Volume XXXII Number 15 April 11, 2008

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Afectan Leyes Migratorias Tradición De “Mojados” En Guerrero

Por Sergio Flores Hernandez

ACAPULCO, México- El endurecimiento de las leyes migratorias en los Estados Unidos ya alcanzó a afectar hasta una tradición de raigambre en el estado de Guerrero en el sur de México.

Y es que, por más de 30 años, el poblado de Mazatlán en el Municipio de Chilpancingo, organiza “El encuentro” una celebración en honor a los que algún día salieron de su tierra en busca de mejores oportunidades de vida, la mayoría como “mojados” o “braseros”, en busca del sueño americano, emigrando a los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica.

Los mazatlecos reciben a sus familiares con coloridas y jocosas danzas que datan del período de la Colonia Española.

Con coloridas y jocosas danzas que datan del periodo de la Colonia Española, tras la conquista de México, como las de Los Manueles, de Los Diablitos, Los Santiagos, Los Tlacololeros, entre otras, los mazatlecos reciben a sus hijos que viven fuera de esas tierras.

A los radicados en otros municipios y estados del país pero sobre todo, a los que fueron a buscar los dólares a la Unión Americana, les ofrecen pozole, barbacoa, chalupitas con pollo al chipotle y de beber, aguas frescas, cervezas y desde luego, el tradicional mezcal de Héctor López, uno de los mejores de la región.

Pero a diferencia de años anteriores en que los paisanos radicados en Estados Unidos llegaron después de la Semana Santa y se organizaron trayendo consigo billetes verdes y hasta equipos de cómputo para las escuelas de educación básica en el poblado situado a 100 kilómetros al norte de Acapulco, en esta ocasión, los emigrantes no llegaron como en épocas anteriores.

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Steve Francis: running for Mayor of San Diego
By Daniel Muñoz
It was late last month, in March, and Steve Francis was making the rounds through the barrios of San Diego. Francis is running for Mayor of San Diego and with the Hispanic population representing 25% of the voting population, demonstrating an understanding of Hispanic issues and reaching out to this swing vote is necessary to become the next mayor.

Steve Padilla:
What is the real threat?
Throughout the ages those who would engage in tyranny have always disguised their suspension or removal of freedom from others in the cloak of freedom’s defense. Dictators always claim a sole and special ability to defend their people from dangers, - real and imaged – if only the people would surrender their rights and give obedience in return. But they have not been alone. On more than one occasion in American history our system of government checks and balances has proven not only the wisdom of our founding fathers, but also to be critical and necessary to our own continuing liberty. The examples are many and continue today.

Reabren el mítico Casino Agua Caliente
Pot Mariana Martínez
Exuberante es la palabra que mejor describe la reinauguración del casino más moderno de América Latina, el famoso Casino Agua Caliente, que volvió a abrir sus puertas el pasado 5 de abril, luego de un largo cierre.

The mythical Agua Caliente Casino is reopened
Mariana Martínez
Exuberant is the word that best describes the inaguration of the most modern casino in Latin America, the famous Agua Caliente Casino, that reopened its doors this past Friday April 5th, after being closed for a long time.


Vibra Bank, doing business biculturally
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Details are important when it comes to banking.

Vibra Bank haciendo negocios de forma bicultural
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Los detalles son importantes cuando se trata de la banca.

15 Years of Border Voices Poetry – Annual Fair at SDSU
By Michael Chung Klam
What with its Disney-style suburban paradises, its weapons stations, and its long history of militarism and overt patriotism, San Diego is the prime location for one of the best poetry projects on the planet.

Fighting for Healthy Housing for all City Heights Residents
By Jessica Nicholas
Angelica Garcia (name has been changed ) stood calmly before a recent City Council committee meeting, telling them her personal story about her life and family.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
La tercera edad: Un reto para la familia moderna
Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
La tecnología ha traído a la humanidad a un tiempo en el que – para quienes tienen acceso a ella y han disfrutado de sus beneficios – la vida se hace más larga; pero, ¿estamos listos para ese reto?

