February 8, 2008


Super Tuesday turned out to be Super for Hispanics

We have heard about it, we have talked about it, we have waited for it and on Super Tuesday it finally showed up. We have talked about the Hispanic vote for decades now, have waited for it to show itself, and each and every election, till now, the Hispanic voter had stayed at home as an observer. But on Tuesday, in California, the Hispanic voter came out as never before: The Hispanic voter has finally awakened.

On the Democratic side of the ledger Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in a virtual dead heat. Senator Clinton can thank the Hispanic voter for maintaining her slim lead that she presently holds. The Hispanic community turned out in mass making up 29 percent of the California Democratic electorate. Three in 10 of those who voted in the Democratic primary were Latino, the exit poll said, almost double the proportion in 2004. And Hillary Clinton received the majority of those votes by a 2-1 margin.

A new day has dawned for the Hispanic community. No longer will politicians be able to ignore the wishes of this community without paying the price at the polls. No longer will the Hispanic community be taken for granted. No longer will Hispanic candidates have to be beholden to the non Hispanic vote. The Hispanic voters have finally busted through the front door of American politics and they are here to stay. As this community continues to grow and become more and more involved with the electoral process they will have a greater say in the direction of the Country.

The Presidential candidates have moved on and will continue with what has turned out to be an exciting campaign between two exciting and qualified candidates and the winner will be determined by the Hispanic vote. This should be interesting in that the Hispanic vote will not come into play until the end of the race for delegates in Texas on March 4. The remaining primary states before Texas have a minimal hispanic voter presence. If the race stays as close as it is today Hispanic voters very well could decide who will the Democratic Presidential candidate. It doesn’t get any better than this!

On the Republican side of the ledger John McCain won California and won the Hispanic vote with 35% of the Republican Hispanics voting for him. On Thursday, February 7, Mitt Romney dropped out the race virtually assuring McCain the Republican nod to be their candidate.

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