Volume XXXII Number 06 February 8, 2008

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“The Little Engine That Could” – the Hilltop Middle School Science Olympiad Team!

By Jill Galvez

The Hilltop Middle School Science Olympiad team was pumped and ready to go when they arrived at Rancho Bernardo High School! Four months of training, studying, and preparing this team of 15 students, led by head coach Jerry Woodward, was ready for this special day and ready to show off their science knowledge – and they did not disappoint.

The fact that these students were ready to participate in this grueling all day event made winners out of all of them even before they stepped onto the campus. For 16 weeks, two days per week, on top of all their homework they normally have to do, these students had to prepare for 23 different events that tested their science knowledge. Students pair up to master and compete in 1-3 different events, matching their strengths and interests to different aspects of science.

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Steve Padilla
The beat goes on in Chula Vista. Instead of making the tough decisions, there are always those local politicians looking to score a cheap political advantage. Perhaps it is just politics after all, a sick tradition in our system we have come to expect and accept, and also part of our human nature. These days, the annoying grandstanding continues while serious problems need attention and solutions are needed instead of slogans. Some council-members make it an art form; first blaming others for decisions they were part of, then claiming ignorance, incompetence or stupidity for their deed and their own ineptitude. Worst of all, they often, go on to make bad decisions in order to achieve some imagined political gain. Some good examples of this include first making inaccurate claims, like saying the city of Chula Vista has a structural deficit, in order to create or elevate a crisis and then slashing budgets without regard to priorities in order to look “tough” and to lay claim to being “responsible” and fiscally conservative.

New Consul of Mexico in San Diego will help paisanos
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Remedios Gómez Arnau has said she will make sure that the rights of Mexicans in San Diego County are respected.

Nueva cónsul de México en SD apoyará a paisanos
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Remedios Gómez Arnau está decidida a velar por los derechos de los mexicanos en el Condado de San Diego.


Hispanics Helped Decide California for Clinton
By Neil H. Simon
WASHINGTON – A long Super Tuesday night rolled into Wednesday morning with no clear front-runner emerging on the Democratic side and a new shuffle once again among Republican contenders for the White House.

Super Tuesday in Mexico
By Kent Paterson
On Tuesday, February 5, Democrats in the US states having presidential primaries or caucuses won’t be alone in helping select their candidate for the 2008 fall face-off with the Republicans. In Mexico and other foreign nations, US citizens abroad will also have an opportunity to cast ballots for their standard-bearer. Organized by Democrats Abroad, the Mexico primary will help choose 22 foreign-based delegates who will participate in the Democrat’s 2008 nominating convention. A part of the Democratic Global Primary for US citizens abroad, the Mexico primary is scheduled to run between February 5 and 12. Other Latin American countries where the primary will take place include Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

Portrait Gallery embraces hip hop
By Jonna Knappenberger
WASHINGTON - Hip hop may not be what visitors to art museums expect to hear - or see.

Long-term study says lives of black, Hispanic children improving
By Anel Ramazanova
WASHINGTON - Black and Hispanic children’s lives have become healthier and their families have become better off financially since 1985, a new study found.

History Isn’t Always Black & White
If it doesn’t relate, it doesn’t educate
By Andy Porras
The nation celebrates another Black History Month in February, and in the fall, it’s our turn. From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, it’s Hispanic Heritage Month.

¿Y que? And so what?

Grilla o política: falso dilema de la sociedad
Por Dagoberto Márquez
Hace días, con motivo de una opinión relacionada con el comportamiento de la economía, se hizo un duro comentario que pudiera haberse mal interpretado, razón por la cual es necesario precisar, aclarar. El comentario quedó inmerso en la reflexión titulada “Signos de recesión” (análisis) y fue hecho cuando este opinante citaba enfáticamente lo relativo a un perfil profesional, el del doctor Rogelio Ramírez de la O, un prestigiado consultor en materia económica cuando el autor de estas líneas decía “El doctor Rogelio Ramírez de la O es analista económico profesional, no un grillo de la política”. El asunto viene a cuento porque sería injusto dejar las cosas así, sin precisar ni aclarar nada cuando en el artículo previo se utilizó esa dura expresión, una que pudo haber causado malestar o cierta indignación.

From Catholic to Protestant
Many Catholics from Mexico to Argentina when they migrate to the U.S. change to a different Christian denomination. What are the reasons behind these changes?
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Before migrating to the United States, Rolando Figueroa would never eat red meat on Fridays during Lent in his native Mexico. But when he arrived in San Diego, he began attending a Baptist church looking for answers.

