Volume XXXII Number 35 August 29, 2008

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Sweetwater District Wins County Parent Participation Trophy

Traveling Trophy: District parents present the traveling trophy for parent participation to the Sweetwater Superintendent and the district’s Board of Trustees. L:R: Parents Honoria Saenz and Dolores Meyer, Superintendent Dr. Jesus M. Gandara, Board President Pearl Quiñones and Categorical Director Nancy Stubbs.

Beating out much larger districts, the Sweetwater Union High School District won the traveling trophy recently for having high parent participation. In fact, the Sweetwater District swept most of the awards given by the San Diego County Title I Parent Association.

The Sweetwater District had 29 parents, staff and administrators attend the second annual Title I Parent Advisory conference held in May at the Hilton Harbor Island. The three-day training offered dozens of workshops and seminars on such topics as how to be a more effective parent at home and at school, classroom management for teachers and following federal funding guidelines for school administrators.

“Parents have been, and always will be, our students’ first teachers,” said Sweetwater Board President Pearl Quiñones. “We are delighted that so many of our parents have taken the time to learn new ways of helping their children succeed in school.”

The district snatched the traveling trophy from the San Diego Unified School District because the number of Sweetwater conference attendees represented 20 percent of the total number attending the conference, said conference organizer and association President Diane Haney.

A Special Edition of México del Norte
By Jorge Mújica Murias
The War Against Luis
A few weeks ago, amidst the preparations for the march in Postville, Iowa, in protest for the barbarous raid against Agriprocessors, Inc. workers, Luis all of the sudden remembered the issue of immigration.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
La Guerra Contra Luis
Hace algunas semanas, entre las preparaciones para la marcha en la ciudad de Postville, Iowa, en protesta por la redada de trabajadores de Agriprocessors Inc, Luis de pronto se acordó del tema de la inmigración.

San Ysidro schools try new, innovative restructuring plan
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
There are times when difficult conditions require drastic change. And some of the schools in San Ysidro were more than ready for positive change.

Las escuelas de San Ysidro implementan innovador plan de reestructuración
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Hay veces en que las condiciones difíciles requieren cambios drásticos. Y algunas de las escuelas en San Ysidro estaban más que listas para un cambio positivo.

Pat Nixon at the U.S.-Mexico Border
By Joseph Nevins
Editor’s Note: With the controversy surrounding the building of the triple fence at the border and the demise of Friendship Park at Imperial Beach, documented in the August 22 edition of La Prensa San Diego with our story titled “Friendship Torn” By Mariana Martínez, we felt it was a good idea to go back and review the creation of Friendship Park and its’original intent to help put in context with the present day actions of the destruction of the park.

Steve Padilla
They Bought It, We Breathe It
We have all heard someone cynical say it before: “There are the rules, and then there are the rules.” In life and particularly in our adolescence we delight in asserting our independence in small ways when we don’t exactly follow every letter of every rule. Beat the parking meter, hope that those six extra inches and the rear bumper blocking the driveway won’t matter, sneak some icing from the cake when the cook is away. Those small indulgences we can brush aside with a smirk or a smile, and they rarely represent the betrayal of high principle. However, there should be no smirks or smiles when you consider what’s gone on at Chula Vista City Hall where matters of our health and power plants are concerned.


Luego de la calma…otra tormenta
Por Mariana Martínez
Luego de una aparente calma en Tijuana se registraron terribles cuentas esta semana: Un empresario asesinado; tres hombres “levantados” en Rosarito y cinco ejecutados, de los cuales cuatro aparecen decapitados y tres de ellos con las cabezas calcinadas y con narcomensaje.

After the calm…a new violent storm
By Mariana Martínez
After an apparent calm in Tijuana, there was a series of terribly violent events this week: A business man was murdered, three men were taken against their will in Rosarito and five others were found dead, four of them had been decapitated and three of their heads where burned to ashes and had a narco-messege written on the bodies.

Searching for Solutions to Mexico’s Skyrocketing Violence
By Amy Coonradt
On August 21, Mexican President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa held a security summit at the National Palace. In attendance were the Mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, and Mexico’s thirty-one state governors. Those in attendance, represented most of the nation’s political parties, were still able to display a stunning show of relative harmony and cooperation in the face of dangerously mounting violence brought about by growing street gangs and more violent drug cartels throughout Mexico. A seventy-five-point package of security measures was unanimously adopted and will be implemented over the next three years. The package includes initiatives aimed at purging police corruption, constructing several new maximum-security prisons, and creating a database for mobile phones that the government will use to track down criminals using them.

