Volume XXXII Number 49 December 5, 2008

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Inspired by the City of Youth:

An art explosion in one of Mexico’s most marginalized places

Commentary and Photo Essay
Words: Josue Rojas
Photographs: Salvador Ibe

ECATEPEC, MEXICO — We were in the dustiest, the poorest, most marginal place: where leftists and immigrants live, where immigrants from Central America stay, where people dump garbage, where no one cares to venture. There we found ourselves covered in wheat-paste, spray paint and construction dust as we decorated the courtyard where the town’s first theatre was being built.

This is Ecatepec, the largest municipality in the Mexican union. Right outside of Mexico City, Ecatepec – known as the city of youth, or Ecatepunk – is one of Mexico’s most densely populated places, home to 4 million people and until now, it has never been graced with cultural programming. It was recently been taken over by the Popular Revolutionary Party (PRD). They’ve invested in the arts for its people and that’s why we’re here.

In October 2008, the municipality of Ecatepec held the International Festival de Los Nuevos Vientos (Festival of New Winds). Artists from every discipline and from all over the world were invited to participate. Our group was the visual arts contingent: printmakers, painters, video artists, performance artists, photographers, muralists–––we did it all. We were13 artists in total: mostly young, up-and-comers from the Bay Area, Southern California and NYC.

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Pamela Bensoussan is elected to Chula Vista City Council
Steve Castaneda wins reelection
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
After almost a month of uncertainty, community activist Pamela Bensoussan became the newest member of the Chula Vista City Council on Tuesday, the same day the San Diego County Registrar of Voters certified her victory by 46 votes.

Pamela Bensoussan es electa al cabildo de Chula Vista
Steve Castaneda gana la reelección
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Después de casi un mes de incertidumbre, la activista comunitaria Pamela Bensoussan se convirtió en la más nueva regidora del Cabildo de la Ciudad de Chula Vista el martes, el mismo día que el Registro de Electores del Condado de San Diego certificó su victoria por 46 votos.


Immigration Reform Trapped in Political Dualism
By Roberto Lovato
Recent talk about “immigration reform” coming from Washington inspires some hope, some fear and lots of reminders about what I call “political-dualism”: the ability of a President or political party to simultaneously communicate opposing policies while delivering either no new policies or exceptionally bad ones.

A Migrant Exodus?
Frontera NorteSur
Nobody knows for sure how many people like Dona Maria Trinidad will make the journey back to Mexico. A longtime resident of southern California, the 72-year-old woman prepared to abandon her home earlier this year and return to her native state of Guerrero. “I was crying and so was my son,” Dona Maria said, “but they increased the payment a lot.”

Triunfo de Barack Obama es visto para muchos como un triunfo de las minorías en EEUU
Por Mariana Martínez
El triunfo de Barack Obama es visto para muchos como un triunfo de las minorías en Estados Unidos, entre ellas los hispanos que ven con esperanza y expectativas muy altas su próxima administración.

Barack Obama’s triumph is seen by many as a triumph for minorities in the United States
By Mariana Martínez
Barack Obama’s triumph is seen by many as a triumph for minorities, amongst them, Hispanics that have hope and high expectations for his next administration.

City & Mesa Colleges Succeeding In “Breaking the Chain of Failure”
San Diego City College and San Diego Mesa College have achieved above average transfer rates for underrepresented students from low-performing high schools, according to the UCLA Civil Rights Project.

Mesa College Rallies to Send Student on Antarctic Expedition
Mesa College students are leading a fundraising campaign to help send fellow student Hermes Castro, who is an incomplete paraplegic, on an Antarctic expedition next March with world renown explorer Sir Robert Swan. The campaign kicks off this week with an information table in the Cafeteria Quad and an all-day fundraiser at Mountain Mike’s Pizza in Clairemont on December 7. The community is invited to participate.

Join the Budget Planning Committee
Sweetwater Schools Invite Your Input

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
¡Cuidado con los depredadores!
Hace dos o tres décadas, el mundo giraba en otra orbita y las realidades familiares eran distintas, muchos de nosotros crecimos en barrios donde compartíamos con los niños de nuestra misma edad y los riesgos de la calle eran continuamente monitoreados por los adultos.

Sweets and Treats Galore: Tips to Not Overeat this Holiday Season
By: Ana Goins-Ramirez-Diaz
The holidays are a time where we get together with our family and friends to celebrate the season with great food. Many delicious foods are available during the holidays. It is so easy to gain weight during this season because these tasty foods are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

El regalo de la salud en estas fiestas
Un frasco de perfume, un nuevo pijama o un juego de videos son regalos fáciles de comprar y de envolver para la próxima temporada de fiestas. Pero este año ¿por qué no obsequia algo más saludable y beneficioso para un ser querido? ¿Por qué no le da un regalo de salud?

Editorial and Commentary

Natividad calls it quits
National City appointment should be an easy choice

After six years as a National City City Councilman, Luis Natividad made a surprise announcement at the Tuesday night council meeting where newly elected officials were sowrn in, that he was leaving the council for a job with U.S. Census Bureau.

A New Border Crossing for a New Mexico
By Vince Vasquez
Last month, a vital border roadway project received regulatory approval from the White House, opening the prospects for billions of dollars worth of new economic opportunity for San Diego’s business community. Whether Mexican entrepreneurs can capitalize from their strengthened market position is a critical question with bi-national consequences.

