Volume XXXII Number 05 February 1, 2008

FrontPage Stories

Tension keeps rising over the border fence

By Luis Alonso Pérez and Mariana Martínez

Colonia Libertad is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tijuana, with its little sheds and houses, stretching along the rusty border fence.

It is a place known for great food and the best car repair shops, but lately, it’s also notorious as the place where tear gas canisters fired by Border Patrol agents have hit garages, gone into kitchens thru open windows, and even hit some people directly.

Special tactic officer seen through a hole in the border fence.

According to the agency, agents stationed along the whole border with Mexico have been attacked, —mostly with rocks—, nearly 1,000 times during the past year. Of those attacks, 254 have been reported in the San Diego sector, and 170 of them have been in the area just north of Colonia Libertad.

The answer for such attacks has come in the form of at least ten incidents of tear-gas canisters fired onto Mexican territory in the past three months, and so far, eleven people have been injured as a result, including a pregnant teenager, an elderly couple, and a 15 year old boy.

But now the San Diego area Border Patrol has deployed a newly formed protection team, wearing helmets and camouflage gear, and carrying more powerful compressed-air guns, that can now shoot pepper-spray canisters up to 200 feet.

They are also equipped with “flash bombs” that emit blinding light and “sting ball” grenades that disperse hundreds of tiny rubber pellets.

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Voto Latino Uses Social Networking, Celebrity to Tap Latino Youth Vote
By Amanda Martinez
“It’s your country … Represent!”

Bilingual Newspaper Interviews Hillary Clinton
By Juan Esparza Loera
Question: What will happen if comprehensive immigration reform does not become a reality within the next year and half?

Edwards’ Withdrawl is America’s Loss
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
America just lost its best and brightest hope for real change when John Edwards gave up the presidential ghost. Edwards did something that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and certainly none of the Republicans would dream of doing: He made poverty no longer a dirty word in the mouths of many, and that included Clinton and Obama, for a minute anyway.


El tema migratorio como salvavidas Republicano
Por Eduardo Stanley
FRESNO — El ideólogo conservador Victor Hanson, en su columna semanal publicada el 13 de enero, 2008, en el periódico Fresno Bee, afirma que los precandidatos presidenciales de ambos partidos con posiciones flexibles en materia migratoria (Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John McCain y hasta Rudy Giuliani) tuvieron que modificar sus posiciones ante la posible presión de los votantes.

Let’s Rethink The Model of Standardized Testing
By Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia
Is it possible to achieve educational equity for low-income students of color in California? A recent study titled, “High Schools For Equity,” shows that it is possible, particularly when schools take the initiative to create meaningful curriculum for their students, and allow them to show their understanding of material through assessments other than standardized tests.

Ciudadano inocente detenido y torturado por error
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
El pasado 17 de enero Tijuana vivió uno de los más cruentos episodios en la guerra contra el crimen organizado, cuando tan solo 4 sicarios del cártel Arellano Félix se enfrentaron a tiros con cientos soldados y agentes federales por más de 3 horas.

California Official Reignites International Polemic
Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich reignited debate this month about the costs and contributions of illegal immigration to the United States. The California politician recently contended that undocumented immigrants cost Los Angeles County tax-payers about one billion dollars every year, not including expenses for education. “This new information shows an alarming increase in the devastating impact that illegal immigration continues having on the tax-payers of Los Angeles County,” Antonovich said.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Los Muros Ilegales
¿Se acuerda usted de todos los chistes cuando estaba caliente la propuesta de construir un muro en toda la frontera con México? Entre los más comunes estaban el de que si el muro iba a medir ocho pies de alto, el rentara escaleras de nueve pies se iba a hacer millonario, y el de que la barda la iban a tener que hacer contratando trabajadores indocumentados porque no hay modo de poner gringos a trabajar con salario mínimo.

Crowd jostles to glimpse Obama and his Kennedy endorsers
By Jonna Knappenberger
WASHINGTON - This was the cry of both press and crowds of students and others Monday at American University. The scene included pushing and long lines of people waiting to see Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and his new endorsers, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., his son, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., and niece Caroline Kennedy, daughter of former President John F. Kennedy.