Immigrant Farmworkers Get Legislative Support
Pro-union California farmworkers received a boost from the California State Senate this week. By a 23-15 vote, lawmakers approved a measure August 18 that will allow workers to opt for union representation via an automatic check-off system refereed by a neutral mediator agreed to by labor and employers. Sponsored by California Assemblyman Fabian Nunez (D-Los Angeles), the bill, AB 2386, also permits workers to participate in traditional state-run ballot booth elections if they so desire.

Biggest Land Use Bill in California in 32 Years is One Step From the Governor’s Desk
As We Were Watching the Democratic National Convention, Bipartisanship Broke Out on the California Assembly Floor
By Frank D. Russo
As many of our eyes and ears were pointed towards Denver and the truly historic Democratic National Convention that will mark the first time in our nation’s history that a candidate of another race is nominated to run for President, it escaped the attention of Californians, including many who closely observe our state Capitol, that a major bill—one bringing into harmony the way our state grows, plans for housing, and protects our environment—has passed the state Assembly and is about to receive final passage in the Senate.

Por Patricia Guadalupe
Las convenciones: Una fiesta política
Ya terminaron las Olimpiadas y ahora comienza otro tipo de maratón atlético, donde los hispanos tendrán una participación histórica.

Mensaje Por el Día Del Trabajo Llama A La Acción Por La Justicia Económica, La diginidad y Los Derechos de Los Trabajadores
WASHINGTON— El mensaje de los obispos estadounidenses con motivo del Día del Trabajo hace un llamado a “renovar el vigor con el que buscamos construir juntos una sociedad que cuida de los suyos, atiende a los pobres y vulnerables, y ofrece verdadera esperanza para todos”.

Back to School Reminder: Kids Should Go for Safety, Not Style!
UC San Diego Research Confirms Certain Backpack Positions Painful, Damaging
School children across the world may speak different languages but there is one experience an estimated 90 percent of all students share: wearing a backpack. Researchers from the University of San Diego, California School of Medicine say those students also share a common problem: low back pain due to overloaded backpacks.

Editorial and Commentary

Hispanics, once again, a political non-factor at Democratic Convention
The political mantra from the campaign of Barack Obama has been about the great need for change! At political rallies our community has heard the rallying cries of “Si Se Puede.” For the Hispanic community the rallying call stood as a beacon of hope, one that many hoped would bring the light of day to our ongoing political struggle. Many stood and listened to Obama speak about the immigration issue, he being an immigrant himself, many more hoped that here finally was a politician that understood the issue, would do something to address and resolve it.

The Other Denver: Hispanics Haunted by Specter of Deportation
By Carmen Alarcón
DENVER, Colo. — While members of the Democratic Party are gathered in the Pepsi Center to support Senator Barack Obama as the party’s nominee in the presidential campaign, Mexicans working just seven miles away, on Federal Boulevard, are living a very different reality.

Listen Up! America’s Families Demand Action
By Luz A. Vega-Marquis
In McAllen, Texas, Martha Sanchez doesn’t dare drink the water that runs out of the tap, for fear of getting sick. In Augusta, Georgia, Sunny Johnson, a single mother of two, thinks that working full-time as a certified nursing assistant should earn her a wage that puts her above the poverty line. (It doesn’t.) In San Francisco, California, Cathleen Muhammad wants justice and good health for her children, who appear to have been made seriously ill by exposure to asbestos from a nearby construction site.

Things to Do in Denver When Your Cause is Dead
By Russell Morse
DENVER, Co. — Half way through “On the Road”, Jack Kerouac finds himself alone and depressed in Denver. He works in a fruit market, lugging watermelon crates and goes to softball games, alone, at night. It’s a dark time for him and in the middle of his narrative, before he describes leaving for San Francisco in a car with two pimps, he stops to craft two lines of verse:

Un Pérez cualquiera
Por José R.Uzal
No hay experiencia que defina más al hombre que cambiar de cultura. Nadie abandona su tierra natal a menos que encuentre moti-vaciones básicas y poderosas como querer comer o no querer morir. Raramente son más del 10% de cualquier sociedad los que se van. El 90% se queda y se enfrenta al hambre y la muerte antes que abandonar su patria. No es cuestión de ser mejor o peor, es ser diferente. Es estar dispuesto a pagar el precio del destierro. El emigrante abandona sus prerroga-tivas generacionales, sus amigos de la infancia, sus costumbres, sus comidas típicas y su familia. Cambian todo por la esperanza de una vida mejor o simplemente para sobrevivir.

