April 25, 2008

La Peña Andaluza en California Invites you to celebrate The Re-creation of The Pilgrimage of El Rocio in San Diego

In the most authentic Andalusia style, nearly a million pilgrims flock to El Rocio, Spain every year during the Feast of Pentecost to pay homage to the statue of the Virgin Mary.

This Pilgrimage is also Spanish Pageantry. People dress in traditional Andalucian costumes, travel by foot and wagons from all over Europe to visit the shrine of Our Lady of Rocío. It is one of the most spectacular festivities in all of Spain, and displays of true Spanish folk culture and devotion to the Virgin Mary.

Pope John Paul II once said that Saint Augustine stated that those who sing and pray twice as much...but in Spain people pray, sing and dance; so how many times do the Spanish people pray? In true Spanish form, the pilgramage to El Rocio as the festivity is commonly known, pray, sing, and dance the entire way to the Sanctuary and back.

La Peña Andaluza of California in collaboration with the Hispanic Community of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and The Brotherhood of The Americas of Our Lady of Rocio are proud to recreate a bit of this great Spanish tradition on California soil.

Our celebration of this traditional festivity will begin with a procession of the image of Our Lady of Rocio of The Americas and the processional banners of both the Brotherhood and La Peña andaluza, followed by a Holy Mass followed by Flamenco dancing, authentic Spanish food including a huge Paella.

We encourage you to arrive early and join us in our processional entrance. The Fiesta, food and flamenco dancing will follow the religious celebration. Event takes place on May 4th, mass begins at 12:30p.m. and the fiesta will be in St. Patrick´s Parish Hall from 2 to 5pm.

Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church, 3585 30th St. San Diego, 92104

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