April 25, 2008




By Herman Baca
Committee on Chicano Rights

“DA’s integrity-unit case ends in acquittal, mistrial,” reported the SD Union (4-23-08) concerning the so-called ethics charges brought by District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis against C.V. City Councilperson Steve Castenada. Dumanis political charges, and the jury’s verdict confirmed what many San Diegans have long suspected, but has been common knowledge in the Chicano community, Dumanis District Attorney office is:

· Total Incompetent - charges against Councilperson Castenada in court were, “at the end of the day, you’re not going to be called upon to decide whether there was a corrupt relationship between Mr. Israni and Steve Castaneda – whether the law had been broken, whether it was about to be broken, whether it was ever going to be broken between the two of them. Because that’s not the test.”

· Biased,

· A confirmed lackey and paid politician of SD County law enforcement,

· The most anti-Mexican elected District Attorney elected in the history of SD County as confirmed by her exoneration of law enforcement officers in the shooting deaths of persons of Mexicans Ancestry in North County, and racial profiling of Mexican-American communities in SD County, specifically in National City where she stated at a “gang injunction” press conference (SD Union 11-01-05) that,

· “Old Town National City (OTNC) gang, which has prowled National City streets since World War II and whose members, in some cases go back four generations in the same family?”

· Persecution of Councilman Steve Castaneda,

D.A Dumanis prosecution of Councilman Castaneda was a blatant case of political persecution, a witch hunt, travesty, an abuse of the judicial process and a “political lynching” that raises a number of political questions (both internally and externally) for SD County Chicano community,

Externally – The persecution of Councilperson Castenada by D.A. Dumanis was a political attack on behalf of the county’s Anglo political power establishment to attempt to maintain their control of the politics in the Chicano community, due to the changing demographics (Mexicans) of SD County. It is certain that if someone took the time to investigate D.A. Dumanis political trail that it would lead them back to those responsible, Chula Vista, and certain SD County politicians.

Internally – One has to remember that historically our community had almost zero political representation in1970’s due to the historical discrimination and racism which appears to be raising it head again in 2008. It was not that long ago when the entire Mexican American population in California (1970) had but one elected person of Mexican ancestry in the entire CA State Legislature, Assemblyman Alex Garcia-Los Angeles, and in SD County one elected representative, City Councilman Louie Camacho - National City. As columnist Gerry Braun (SD Union 4-16, 2008) wrote, “the legal stakes are high, the political stakes are higher.”

With Dumanis “legal” actions it is apparent that was intended to politically intimidate “Hispanic” politicians and to continue the control of the politics in our community.

D.A. Dumanis’s political attacks were reprehensible, but the sorry fact is that the lack of a political response from our community’s politicians and organizations was just as reprehensible.

Questions that have been raised by the community and that demand answers are,

· Why did the so-called Hispanic politicians remain silent concerning D.A. Dumanis political attacks?”

· Why did community’s political “leaders,” and political “organizations” also remain silent?

In closing, for the Chicano community who will soon be the majority population in SD County, and is still struggling to attain accountability from the political structure, the following must be demanded,

· An investigation of District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis actions by the appropriate political and legal authorities,

· The disbandment of the present District Attorney’s so-called public integrity unit,

· A political notice by our community forwarded by all concerned in our community to District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis stating, that her past and present political actions will NOT be forgotten in her next election!

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