April 4, 2008

Teen Producers Project Presents “American Dream”

Media Arts Center, San Diego’s Teen Producers Project is proud to announce an exciting new after-school video production, education and training project beginning this Spring entitled Perspectives on the American Dream: Views from Immigrant and Refugee teens in the San Diego/Tijuana Border Region.

A select group of San Diego teens (ages 13-18) will learn to research, produce, and edit an 8-10 minute documentary about the differences they observe between what the American Dream promises for Latino and Refugee youth and what they experience in reality. This project seeks to provide participating youth with an opportunity to compare their experience in America to the images and messages they receive everyday through their peers and the media, and to talk about what living in two cultures means to them.

Meet new friends and Learn video production skills. Sign up today for a FREE after school 15-week production, education, and training program designed to document the importance of community development. This project begins in March and ends in June.

In addition to learning how to make a video, students receive snacks, incentives AND a financial scholarship.

We are currently accepting applications for this exciting new project. Click here for application: http://www.mediaartscenter.org/site/c.dfLIJPOvHoE/b.2790369/ Click on the student application link.

For information about any of our upcoming classes please contact: Farzad Nikbakht, Education Coordinator, farzad@mediaartscenter.org, 619.230.1938 x 102

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