassed about and confused about the influx of Latino foreigners ourselves, Latin media shouldn’t be all about what to wear when you get off the boat, because it is the 2nd and 3rd generation Latinos from here that made the way cute for recent relatives and cultural recidivists.

Guanabee is not for want to-be Latinos. Guanabee is one of the hippest places in cyber space for those who think and don’t buy into the Hispanic archetype hype.

Al Carlos Hernandez writes from Hollywood.

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