De católico a protestante
Muchos católicos desde México hasta Argentina cuando emigran a Estados Unidos cambian su religión a otra forma de cristianismo. ¿Cuáles son las razones de estos cambios?
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Antes de emigrar a Estados Unidos, Rolando Figueroa nunca comía carnes roja los viernes durante la Cuaresma en su natal México. Pero al llegar a San Diego, comenzó a asistir a un templo bautista buscando respuestas a sus dudas.

Obama’s ‘Messianic’ Message
By Joe Ortiz
Barack Obama is riding on a meteoric carpet ride to become the nation’s next President, and his main message is that he is the best qualified to unite our country! He has promised to unite not only the US Congress and the US Senate, but all Americans, black and white, liberals and conservatives, rich and poor and red states versus blue states. His message is resonating and inspiring thousands of people, mostly the young and educated and, of course the black community.

Visita Cónsul General a Jornaleros en el Norte de San Diego
· Les recordó que independientemente de su calidad migratoria, tienen derechos en este país y cuentan con una representación del Gobierno de México que los puede apoyar a ellos y a sus familias a través de diversos programas y servicios.

Por Marangely Rodriguez
En el mes del amor, cuida tu corazón
Hace 45 años el congreso de los Estado Unidos declaró el mes de febrero como el mes nacional de prevención de las enfermedades del corazón. Esto para concienciar sobre la importancia de llevar un estilo de vida saludable siendo las enfermedades cardiovasculares la principal causa de muerte en el país.

Amor y Enamoramiento
Por Alfredo Trillo
El amor y el enamoramiento a menudo se nos confunden a pesar de que la única definición definitiva que tenemos del amor: “Dios es amor”, nada tiene que ver con la exaltación sentimental que hace del enamoramiento toda la parafernalia artística encabezada por la canción popular.

Latina Women Are Hit Hardest by Cervical Cancer
By Mayte Prida
Now is the time when many people resolve to do better for themselves in the year ahead – we promise things such as losing weight, being more patient and volunteering. And that lasts until about the time Valentine’s Day chocolates arrive. Coincidence? Probably not. This year, make a resolution that you can keep: encourage the women in your life to take steps that will prevent the development of cervical cancer.

State Works to Restore Dream of Home Ownership
By Carrie Lopez
Just a short time ago, California’s communities were the most desirable real estate markets in the nation. As we are all painfully aware, we have become known as ground zero for the mortgage crisis. In San Diego County alone, foreclosures rose 353 percent in 2007, and the county’s notices of default – the start of the foreclosure process – increased 128 percent to 20,138 in 2007. But this is not just a financial problem, and it is not just about dollars lost and properties vacant. It is about California’s people, its families, its broken neighborhoods and communities. For San Diego and communities all across California, these are hard times.

The President Signs Into Law Increase in the Use of Small Disadvantaged Businesses in Defense Department Prime Contracting
WASHINGTON, DC — The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), the leading advocate for the 2.5 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States, praised the President for signing into law H.R. 1585, the Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008, which includes a provision regarding the utilization of Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDBs) in DOD contracting.

Editorial and Commentary

Super Tuesday turned out to be Super for Hispanics
We have heard about it, we have talked about it, we have waited for it and on Super Tuesday it finally showed up. We have talked about the Hispanic vote for decades now, have waited for it to show itself, and each and every election, till now, the Hispanic voter had stayed at home as an observer. But on Tuesday, in California, the Hispanic voter came out as never before: The Hispanic voter has finally awakened.

Demócratas vs. Republicanos
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Los resultados del Súper Martes fueron halagadores para la población latina y latina-estadounidense. La buena noticia no llegó tanto desde la bancada demócrata, sino desde el lado republicano. El moderado John McCain prácticamente arrolló en los estados más importantes y se llevó la mayoría de los delegados de su partido. Su victoria beneficia a nuestra comunidad.

Brace Yourselves
By Jacob G. Hornberger
Make no mistake about it: the central economic problem facing the United States is out-of-control federal spending and the massive federal debt that continues to pile up. As welfare-state and warfare-state spending has continued to soar for the past seven years, U.S. officials have gone on a massive borrowing spree. Since 2000, the national debt has almost doubled — from $5.67 trillion to $9 trillion.

