February 22, 2008


National City Proposition “D” The 8¾% Sales Tax

National City Politicans “Adding Insult to Injury!”

By Herman Baca

What’s wrong with this picture?

National City the poorest city in SD County, 3rd in CA and 9th in the U.S., has one of the highest (Prop.D) 8-¾% sales tax in California? National City’s poor residents struggle daily to pay for the essentials of life; rent, food, clothing, gas? National City politicians Mayor Ron Morrison, City Councilpersons Louie Natividad, Rosalie Zarate, Frank Parra, Fideles Ungab use Prop. D sale tax monies supposedly to “restore basic city services,” as slush fund to REWARD political supporters (majority who reside outside of NC) that worked for passage of the proposition?

Since the passage of Prop D, Mayor Ron Morrison and the City Council at the expense of poor people have:

· Paid in 2007 $20,000 bonuses to NC’s highest paid city administrators, (City Attorney received $23,000.00)?

· Paid again in 2008 at an estimated cost of $145,00.00 a “one-time” retention incentive/ bonus of up to 5%-6% increase to executives and managers’?

· Paid salary increases to police officers, firemen, city employees, and confidential” employees?

· Paid the city’s retirement plan that most NC employees and politicians pay zero into, but can retire with 90% of their salary after 30 years service?

· Paid $19,000.00 (not including consultants) for a bogus Charger survey questionnaire?

· Paid for a 2 million dollars loan to an Australian developer to build condos?

· Paid for a bronze statue for the fire department?

· Paid for a fence size banner with color photos promoting politically N.C politicians & city cronies on National City Blvd?

The above incredibly is a direct result of a purported 6 million deficit that was caused by the non-leadership of Mayor Morrison, City Council, and incompetent city bureaucrats and employees who are now being rewarded!

Proposition D the 8 ¾% sales tax, was approved in June 2006 after the defeat of Prop. B on November 2005, by a 637 votes margin. This after Mayor Morrison and outside city supporters (police, firemen, city employees, Sycuan Casino, $5,000, PASHA GROUP, $5,000.00 SEIU UNION SAC., $5,000. PARADISE VALLEY HOSPITAL, $1,000, etc.) used scare tactics by stating that the tax increase was necessary to prevent public safety cut back. Prop. D cost proponents an estimated $45.00 per vote.

In November 2008 NC voters will again have the opportunity to vote to continue for 9 long years the 8 ¾% sales tax or repeal it. Many residents after witnessing the above, being ignored after attending 11 “public” meetings opposing the city eminent domain powers for 10 years, seeing the possible closure of the Boys Club, and eminent domain of the city’s popular boxing program have begun organizing a campaign to repeal Prop. D. in the upcoming November 2008 election!

Herman Baca is president of the Committee on Chicano Rights and lives in National City.

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