Volume XXXI Number 42 October 19, 2007

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Cesar Chavez Students celebrate "Dia de la Raza"

In recognition of “Hispanic Heritage Month,” students attending Cesar Chavez Continuing Education Campus organized an event in Chicano Park to commemorate “Dia de la Raza”. The importance of the day’s event was evident in those students who for the first time met fellow students from different classrooms. As Roberto Izabal, an English learner on campus, mentioned in his brief presentation, “it is important to integrate ourselves on campus, to make an effort to know and learn from each other regardless of where we were born!”

Faculty joined students and were also challenged to meet students whom they did not know. One speaker pointed out the importance of learning a new language, or a new vocational skill, or academic program. He reinforced that through our participation that we represented a community of learners, and through their attendance were examples to the community. He challenged to use the knowledge they were acquiring to become involved in issues that may or may not directly impact on them. He used the example of an event that could have impacted on more than 8.7 million workers who the Bush Administration wanted to enforce a “no match” letter regulation which would have required more than l40,000 employers to screen employees social security numbers. A federal judge barred the use of these letters that would have a negative impact on citizens as well as non-citizens.

Cesar Chavez faculty celebrate “Dia de la Raza, from left to right: Claudia Ruiz, Rosa Limon, Francisco Saiz, Jimena Jimenez, Jose Navaro, and Karemi Petrikowski!

Thus, celebrating “Dia de la Raza” on campus also became a challenge to students on campus. Students were congratulated by subsequent speakers for demonstrating their responsibility to self, family, and to the community by attending classes, many of whom work full time, have children in school, and are making time to attend the rigorous curriculum at Cesar Chavez.

Viva la Raza!, Viva las Americas! and Viva Nosotros! ended the celebration with a flair!!!


For the latest news, road closures, evacuation news and updates click on this link for the San Diego County Emergency web page
Signon San Diego provides up-to-date info

Fire Update Numbers & Links
Infolines: Call 211 or the Fire Info line at (619) 570-1070.

Television links for up-to-day info
Mi San Diego

Casa Familiar offers Bilingual Services to Fire Victims
Casa Familiar, a community service non-profit organization located in San Ysidro would like to extend our help to those impacted by the fires. As of tomorrow morning, Tuesday Oct. 22 (8am) our community center will open with bilingual (Spanish/English) volunteers available to answer questions.

El número de emergencia del Consulado General de México es el (619) 231-3847.

La Extensión Cooperativa de la UC brinda información en español a víctimas de los incendios
AsisTel de la UC, el servicio de información telefónica de la División de Agricultura y Recursos Naturales de la Universidad de California, pone a disposición del público mensajes con información en español para ayudar a las personas afectadas por los estragos de los incendios que vienen azotando el Sur de California. Los mensajes pueden escucharse llamando gratis al 1-800-514-4494. Tratan una variedad de temas, desde cuidados de la salud y bienestar emocional de niños hasta qué hacer en caso de una evacuación.

Advisory To People With Chronic Lung or Heart Conditions
If you have respiratory problems (including asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and lung cancer) or a heart ailment, extra precautions are necessary in light of blowing smoke from wildfires. Your lungs are more likely to be sensitive to low doses of certain chemical or pollutants. Anticipate a flare up of your condition, and be sure to have a sufficient supply of medications on hand. Stay inside your home and remain calm. Try not to participate in activities that cause shortness of breath . Here are some other tips:

Coping with the Stress of Natural Disasters
If your community has been hit by a natural disaster, you’re probably trying to make sense of what happened and deal with the stress of the situation. These events create a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety for those directly and indirectly affected. In the days and weeks following the disaster, you may begin to have some of these common reactions:

The Latino Agenda for the 2008 Election
By Roberto Lovato
Karen Linares’s face contorted as she stared at the thick, rusted pipe and the bottle of brown water before her. The reddish-brown props used by an environmental panelist speaking about water politics at the second annual “National Latino Congreso” reminded Linares of water she’s seen in the numerous places she’s called home.

Almost 15 years of Latino cinema
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
The San Diego Latino Film Festival is turning 15 in March, and as a way to prepare the public for the huge celebration coming up, the San Diego Media Arts Center, the non-profit that organizes the film festival, started the Countdown to 15 series, a monthly showcasing of two Latino films.

Promises and Power Lines
By Steve Padilla
Promises are important. For most of us they represent commitment, integrity and reliability. They make up a sort of glue, a structure, through which we understand one another, and how we should do business with one another. We rely on that structure to tell us what to expect, and what and whom we can trust. Promises take many forms, from the very informal “word is your bond” to those that when understood and accepted, constitute contracts and legal arrangements. They tell us what we are to give, what we will gain or loose, and what happens if we do not deliver. Whether a handshake or formality, we view these matters seriously, at least most of us do.


Periodismo latino y el movimiento migratorio
Un grupo de informadores latinos del Valle Central de California dialogan sobre su participación durante el moviento inmigrante
Por Eduardo Stanley
FRESNO — “Nosotros apoyamos abiertamente las marchas, transmitimos desde un parque y la gente se prendió”, dijo Mari Martínez, conductora del programa “Punto de Vista” de Radio Campesina, con base en Bakersfield. “Después de las marchas, dedicamos tiempo al análisis de los eventos”.

