Volume XXXII Number 07 February 15, 2008

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Life at the Border

Mario Chavez visits with his wife Lizeth Chavez through the border fence at Playas de Tijuana during a Saturday family visit. Mario Chavez, a U.S. citizen, cannot not leave the U.S. because of parole restrictions and his wife, a Mexican citizen, does not have a visa to go to the United States. The couple, who have two children, have been meeting every Saturday since December 2007. Family visits and picnics held on the beach at the border wall are common for people with family on both sides of the border, but who cannot cross the border freely. February 2, 2008. Photo - David Maung

See below for stories of life at the border.

A Gay Marriage Takes Place on Both Sides of the Border
By Mariana Martínez
Just below the lighthouse in Tijuana, the couples hands play as they are about to promise each other eternal love in front of the crashing waves. Their family surrounds them, all dressed up, video camera at hand.

Life at the Border:
Volunteers clean the beaches of Tijuana
By Luis Alonso Pérez
Hundreds of volunteers cleaned the beaches of Tijuana last Saturday morning as part of the environmental efforts of the binational organization Wildcoast and the border community.

Crimen organizado envía mensajes aterradores
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Seis cuerpos sin vida con mensajes intimidatorios para todos aquellos que denuncien al crimen organizado han sido encontrados en Tijuana durante los tres últimos días.


El regalo de la vista
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Miles de niños y adultos mayores de Tijuana recibirán el regalo de la vista gracias a un programa internacional de ayuda creado por el Club de Leones y dos empresas trasnacionales fabricantes de lentes.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
El Iceberg Electoral
El tema que no existe, que no es importante y que no se ve porque “está debajo del agua”, hundió más de un barco el famoso “Supermartes” electoral. El hundido más importante, sin duda alguna, fue el Titanic de Mitt Romney.

CTA President Reacts to Education Budget Cut
By Armanda Martinez
LOS ANGELES — “The budget should not be balanced on the backs of students,” said David Sanchez, president of the California Teachers Association (CTA), in response to the governor’s proposed budget cut of 4.8 billion dollars over the next 18 months.

Young Latinos for Obama or Nada
By Louis E.V. Nevaer
Barack Obama may be attracting many young Latino first-time voters – but if he doesn’t win his party’s nomination, they may not vote a second time.

FRCSW Officer Led Effort to Jam Roadside Bombs
By Jim Markle
NAVAL AIR STATION NORTH ISLAND – “I’m not a hero,” lamented Lt. Cmdr. Paul L. Choate after receiving the Bronze Star Medal on Dec. 6, 2007, for his accomplishments supporting coalition efforts during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Study details California’s first statewide Latino service organization
Established in the 1860s, the Juntas Patrióticas Mejicanas introduced modern services like food cooperatives and revolving credit
By Enrique Rivero
During the 1864 presidential election, Mexican community organizations in California joined together to urge Latino voters across the state to cast ballots for Abraham Lincoln.

UCSB Conference Commemorates 40th Anniversary of Chicano Student Walkouts
SANTA BARBARA, CA — In March of 1968, thousands of high school students walked out of their East Los Angeles classrooms in protest of educational conditions in the five public high schools that comprised the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Classes ground to a halt as the students left their schools, chanting “Blowout, blowout, walkout, walkout!”

Junior Robles was a promising amateur boxer has a street named after him
In the 1950s, Junior Robles was a promising amateur boxer, who used to headline the golden gloves tournaments put on by the San Diego Union at the San Diego Coliseum downtown. Junior was regarded as the pride of Logan Heights and National City.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
Los jóvenes tienen la palabra… ¡y el voto!
Las elecciones primarias que vienen avanzando en todo el país, han traído varias sorpresas; entre ellas, el abrumador número de votantes hispanos activos en las urnas, un fenómeno que para disgusto de muchos anti-inmigrantes, no puede ser ignorado en las bases políticas de los candidatos a la presidencia.