La cenicienta
Por José Uzal
A finales del 2003 los hispanos estábamos de moda, se aproximaba un año de elecciones. La Casa Blanca estaba en juego y el voto hispano era codiciado por ambos partidos. Como elogio nos declararon la minoría más grande del país, cosa que nos situó a la cabeza de los marginados. En lugar de darle golpes al afro-americano, como ha sido la costumbre en esta nación por más de 200 años, hicieron que hasta el afro-americano se uniera al resto de la población y comenzaran a darnos golpes. Hoy 5 años después nos encontramos en la misma posición pero ya nadie nos busca. Somos La Cenicienta antes de la medianoche. Meses antes de las elecciones presidenciales los políticos son criticados si presentan comerciales en Español. Todos los candidatos se han visto obligados a declarar que lucharán, si llegan a la presidencia, por sellar “la frontera” sin “s”.

El Enlace Entre la Oportunidad Económica y la Prosperidad
Por Israel Ortega
¿Por qué es que algunos países gozan en riqueza y otros no? ¿Por qué es que algunos países tienen un alto promedio de ingreso y otros no? ¿Será que las circunstancias históricas tengan algo que ver como algunos contienden? – ¿O será que la respuesta exista en acciones concretas que puede tomar un gobierno para resolver esta adivinanza?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Por Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican:
My parents were Greeks who legally immigrated to the United States in 1920. When it became harder for Greeks to immigrate, they began to jump ship in New York. My father referred to them as “bananas—fresh off the boat,” but it was mostly an affectionate name. The Greek community took care of them and my father had an excellent illegal worker in his luncheonette. When Jimmy didn’t show up for work one day, my father was alarmed. Turned out Jimmy was turned in by a Greek woman who was trying to marry off her daughter to him. He went into hiding and ended up in one of the Greek hotels in the Catskills. There were other instances of legal Greeks turning in illegal Greeks not based on any sense of right or wrong, but as retaliation for one thing or other. Do Mexican do that, too?

Emprende Acción de Limpieza y Presentará un Espectáculo Costa Salvaje en Playas de Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Con buenos deseos, con el alma abierta a promover las causas nobles y trascendentes, muchas acciones se pueden realizar a favor de los niños, las mujeres, los ancianos, los necesitados y en fín, a cubrir necesidades del mundo, como en esta ocasión sucederá en el área de Playas de Tijuana.

Peña proud new face of PBS Kids
By Kiko Martinez
While Latino-themed cartoons like Nick Jr.’s “Dora the Explorer” and PBS’s “Maya and Miguel” have been some of the leaders in bilingual children’s programming in recent years, Jennifer Peña, an actress and certified public school teacher, says pre-schoolers have been missing something that she can now deliver: a real-life Latina role model.

Equipan Escuelas del Sístema Educativo Estatal en un Programa de Promoción Escolar
Por: Paco Zavala
En una reunión de trabajo que se realizó en las instalaciones del Centro Cultural Tijuana el pasado 23 de enero, en la que se trató las funciones concernientes al desarrollo del “Programa de Promoción Escolar del Centro Cultural Tijuana por el período Enero-Junio 2008”.

Calendar of Events
Grossmont College to Celebrate Black Histoy Month
Students, faculty and staff at Grossmont College will join together to celebrate Black History Month through a series of performances and special events. Event sponsors include the Black Student Union of Grossmont College, and the Grossmont College Division of Student Services. All events are free and open to the public and will take place on the college campus.

Grandes retos para el turismo en Baja California
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Por varias décadas Baja California ha sido un destino muy popular entre los jóvenes y familias californianas que buscan un escape de fin de semana para romper con la rutina.

Corona Comfortable in his Role as a Leader
By John Philip Wyllie
Sweetwater’s Joe Corona clearly remembers his freshman year. It was the last time the Red Devils wore the Mesa League crown in men’s soccer. Now a senior captain on a solid 11-7-1 team, Corona is hoping to end his high school career on a strong note with another league championship. Behind Corona’s leadership, the Red Devils are off to a promising 4-1 league start, but with the parity that exists in the South Bay nobody is taking anything for granted at this point.

Red Devil’s Rojas A Senior Standout
By John Philip Wyllie
Competing in a women’s soccer league that includes perennial champion Bonita Vista and always tough Eastlake, the Sweetwater Red Devils tend to get overlooked, but coach, Robert Bonilla has his charges playing some solid soccer and has them sporting a winning record (10-8-2) at this juncture in the season. On offense, the Red Devils offer a three-pronged attack featuring Jenny Jimenez (11 goals) Brenda Coronel (7 goals) and Zahyra Val-dovinos (7 goals). But his defensive star, senior Julia Rojas, was the one that caught his attention when we spoke on Monday.

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