Otay Elementary School Earns Top State-wide Recognition
The honors continue to come to Otay Elementary School in the Chula Vista Elementary School District. The California Association for Bilingual Education recently honored Otay with the association’s 2008 Seal of Excellence award. Otay is the only school in the state to receive the honor.

South Bay Teacher sees need; gathers donations for her students
Three schools in the South Bay were recently beneficiaries of 250 new English/Spanish dictionaries needed to help fulfill student potential, courtesy of Chula Vista school teacher Sherri Given. Ms. Given saw the need for the dictionaries, “Our school is a Title 1 school, which means it is economically disadvantaged, so this helps all third grade teachers have uniformity and set a standard for their students.” New Generations Rotary raised money to purchase and donate 250 new dictionaries at no cost to third grade students at three San Diego County elementary schools - Valle Lindo Elementary, Loma Verde Elementary and Joyner Elementary.

Community Notes:
Public Form on Prop. E
The Northwest Civic Association will host an educational Forum on Proposition E at the Chula Vista Civic Center Branch Library auditorium (4th & F Street), Monday April 14th at 6:00 p.m.

Editorial and Commentary

After all the rhetoric, nothing much has changed with Iraq
General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker went before Congress and gave their report on Iraq, a report that was to quantify the success in Iraq. After listening and reading the prepared reports it is apparent that nothing has really changed. We are still in the same quagmire as we were seven months ago when the “Surge” was instituted to clear out the terrorists. We were left with an empty feeling in the pit of our stomachs.

What line must undocumented immigrants get in?
By Cristina Lopez
Enough of the anti-immigrant rhetoric already.

U.S. Agriculture Begins its Move to Mexico
By Patrick Osio, Jr.
The law of unintended consequences is at work. Anti-immigrant groups claiming they are anti-illegal immigration, not anti-immigrants, but have succeeded in turning Congress against any thought of allowing (legal) temporary agricultural guest workers to enter the United States for the seasonal planting and harvesting of U.S. crops, is having its effects – not enough workers.

Gas Gouging and Green Jackets
By Martha Burk
Paid at the pump lately? Who hasn’t, and we’re paying more with each tank. Gas is up a quarter a gallon in the last two weeks alone, but don’t expect big oil to feel your pain. The moguls at ExxonMobil, the fattest of the petroleum cartel cats, will squander several millions of your fuel dollars sponsoring the Masters golf tournament and entertaining their buddies during the April 8 to 12 festivities.

El dolor de Felicidad
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
“Qué debemos hacer nosotros [que no tenemos residencia legal en este país] una vez que terminamos el High School. Si me aceptan en una universidad, yo no tendría un respaldo económico, ni tampoco se si el título que voy a adquirir me va a servir para encontrar un trabajo profesional.”

El petroleo
Por José R. Uzal
El precio de la gasolina continua su inexorable marcha hacia la estratosfera, arrasando a su paso con problemas nacionales como la inmigración ilegal y creando otros como la contracción económica. Lo interesante de todo esto es la resignación con que los estadounidenses están aceptando el hecho que pronto pagaran mas de $5 por galón. No se oyen demandas de cambio por parte de la opinión publica.

No homeboys for Castañeda: Chula Vista city councilman Steve Castañeda went on trial this week for asking what the price of a condo was??? Jury pool not very reflective of the community, only one Hispanic in the pool and they kicked him out. I would call for a mistrial.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Dear Mexican: I work at a Seattle-based company, and our Customer Service Department uses a phone tree system that asks all callers to press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, and a few other numbers for commonly spoken languages in our area. I handle customer complaints as part of my job, and I get a surprising number of complaints from people who feel they shouldn’t have to press a number to be spoken to in the “normal” language of English.

First Person:
Protesting For Dummies
By Al Carlos Hernandez
A founding Supreme Court Justice once said, “The freedom for you to swing your fist, ends where my nose begins.” This translates into, ones right to protest should end and or be amended when it affects, ones ability to earn a living.