Death of a Border Queen
By Louie Gilot
She might not have a hit ballad crooned in her name, but Rosa Emma Carvajal Ontiversos was something of a legend in the Mexican border town of Palomas across the New Mexico line. Called “La Guera Polvos,” or “The Blonde Powder Woman,” Carvajal was reputedly the “mera mera,” or “big boss woman” in blues lingo, of the small town. Allegedly, she was in the business of selling dope and smuggling undocumented immigrants into the United States. Well-known to the local cops, Carvajal reportedly led a crowd that stormed and ransacked the offices of the Palomas police station during a 2004 dispute with the boys in blue. More recently, she supposedly shot a young woman in a fit of jealously over a young lover.

Lluvias amenazan colonias en Tijuana
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Lucía Castilleja vive con sus hijos en una humilde casa en las faldas de una ladera en la colonia Milenio 2000. Su calle carece de pavimento, y al igual que muchas de las casas vecinas fue construida con madera de rehúso y edificada sobre cimientos de llantas que ayudan a prevenir deslaves.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
El día del italiano
Estados Unidos acaba de celebrar el Día del Italiano, conocido también como Columbus Day. Es una celebración bastante confusa, porque cierran los bancos, la Bolsa de Valores, el correo y las oficinas de gobierno, pero las escuelas y las empresas privadas siguen abiertas.

In Latino Youth Summit, Senators Highlight Need for Civic Engagement
Washington, D.C. – Senate Democrats highlighted the importance of civic engagement among young Hispanics as part of the First Senate Democratic Latino Youth Summit. The event gave close to 150 young Latinos from across the country the opportunity to interact with senators and discuss issues of importance, such as: immigration, civil rights, and education. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Senators Debbie Stabe-now (D-MI), Ken Salazar (D-CO), and Robert Menéndez (D-NJ), addressed the young Hispanic leaders and commended their involvement and impact on public policy and society.

How To Be Successful in Community College
Facts and Tips For First Year Students
By Anne Driscoll
Recent research suggests that a student’s first college academic experiences are critical in increasing their chances of transferring to a four-year college. The number and type of courses that students take in their first semester, and the grades they earn are also important in determining their chances of transferring.

Actor says his life is Latin-American dream
By Kellie Ell
WASHINGTON - Take an underprivileged upbringing, a voyage to the land of the free, mix with exceptionally good looks, celebrity girlfriends and a starring role on a TV show and you have the American dream. Or, at least you do in the case of Wilmer Valderrama, most recognizable for his role on “That ‘70s Show” as Fez, the Foreign Exchange student.

Scholarships Allow One Student to Realize Dream of Med School
Thanks to 100,000 alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends, The Campaign for UCSD: Imagine What’s Next recently achieved its historic $1 billion fundraising goal. The campaign has already had a far-reaching impact on the campus, the community and the world. Donors gave for a number of reasons: to support outstanding faculty, advance academic excellence, improve lives through research and healthcare, launch inventive programs and streng-then innovation funds so the university is ever ready to meet its highest priority needs.

Por Marcos Nelson Suárez
El maravilloso placer de leer
Mientras que el mundo moderno, con su alto desarrollo tecnológico nos ofrece una amplia gama de opciones para el entretenimiento y la información, la lectura sigue siendo para aquellos que quieren realmente disfrutar de la vida y la cultura, una práctica insustituible y sobre todo, barata.

Aldea SOS de Tijuana solicita mamás
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
La Aldea SOS de Tijuana, hogar sustituto para niños desamparados, se encuentra en busca de mujeres que deseen integrarse a la comunidad de madres sustitutas y hacerse cargo de una nueva familia.

Realiza Consulado de Mexico Feria de Salud Para Atender Necesidades de Inmigrantes
En el marco de la Semana Binacional de Salud, el Consulado General de México en San Diego organiza feria de salud en las que la comunidad mexicana que reside en el Condado recibirá información sobre diversos padecimientos como la diabetes, cáncer, tuberculosis, así como cuidados prenatales.

Pardee Homes Sales Representative Noted for Top Customer Service
What does it take to be the best at satisfying customers? For Paola Gandara, a sales representative at Pardee Homes’ Esmeralda neighborhood and winner of the company’s Buyers Choice Award, it’s all about one simple question, “How can I help you?”

Editorial and Commentary

Presidential approval rating at an all time low
Approval rating for Congress at 11%
To most people polls don’t mean a whole heck of a lot. The people who really watch polls are politicians, who only watch them so they can see how they are going to feel about a particular issue. But this week a Reuters/Zogby poll of President Bush and the Congress really stood out. President Bush’s approval rating is at an all time low of 24%, meaning that for every 100 people you ask about the job Bush is doing 76 think he is not doing very well.