The Power of the Latina Vote
By Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas
It is undeniable that the Latino vote had a tremendous impact on the election. Approximately 17.9 million Latinos are currently eligible to vote, 9.1 million of whom are women, and since 2004, the number of Latinos registered to vote has doubled.

Obama Fails Hispanics
By Raoul Lowery Contreras
History has a habit of repeating itself, doesn’t it?

El efecto Hillary en el CSN
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
El Consejo de Seguridad Nacional (CSN) de la Casa Blanca normalmente está compuesto por personas de mucha capacidad política y gente que tiene un extenso conocimiento en cuestiones de estrategia militar, relaciones internacionales y la economía.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
New York Homeless Services Defends their program
In reference to your article “Homeless Hispanics in New York face somber future,” dated November 7, 2008, we found a significant amount of misinformation.

Gov. Bill Richardson the next Commerce Secretary, does anyone know who the present Commerce Secretary is? Most politicos are saying this is a slap in the face to Hispanics!!! Este Indio disagrees not a slap in the face to Hispanics. Richardson showed political savvy in picking and going with a winner, but showed a lack of character when he abandoned the Clintons who made him the politico he is today. This second tier appointment says more about Richardson than anything else.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: Why is it that those of us who oppose illegal immigration are called racist by many Mexicans? Personally, I think Hispanic people are beautiful and a diverse people who contribute tremendously to our culture (and spicy hot as well!). At the same time I oppose illegals who wander across the border as if they just won the lottery, with no regard for OUR laws or culture, not knowing a single word of English.

First Person:
Ride it like you stole it
By Al Carlos Hernandez
I make it a point to schedule a three-hour time block during the day, once a week, to ride my motorcycle, usually down the coast. I call this process my “Cycle Therapy.”

“La Pastorela de la Nueva Era” Brings Humor and Hope to the San Diego REP
When the stock market crashed and financial chaos swept America there were plenty of long faces from Wall Street to Main Street.

Masterpiece Messiah: Music and Art Come Together for an Experience Like No Other
The San Diego Chamber Orchestra’s famous annual presentation of Handel’s Messiah gets a whole new look this season with the addition of video of great works of art accompanying this most beloved masterpiece of music. The Orchestra, under the leadership of Artistic Director and Conductor Jung-Ho Pak, will be joined by the Bach Collegium San Diego chorus (Ruben Valenzuela, Music Director) and four extraordinarily talented guest soloists to perform Handel’s Messiah in this new dramatic presentation.

SDSU “Soirée of Music and Dance” to Raise Money for Student Scholarships
A group of the most talented ensembles from SDSU’s School of Music and Dance will take to the stage as part of San Diego State University’s “Soirée of Music and Dance” on Tuesday, December 9, at 7:30 p.m. Taking place at the Don Powell Theatre on campus, the concert features the SDSU Symphony Orchestra, Aztec Concert Choir and members of the University Dance Company will raise money for student scholarships.

Christmas Events:
Grossmont College’s Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE) program, which serves several hundred Grossmont College students who are single parents receiving public assistance, is hosting a holiday party at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 5 at the college’s Student Center, and is seeking donations of unwrapped toys and gift cards for distribution at the party to school-age children below age 17. College officials said more than 100 children are expected to attend along with their single parents who are part of the CARE program. CARE participants are full-time students (enrolled in at least 12 units) who are single and the head of the household with at least one child under age 14. To donate items, contact Grossmont College employees Brenda Flores at 644-7698, Sonia Smith-Ramsey at 644-7552, or Mahalia Sortillon at 644-7617.

La Preeminencia del Canto Nuevo Acariciada por Alejandro Filio
Por: Paco Zavala
A continuación presentaremos la ficha curricular del cantautor, poeta y gran músico-guitarrista tapatío Alejandro Filio, quien presentará un súper extraordinario concierto el próximo sábado 13 de diciembre, a las 9:00 pm. en el reconocido escenario del centro independiente impulsor de la cultura y el arte “El Lugar del Nopal”, compartiendo el escenario con los también excelentes cantautores mexicanos Christian Medel y Russell Amhir.

Can Cristobal Arreola make history? Yes he can
By Steve Galindo III
Cristobal The Nightmare Arreola’s dream of becoming the first Heavyweight Champion of Mexican ancestry is quickly becoming reality. His successful defeat of Travis “Freight Train” Walker last Saturday night at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California is just one if the many steps Arreola is taking towards solidifying his status as America’s top heavyweight.

Mucho Ojo
By Steve Galindo III
5 things to watch for during tomorrow night’s “Dream Match” between Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao

Diaz Delivers for Titans
By John Philip Wyllie
Playing in the same backfield as mega-talented Tony Jefferson it is difficult not to be overshadowed, but Eastlake running back Daniel Diaz has proven to be a consistent and reliable ball carrier and a sure handed pass receiver for the Mesa League champion Titans. While the Stanford-bound Jefferson gets most of the media attention and the accolades Diaz just quietly goes about his business contributing to what has been a very potent offense. When the Titans face off against Helix High tonight for the right to play for a CIF championship title Diaz will be in his familiar position along side of Jefferson and Randall Williams.

Barons Runners Make History
By John Philip Wyllie
Bonita Vista High has had some good cross country teams over the years and produced a number of athletes that have gone on to excel as long distance runners in college, but as far as anyone can tell, the Mesa League school has never qualified both a boys team and a girls team for the annual state competition in the same year. Judging from the records available, it appears that no South Bay team has ever done that. Last weekend coach, Lou Russo was proud to see his fleeted-footed boys and girls teams qualify for Fresno and acquit themselves well in state competition.

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