De católico a protestante
Muchos católicos, desde México hasta Argentina, cuando emigran a Estados Unidos cambian su religión a otra forma de cristianismo. ¿Cuáles son las razones de estos cambios?
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
La Iglesia Católica de EU

From Catholic to Protestant
Many Catholics from Mexico to Argentina when migrate to the U.S. change to a different Christian denomination. What are the reasons behind these changes?
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
The Catholic Church in the U.S.

San Diego Housing Commission awards $2.1 million for supportive housing programs
The San Diego Housing Commission has awarded $2.1 million in “Shelter Plus Care” federal grants to local nonprofit organizations. The funds will be used to provide affordable housing and comprehensive supportive services to homeless and disabled individuals. The grants are funded by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

La Mitigación Ayuda a Mantener su Propiedad Fuera de Peligro
“Bien, Alex, mitigación por $200.
Es muy probable que nunca haya escuchado a nadie pedir esa categoría a Alex Trebek en los 24 años que ha dirigido el programa Jeopardy en TV. Los productores del programa podrían hacer un gran favor a los televidentes si pusieran esa categoría en la pizarra.

Editorial and Commentary

Cutting education, is that our best option?
We recently talked with a Chula Vista teacher who was dejected, worried, and unsure of the future. This teacher had just left school where the principal had informed the staff they needed to start planning for a 50% reduction in their budget. The budget cut included firing as many as 10 employees. Pink slips were to be sent out in the next few weeks! Across the district this, same speech was being given at each and every school.

Super Tuesday, Latinos, and the Vote
Relations between Blacks and Latinos may not be perfect, but they can only go up
By Ralph de Unamuno
Those claiming that the Latino vote for Clinton is a form of racism against Obama and Blacks are taking their positions from a very narrow Black/ White view of race and ethnicity of the United States. It is a very simple minded and uninformed critique. While there can be no denying that Latinos and Blacks often have political tension, and they both harbor racial animosity towards each other from time to time, this has more to do with them both being on the “bottom rung” of the political and economic ladder in the United States, where White Supremacy and institutional racism ensure that those on the “bottom rung” fights for crumbs rather than fight the system that keeps these two groups in a rat race to the bottom. These critiques also overlook the racism and exclusion Latinos have faced from established African-Americans and its political systems across the United States. But to focus on Black and Brown political tension lets both Reactionary and Liberal whites off the hook for the system of racism that is still in place in the US.

To Whom Are We Accountable?
Reflections on the Conflict in Colombia
By Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes
On February 4th, hundreds of thousands took to the streets in Colombia and worldwide to protest the FARC-EP (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia-Ejército del Pueblo/Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-People’s Army). Online and media debates have been rife with arguments that are increasingly polarizing an issue that requires a far more complex attentiveness. We are so quick to point fingers while the binary of “for or against” rings familiar for both U.S. and Colombian citizens, as the rhetoric of anti-terrorism proliferates, particularly in this post-9/11 world, conflating neo-liberal politics with State heroics. The notion of the nation’s ‘internal enemy’ has been amplified in the social imaginary, allowing for ‘national security’ to extend its reaches into the folds of the everyday, impinging on what once were, for many of us privileged with citizenship in the United States, assumed freedoms. For Colombia, the effects of Uribe’s Democratic Security and Defense Policy remain alarming as such polarization mandates patriotic allegiance from the nation’s citizenry, and freedoms are also interfered for the promise of the public’s protection. And yet, the complexity of this moment cannot be reduced to this alone. A vigilant inquiry would require a more profound exploration of the socio-political histories and present, of Colombia’s internal politics, and of U.S-Colombia relations.

El secreto a voces
Por José R. Uzal
El proceso electoral en Estados Unidos esta llegando al final de su primera etapa. En pocos días se determinara quienes serán los candidatos por ambos partidos políticos. Desde 1960 han sido muchos los candidatos que perdieron su oportunidad a la presidencia por haber estado enfermos, por haberse divorciado, por ser demasiado liberales, por ser negros, por ser mujeres, por llorar en público, por pecadillos personales o por ser católicos. En este ciclo de elecciones, aparentemente, nada de eso importa.

