April 4, 2008

Tezozomoc is in mourning this week. La mamá de Herman Baca, Eloisa Baca, passed away Wednesday afternoon. She was a very warm and caring person and will be missed.

Hijole: California Democratic Convention held in San Jose was pretty boring with the a few exceptions:

Former President Bill Clinton told the gathered audience to “chill out” about the presidential nomination process, meanwhile in closed door session with superdelegates he blew a fuse when the name of Gov. Bill Richardson came up.

Marty Block went to the convention looking to secure the party nomination for 78th Assembly District but Arlie Ricasa’s troops showed up in force and derailed that effort by one vote. Ricasa received mucho support from Assembly person Mary Salas. Auday Arabo received only 1 vote.

Word out of the convention was that Mary Salas is angling to run for Denise Ducheney’s State Senate seat.

Earl Jentz’ Prop E, the Chula Vista height initiative, facing an uphill fight with all the big guns, primarily developers and chamber of commerce types, coming out against the initiative. Turning into the classic David versus Goliath.

Also facing an uphill battle is Mike Aguirre. At every turn someone is taking a shot at him. He is probably the best thing that has happened at city hall, as far as putting a light on issues and trying to clean up the mess there, but he rubs people the wrong way. Of course this is nothing new for Aguirre.

Los Padres baseball season is underway and it seems the economy or maybe a lack of interest, but following opening day, attendance has been horrendous.

What do you do when you throw a parade and nobody shows up to see it? This has to be the question the people who planned the Cesar Chavez parade held last weekend. We saw one photo and if it wasn’t for the people in the parade there wouldn’t have been anybody in the photo. Maybe it is time to give up on the parade idea, it has never really caught on.

Este Indio couldn’t make it to the parade, was busy getting ready for the spring festival and Chicano Park Day.

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