No child left behind… Disregard the Minorities
By April Jimenez
The infamous 2002 No Child Left Behind act passed by the Bush administration was first received as a much needed breakthrough for education, the long overdue step forward for the children in low achieving schools. The promising act guaranteed America a better quality education for every student. Its aims were to narrow the brutal achievement gap between ethnicities and ensure better qualified teachers in low performing schools. However, six years later we can see that in its attempt to help the pobrecitos in the poorly funded, poorly taught and poorly resourced schools, NCLB has had a harmful affect on students who are in most need of help, more specifically the minorities. NCLB has two major flaws that greatly hinder the advancement of Hispanic students as well as other minorities. The first flaw is the countless negative side affects of mandatory state testing and secondly, is NCLB’s failure to rectify the grossly inequitable allotment of qualified teachers.

College Students See Veto of California Dream Act as Contrary to American Values of Hard Work, Achievement, and Reward
Vow to continue efforts for access and affordability of higher education in California, including Dream Act in 2008
By Oiyan Poon
Students throughout the University of California with our peers at the California State University and California Community Colleges are frustrated by the Governor’s lack of human compassion represented by his veto of the California DREAM Act (SB 1). Although this is a setback in the statewide efforts to ensure the California DREAM for all Californians, the UC Student Association will continue to fight for access and affordability of the UC system for all UC students.

The Jena 6 and the Latino Community
By Tlecoz Huitzil/Efren Paredes, Jr.
The Jena 6 case created a call for the Latino community to examine the handling of injustices against members of our community in courtrooms across the nation.

Lamento Boliviano: el Mar
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
¿Cuál es nuestro deber?, resonaba la voz de Julio Lazarte Lizarazu, director del Colegio San Francisco de La Paz, Bolivia, durante mi niñez y adolescencia. Los estudiantes contestábamos todos los días: “Estudiar y trabajar para volver al mar, al mar”.

Over-Taxed and Under-represented
By Christopher Blood
It is property tax season, and thousands of San Diego County property owners stand to get overcharged this year.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Crossroaders supports Height Limit Initiative
The Crossroads II Board of Directors supports the efforts of Chula Vistans for Community Input 2 (CVCI2) to put a Height Limit Initiative on the ballot.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

First Person:
By Al Carlos Hernandez
Back in the day there was a song which included the lyrics, “Diamond in the back sunroof top, digging the scene with a gangster lean…”

Casi 15 años de cine latino en San Diego
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
El Festival de Cine Latino de San Diego cumple 15 años en marzo, y como una manera de preparar al público para la gran celebración, el San Diego Media Arts Center, la organización que hace el festival, inició la serie Countdown to 15 (Conteo hacia los 15), una muestra mensual de dos películas latinas.

Halloween Happenings
150th Halloween at The Whaley House
“America’s Most Haunted” celebrates its sesquicentennial this Halloween season with extended hours, ghostly tours, book signings, period music and 150 years of San Diego history

¡Venga y Celebre Día de Los Muertos!
MainStreet Oceanside celebrará su Séptimo Festival Anual Día de Los Muertos el domingo, 28 de octubre. Esta celebración se esta convirtiendo en una de las celebraciones más grandes de Día en los Estados Unidos.

Come Celebrate Día de los Muertos!
MainStreet Oceanside is producing its Seventh Annual Día de los Muertos Festival on Sunday, October 28. This celebration is becoming one of the largest Día celebrations in the U.S.

Resultó un Verdadero Exito Artístico y Financiero “Mi Festival”
Por: Paco Zavala
Una de las espectativas más delicadas de tratar en estos tiempos, son los recursos financieros y económicos de la familia, los que a decir verdad no gozan de una completa salud. Los recursos del bolsillo hay que observarlos mesuradamente, sobre todo de los sectores con menos posibilidades. Tijuana despliega diariamente una febril actividad vinculada muy estrechamente con el desarrollo artístico y cultural, pero no a todos los eventos tiene accesibilidad el total de la población; por falta de recursos económicos gran parte de este sector se queda con las ganas de asistir a presenciar espectáculos.

Festiva Romería en Verbena Popular y Elaboración de la Ensalada Caesar Más Grande del Mundo
“La melodiosa voz de Guadalupe Pineda estará en Tijuana”
Por: Paco Zavala
Los preparativos ya están listos, se ultiman detalles para elaborar la Ensalada Caesar más grande del mundo en el marco de las festividades del XXV Aniversario del Centro Cultural Tijuana, además aderezará este evento la realización de una grandiosa Verbena Popular, en la que participarán: La Orquesta de Juan Medina, Javier Batiz, Lux Boreal, Ticuán, Oscar Chávez acompañado por los Morales y la música electrónica del Niño Astronauta, esta festividad será el próximo sábado 20 de octubre en la Explanada del Centro Cultural Tijuana, de 1:00 pm. (1:00 de la tarde) a 1:00 am. (1:00 de la mañana del domingo).

Mexico’s Lorena Ochoa Sparks a Revolution
By Juan Esparza Loera and Sandra Velasquez
DANVILLE, CA – The Lorena Ochoa revolution is catching fuego north of the border.

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