April 11, 2008

No homeboys for Castañeda: Chula Vista city councilman Steve Castañeda went on trial this week for asking what the price of a condo was??? Jury pool not very reflective of the community, only one Hispanic in the pool and they kicked him out. I would call for a mistrial.

The information on the Oceanside shooting by a San Diego police officer taking forever to come out…sounds like they are getting all their ducks lined up to protect one of their own.

Este Indio thinks the city is in trouble on this the shooting; the young woman, Rachael Silva and her 8-year-old son. Don’t know what kind of lawyer Gene Iredale is, her initial lawyer, but her case is now being handled by Michael Pancer. Pancer is a big time lawyer with bit time connections, remembered for defending Ralph Inzunza. We know Silva couldn’t afford his big time hourly charges so he had to take this case on with expectations of a big pay day at the end of the case.

John Hartley, out campaigning for office, pleaded no-contest for peeing in public. Este viejo Indio can sympathize. When you get to our age, sometimes you can’t wander to far from a bathroom. When you’re 30 bladder control is no problem…at 65 not so much. Just last week esto Indio went to walk around the compound and had jog back to el baño, hijole!!

If your child falls at a Chula Vista Elementary school there may not be a nurse at your school to bandage the leg. Nurses like teachers received pink slips last month; the difference is there are plenty of jobs out there for nurses. Word is seven nurses in the district said adios and quit their school job. They probably already have better paying jobs in the private sector.

La Prensa received a phone call from an irate citizen who claimed that the Chula Vista police were racial profiling and turning over an undocumented woman who was driven with her two children to the border patrol. Question here, is this policy of the CV police now to check for immigration status and to call the border patrol? If this is the case, they are going to be pretty busy on this border city. 2nd question is, is this what the people of Chula Vista want their police doing? While the CV police hang around waiting for the border patrol to show up, the thieves and drug addicts are out doing their thing!

Supporters of Prop. E in Chula Vista a little peeved at the Planning Commission’s duplicity in declaring an informational and impartial public discussion to either support or oppose the proposition. It turns out that the chairman of the commission, Bill Tripp, and three other members, 4 out of seven members, have already come out publicly opposing Prop. E. If I count right that is 4 opposed, 3 (at best) supporting the proposition. The bigger question: ever since when does a public group take any position on a political issue??? Sounds illegal, and unethical to me, peor, I am only un pobre Indio... what do I know!

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