El espectro del desempleo
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Para que la economía nacional adquiera calor y estabilidad, es necesario que el nivel de empleo se mantenga en óptimas condiciones.

Viva Obama! Took the train back from Denver, la tren es the way to travel. Went up there to hang with mis politico home boys, pero, me compa lives there in the mountains and we never left the cabin. It was so beautiful, clean, and refreshing. Just couldn’t drag myself away from nature. Thought I better enjoy it before Bush decides to put an oil rig out there.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican:
Why do Mexicans paint stripes on their donkeys in Tijuana?

First Person:
Adjunct Professor Benz
By Al Carlos Hernandez
In a few days I am beginning my Second year as an Adjunct Professor of Mass Communications at the University, but I can’t shake the pre-school butterflies. It’s ironic that I teach, and can remember my first experience in Kindergarten way back in the day when I had, what is now known as a panic attack.

Put ‘em up, San Diego –again
By Pablo Jamie Sainz
The band Pistolera, which means “trigger woman” in Spanish, brings its rock and roll corridos with its second album, En este camino (Luchadora, 2008).

Pistolera vuelve a la carga
Manos arriba, San Diego –de nuevo.
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
El cuarteto Pistolera ha tomado por asalto con sus corridos roqueros y ahora presenta su segundo disco, titulado En este camino (Luchadora, 2008).

La Leyenda del Rock Javier Batiz Celebra 51 Años de Carrera en los Escenarios
Por: Paco Zavala
Cuando se habla de edades, en ocasiones estas se minimizan o se expanden de tal manera que causan asombro, ¡Claro!, depende de quien se trate, ahora bien, en esta ocasión hablaremos de un artista tijuanense mimado y consentido, de manufactura única.

2nd Annual “Encuentro De Jaraneros” Festival of traditional son jarocho music from he Mexican State of Veracruz
Bayside Community Center will host The 2nd Annual San Diego Encuentro de Jaraneros. The festival will consist of traditional son jarocho music with special guests, workshops, and lectures.

Latino Film Festival and Otay Ranch Town Center to September Outdoor Film Series “Que Viva! Cine Latino”
Media Arts Center San Diego’s San Diego Latino Film Festival and Otay Ranch Town Center bring the best of Spanish language shorts and feature films to enjoy this September at the 2nd Annual Que Viva! Cine Latino 2008. In Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the public is invited to experience a collection of popular Latino films. In addition there will be a Latino art exhibit and live entertainment. Held weekly in September, film screenings and events will take place Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM September 3, 10, 17 and 24 in the Food Pavilion at Otay Ranch Town center. All screenings, and events are free and open to the public.

Kuno Becker living the dream in ‘Goal II’
By Kiko Martinez
The dream began in 2006 when Mexico-born actor Kuno Becker took a film role as Santiago Muñez, a soccer player aspiring to play on a professional team in “Goal!” This year, Becker returns as Santiago in “Goal II: Living the Dream.” In the film, Santiago is transferred to play soccer for a new team in Spain. Here, he must learn how to deal with becoming a celebrity before his newfound popularity ruins other aspects of his life.

Castellanos Looking for a Big Year with Barons
By John Philip Wyllie
A year ago quarterback Hector Castellanos passed for over 1,300 yards while helping the Bonita Vista Barons reach the second round of the CIF San Diego section playoffs. Now a senior, Castellanos is back and hoping for more.

Estrada Covers a lot of Territory for Barons
By John Philip Wyllie
Bonita Vista High senior, Kristin Estrada is listed on the Barons field hockey roster as a midfielder, but she will be running over just about every inch of the field this season. First exposed to the sport as a freshman, she has improved over the last three years and has developed into one of Bonita’s finest players.

Visita de Ediles Californianos y Directivos Olimpicos Propicia Para Intercambio Internacional
La visita de los alcaldes de Chula Vista e Imperial Beach, y empresarios californianos, además de representantes del Comité Olímpico de los Estados Unidos, fue una muestra propicia para explorar posibilidades de intercambio internacional en diferentes ámbitos, uno de ellos, el deportivo.

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