Time to heal the wounds of the U.S.-Mexico War on the 160th anniversary of its ending
By Yolanda Chávez Leyva
Feb. 2 marked the 160th anniversary of the end of the U.S.-Mexico War, and its consequences continue to shape the relationships between the two countries, as well as race relations within our nation.

Que pasó con el Mayor Sanders? Is he running for re-election as mayor of San Diego or for US Senate? Esto Indio is a little confused, his office sends out press releases congratulating the Senate for passing the economic stimulus package which wouldn’t have been possible without his support. Seems as though his trip to Washington the other day was all that was needed to get the job done. Too bad he can’t travel down the hallway to get his own city council to move in such a positive fashion….

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Big beautiful women are welcome
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Kathy Hernandez wanted big beautiful women (BBW) to feel comfortable when going out to a club to dance and have fun.

Las mujeres grandes, bellas, son bienvenidas
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Kathy Hernández quería que las mujeres grandes y bellas (BBW, por sus siglas in inglés) se sintieran a gusto yendo a los clubes nocturnos a bailar y a divertirse.

Original Exposición en Palacio de la Cultura de Tijuana Denominada “La Ropa También es una Máscara”
Una obra extravagante de Juan Manuel Nieto
Por: Paco Zavala
Está abierta al culto público de la región fronteriza la genial obra del artista multi-disciplinario Juan Manuel Nieto, intítulada: “La ropa también es una máscara” en una de las grandes salas de exposición del Palacio de Cultura de Tijuana, esta muestra permanecerá en exhibición hasta el próximo 10 de marzo.

One Love Peace, mejores bandas de Reggae en Tijuana!
Por Ursula Tania
Este próximo viernes 15 de Febrero se dará uno de los mejores conciertos de reggae en Tijuana, participando México con las bandas ASTRORUMBEROS y CARTEL DE ZION. Alternando con bandas como CULTURA PROFETICA, de Puerto Rico, quienes ya se han ganado el corazón de los tijuanenses. Así como la bellísima Alika desde Argentina. También los ingleses de PATO BANTON, SOMOS UNO de Colombia, DON CARLOS de Jamaica y de Africa ALPHA BLONDY. Todas esas bandas que seguramente reunirán a la comunidad del regggae en Tijuana -San Diego, ahora reuniéndose en EL FORO en Avenida Revolución y Calle Octava.

Expone Trabajo Fotográfico en la Capital Mexicana la Joven Fotógrafa Andrea López
Por: Paco Zavala
El tiempo es inexorable y nadie lo puede detener; en su correr se detuvo en el año 2006, por un corto espacio de tiempo y permitió a los tijuanenses admirar el talento creativo de la joven fotógrafa mexicana Andrea López, nacida en la capital del país hace ya una treintena de años. Aquí en esta ciudad exhibió su visión creativa de la lente, imagen, luz y espacio en una sala dedicada a estos menesteres.

Hodges in the Center of Trojans Rebuilding Program
By John Philip Wyllie
Like most things, basketball programs are not built in a day. When coach, Aaron Partch took over the Castle Park basketball program last year he didn’t have a lot to work with. There were undeniably some skillful players, but no sense of team unity or teamwork. He inherited a team in disarray where his players were playing more for themselves than they were for the team. It hasn’t been easy, but Partch is starting to turn that thinking around. His team, currently 5-6 in the South Bay League has an opportunity to finish for the first time in quite awhile above .500 in league and his 6’5” center, Miguel Hodges, has been a big part of it.

Samaan a Natural on the Wrestling Mat
By John Philip Wyllie
Some people pick up sports quicker than others, but Alexi Samaan has gone from novice to champion in just one season of wrestling for the Castle Park Trojans. For the last few years the 6’0” 255 Samaan has been a fixture on the gridiron as both an offensive and defensive lineman, but prior to this season he had never wrestled.

Quintana Punishes Williams
By Armando Cabrera
Paul “The Punisher” Williams came out banged up plus he lost his WBO Welterweight belt to Puerto Rican Carlos Quintana on Saturday night in Temecula, Cal at Pechanga Resort & Casino in front of a near sell-out house.

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