April 18, 2008

A new era for Barrio Logan

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

The first Barrio Logan Community Plan Update Stakeholder Committee meeting took place on Tuesday, April, 15th.

The meeting put an end to a 30 year wait for a community plan update.

“This community has been waiting for so long,” said San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders during the meeting. “This is one of the most historic of our neighborhoods, and it is also one of the most neglected.”

The meeting, which was attended by some 200 community residents, community leaders, and elected officials, main focus was on learning what the process will be to update the Barrio Logan Community Plan and to discuss the ground rules for the Barrio Logan Community Plan Update Stakeholder Committee, which will oversee the planning process and provide recommendations to the City Council.

“It gives me a lot of pride that the community is participating,” said Councilmember Ben Hueso, whose district includes Barrio Logan. “This is a very important process. All of you are going to express your voice in this process.”

The Barrio Logan Community Plan Update Stakeholder Committee has been formed in order to ensure broad community participation as part of the Barrio Logan Community Plan Update.

“This is not about what the city council wants. This is about what the community wants for Barrio Logan,” Hueso said.

The Barrio Logan Stakeholder Committee is representative of the various geographic sections of the community and diverse community interests and consists of 25 voting members and eight Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members.

“We’re building upon a rich history Barrio Logan has,” said Bill Anderson, Deputy Chief Operating Officer for Land Use and Economic Development for the City of San Diego.

The Environmental Health Coalition is one of the non-profit organizations that are participating in the process. EHC members and representatives were in attendance at the meeting to ensure that the new plan implements the Barrio Logan Vision, which was created by EHC members in 205, for neighborhood land use and development.

The Vision, which is supported by hundreds of community residents, businesses and organizations, includes several points:

· The Community Plan Update must ensure healthy neighborhoods.

· Create affordable housing for residents.

· Preserve community character.

· Promote a livable community.

“These principles are universal,” said Laura Benson, an EHC policy advocate and a member of the Barrio Logan Community Plan Update Stake-holder Committee. “It’s an amazing moment for Barrio Logan. The dynamic of the community is changing.”

For additional information, please contact the Barrio Logan Plan Update Hotline at (619) 235-5233 or email at: BarrioLoganPlanUpdate@sandiego.gov

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