Impartirá un Taller de Lectura la Sociologa y Maestra Ana Arenzana
¨La Lectura es el Manantial de la Sabidura¨
Por: Paco Zavala
Una pregunta de primer grado: ¿Cómo podrían formarse buenos lectores? Primero: hay que aprender a leer por gusto, con esto pueden lograr aficionarse a leer, si logran descubrir que la afición a la lectura, antes que nada, es un verdadero placer, se habrá obtenido un gran logro. Posteriormente se podrá leer para estudiar, para adquirir cualquier información que se necesite.

Presentarán la Segunda Verbena Popular y Extraordinario Concierto de Flamenco en el Palacio de Cultura
Por: Paco Zavala
El gobierno municipal de la ciudad de Tijuana, está anunciando para el próximo sábado 12, la presentación de la Segunda Verbena Popular de la temporada y para el domingo 13, un extraordinario Concierto de Flamenco con el ilustrísimo guitarrista de flamenco Maestro Jorge López Ramos. Ambos eventos son organizados por el Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura (IMAC), en el Palacio de la Cultura que se localiza en la Calle Segunda en el antiguo Palacio Municipal de Tijuana.

Alonso wants aspiring novela stars to aim high
By Kiko Martinez
In 1987, Maria Conchita Alonso dodged bloodthirsty gladiators on a futuristic reality show alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the action movie “The Running Man.” Today, she hosts a new kind of reality TV show where the challenges may not be as death-defying but the outcome could mean stardom for one lucky winner.

Teatro Chicana Offers Personal Look at History of Chicana Acting, Theater, Struggles, and Triumphs
“As Chicanas in teatro we battled and explored to find out why and who we were,” says Chicana actor and author Felicitas Nuñez. “Chicanas in teatro to us meant knowledge put into an action of love on stage and into life. Through teatro we discovered a world that became our stage.”

Bataan Death March 2008
By Dona Fair
WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, N.M. — On April 9, 1942, tens of thousands of American and Filipino Soldiers surrendered to Japanese for-ces. They were marched for days along a 65-mile grueling route in the scorching heat through the malaria-infested Philippine jungles, with limited rations and no medical support. Thousands died. Those who survived faced the hardships of a prisoner of war camp.

Dodgers Loaiza Pleased to be Closer to Home
By John Philip Wyllie
Well traveled veteran pitcher and Tijuana native Esteban Loaiza has pitched for eight major leagues teams in a MLB career that began in 1995 with the Pittsburg Pirates. The two-time All-Star had his best seasons with the Chicago White Sox (’03-’04). That is where he was the runner-up for the ‘03 A.L. Cy Young Award after he delivered 21 victories and led the league in strikeouts with 207. Ironically, Loaiza, a 1990 Mar Vista High graduate, made a name for himself in high school behind the plate. His stellar play there led to his ’91 signing by the Mexico City Red Devils. Now a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers starting rotation, he is happy to be playing closer to home. He has never forgotten his Mexican roots or the organization that launched his career.

Isaac Rodrigues earns title belt with hard fought victory!
Brazilian middleweight prospect now owns WBO “Latino” crown.
By Mike Indri
Most sports fans would not be able to tell you the three boxers that hold portions of the world heavyweight crown these days…that question might even stump the Schwab! It takes a real boxing fan to rattle off Ruslan Chagaev (WBA), Sam Peter (WBC) and Wladimir Klitschko (WBO & IBF) as the current kings of all the heavyweights. So you can imagine the relative obscurity that so many young and talented, yet vastly underexposed fighters are plagued with, while also battling to survive in the most physically demanding, viciously dangerous and financially difficult sport for any aspiring athlete.

Bob Lopez Named SDSU Director of Football Operations
Lopez served as director of football operations at UCLA the last five seasons
San Diego State football head coach Chuck Long announced Wednesday the hiring of Bob Lopez as the director of football operations.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
Robert Clayton Buick, The Bank Robbing Bullfighter
In the era of the 60s, Robert Clayton Buick might have been called daring, perhaps even dashing. Born in Pennsylvania, the diminutive, stuttering, always ready for a fight Buick spent much of his life in Mexico.

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