February 29, 2008

Councilman Ben Hueso un hombre por status quo. Hueso throws his support behind disgraced city council person Scott Peters as he announces his campaign for city attorney, against Mike Aguirre. Este vato, Peters, was in charge when the city went into a billion dollar defict. Hueso is joining the good old boys. Qué lástima, este deficit is impacting upon his district the hardest, but Hueso is not strong enough to stand on his own. Hueso - hombre, you don’t have to like Aguirre but to endorse the vato who has screwed the city big time, man that makes no sense!

If you don’t believe the US government is anti-Hispanic all you have to do is look at the Texas border where the government wants to impose eminent domain on una mamacita who owns property there so they can build their border wall. She doesn’t want the government on her land and she doesn’t want them to desecrate the tribal burial grounds, but the Homeland Security is telling her: if you don’t give it up we will take it...

...so you think Homeland Security is only doing their job, think again. Next door to this mamacita’s property is a fancy golf course, on the border, owned by a big wig Republican donor. Seems that the government doesn’t mind if the fence stops at this property line! No threat of eminent domain, they don’t even care that there is huge gap in their fence!!!

Have you all noticed how many politicos there are on television and radio who are now experts on the Hispanic vote?? This comes from the huge impact Hispanics are having on this Presidential race. Do you also notice how few of these experts are Hispanic?? Maybe this is why La Prensa’s web site is blowing up with web hits, all these so called experts trying to catch up on how Hispanics think….

John McCann office sent out a press release announcing that Bonnie Garcia is supporting John because he has taught classes at Adult Ed.... Qué??? This is the first time este Indio ever heard of McCann taking a stand on any education issue. Maybe it’s McCann’s position that the number one issue of education is that everyone learns “English.” Pendejo, how about that everyone “Graduates” or how about that everyone “Goes to College” as number one priority.

“Everyone learn English” of course is code for ‘damn Mexicans are the problem’. McCann wants everyone to learn English so they can get a job… Mexicans get a job, Gringos go on to College… spoken like a true Republican…

Speaking of wannabe politicans: Jose Preciado is already acting like a politican. Preciado had a sit down with the Chula Vista Chief of Police to discuss the issue of police brutality with the CV Police Department. Not much came out the meeting except a commitment to hold more meetings. Sounds like the Police Chief came out ahead on this deal.

Qué paso con Rudy Ramirez? CV City councilman Ramirez was invited to participate in the sit-down with Police but pretty much ignored this request and is avoiding the whole issue. The evolution of Ramirez continues, we remember when he thought of himself as a Chicano….

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