To fast or not to fast
Catholic tradition dictates not to eat meats on Fridays during Lent. Many Tijuana Catholics are losing interest in the practice.
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Like many Catholics in Tijuana, Sonia Alfaro doesn’t eat red meats during Lent, or Cuaresma, as it is known in Spanish.

Ayunar o no ayunar
La tradición católica dice que no se debe comer carne roja los viernes durante la Cuaresma. Muchos católicos tijuanenses se están alejando de esa practica.
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Como muchos católicos en Tijuana, Sonia Alfaro no come carnes rojas durante la Cuaresma.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
La clave en la lucha por nuestros derechos es el cabildeo
El cabildeo es  tratar de influenciar, cambiar o anular un proyecto de ley; un proceso en el cual la comunidad se involucra, de una forma organizada y planificada en la aprobación de las leyes que tarde o temprano determinarán sus condiciones de vida.

Women’s Health
Is Your Thyroid to Blame?
By Kenneth L. Noller, MD
The thyroid is a small gland in the neck that produces hormones that regulate metabolism, heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, weight, and energy level. When the thyroid is not functioning properly, producing too little or too much hormone, it can wreak havoc on all the organs in the body.

The Lagrant Foundation Will Award a Quarter of a Million Dollars ($250,000) to Minority Students Studying Advertising, Marketing or Public Relations
The Lagrant Foundation (TLF) is now accepting applications for a quarter of a million dollars ($250,000) in scholarships, which will be awarded in the 2008/2009 academic year. The scholarships are for ethnic minority students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in advertising, marketing or public relations.

Property Tax Relief
County Assessor, Gregory J. Smith, wishes to notify property owners that tax relief is available if their property’s market value has fallen below its assessed value. Your property’s assessed value is shown in the upper right hand corner of your current tax bill. For all practical purposes, this only affects those property owners who purchased their property at the height of the current real estate market.

Community Notes:
4th Annual Free Electronics E-Waste Event at Southwestern College
Free Drop Off Takes Place on February 2nd from 9 a.m. – 3p.m.

Editorial and Commentary

Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?
The important thing is to vote!
Without a doubt this election season is the most exciting that we can remember! Record numbers of voters are turning out for the caucus and primaries. It was reported in the South Carolina primary that Barack Obama alone got more votes (295,091) than total number of votes cast in the previous Presidential primary (293,843 votes cast in 2004). At the same time Hillary Clinton has been the steadfast frontrunner and emboldened woman voters across the country and weather or not you hater her or love her, she is showing that she could very well be the Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. These two candidates have excited the electorate as never before!

Ballot Recommendations:

At the Dawn of A New American Liberalism
By E.A. Barrera
“We are all responsible for ensuring that children are raised in a nation that doesn’t just talk about family values, but acts in ways that values families.”
Hillary Clinton,

By Raoul Lowery Contreras
An obscure septuagenarian woman is appointed to an obscure city board in Kansas City and a controversy ensues. She caused controversy, name-calling, and political upheaval nationwide, not from being a nice little old lady, but from her politics.

Castro y el Súper Tazón
Por José R. Uzal
Lo único que queda por reportar sobre la vida de Castro es su funeral. Al declarar la causa de su inhabilidad de gobernar un secreto de estado, Castro nos otorgó carta blanca para escribir todo tipo de conjetura sobre cómo, cuándo y por qué será su final.

La importancia del Súper Martes
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Los resultados del estado de Florida están sobre la mesa. Hillary Rodham Clinton venció en la bancada de los demócratas; lo mismo hizo John McCain en el lado de los conservadores. Ahora el Súper Martes, fecha en que los estados más poblados y más importantes participarán en las primarias electorales, está a la vuelta de la esquina.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Desde hace casi una década he estado involucrada con el Senador Gil Cedillo quien fue el primer legislador que presentó una propuesta de ley para dar licencias de manejar a nuestra poblacion. El costo enorme que representa para nuestra comunidad indocumentada y para toda la comunidad documentada y civil de CA, el que no se les de licencias a todos aquellos que necesitan transportarse largas distancias para llegar a su trabajo. Cualquiera que conoce las multas exacerbadas que se les imponen amen de que se les quita el vehículo que se lleva al corralón, esto causa otra multa injusta que se les impone pues no sólo les cuesta el acarreo sino también el tener el carro guardado por un tiempo límite impuesto arbitrariamente por las cortes.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

First Person:
East Bay Soul, A retro cool Supergroup
By Al Carlos Hernandez
Too cool to the touch, smooth jazz, funk master -horn arranger supreme Greg Adams has joined forces with long time friend, quixotic R&B front man BMI song writer award winner, Lenny Williams to form the new group, East Bay Soul.

Sabor at Voces Latinas
How a Latino leadership and speech club became President’s Distinguished and cultivated a culture of success
By Laura De Anda and Arturo Yanez
Sabor. It’s a Spanish word meaning flavor, a certain something, something.

Peru Negro: The Electrifying Sound of Afro-Peru
By James Klein
NEW YORK (KPRENSA) – The intersection of African rhythms and Latin song has a special resonance. It is why Cuban and Brazilian music are so popular in the US. It is also why American audiences are now discovering PERU NEGRO, the electrifying song and dance ensemble from Peru.

Peru Negro: El Sonido Electrizante de Afro-Perú
Por James Klein
NUEVA YORK (KPRENSA) – La intersección de ritmos africanos y la canción latina tiene una resonancia especial. Es la razón por la que la música cubana y la brasileña son tan popular en los EEUU. Además, es la razón que el público estadounidense está descubriendo ahora PERÚ NEGRO, el grupo de canción y danza de Peru.

Dos Artistas Exponen Lienzos en las Salas del Instituto de Cultura de Baja California
Por: Paco Zavala
En nuestro recorrido rutinario en busca de novedades culturales y artísticas que se realizan en esta convulsionada zona fronteriza, nos encontramos con agradables sorpresas, a lo que comentaremos sobre dos de estas sorpresas.

Inician temporada Teatral El Grupo “Ojo” y el Cuatro Colectivo en el Escenario de Las Tablas Café Teatro
Por: Paco Zavala
El Grupo Teatral “Ojo” y el Cuatro Colectivo inician su primera temporada teatral correspondiente al corriente año 2008, montando la comedia teatral “Medias Naranjas” (Siete historias ácidas) del español Carlos García Ruíz, se estrenará en el escenario de “Las Tablas Café Teatro” el próximo viernes 1 de febrero a las 8:00 pm.

Calendar of Events
Grossmont College to Celebrate Black Histoy Month
Students, faculty and staff at Grossmont College will join together to celebrate Black History Month through a series of performances and special events. Event sponsors include the Black Student Union of Grossmont College, and the Grossmont College Division of Student Services. All events are free and open to the public and will take place on the college campus.

To Explore ‘Lowrider’ Lifestyle with Livin’ the Low Life
FHM Magazine Model of the Year Vida Guerra to Host SPEED will take viewers into the world of the lowrider lifestyle with its new weekly program Livin’ the Low Life, set to premiere in HD on Feb. 21 at 10:30 p.m. ET.

Rodriguez and Villalva Friends On and Off the Field
By John Philip Wyllie
CIF Championships occur so infrequently that it is nearly impossible to achieve that kind of success in back to back seasons. While it would be a long shot to say the least, the defending soccer champion Otay Ranch Mustangs are hoping to beat the odds. If they do a lot of the credit will go to a pair of college-bound seniors, Anthony Rodriguez and Sergio Villalva.

Mustangs Look to the Future with Saenz
By John Philip Wyllie
Having lost eight starters from last year’s team to graduation coach Mike Diaz knew that this would be a rebuilding year for his Otay Ranch Lady Mustang Soccer Team. Looking to the future, Diaz filled those slots with eight freshman. So, in one year the Mustangs have gone from being one of the oldest teams in the league to the youngest. At the center of his rebuilding effort is a crafty freshman midfielder named Bianca Saenz.

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