Volume XXXI Number 46 November 16, 2007

FrontPage Stories

Bill Virchis, a living legend in performing arts education

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

One of the oldest photographs that William “Bill” Virchis has of him in the performing arts, is where, at nine years old, he appears with his mother holding a $5 guitar she had bought him in Tijuana.

“There I was, with that little guitar, and today, more than 50 years later, I never imagined I was going to help other children like me become involved in the performing arts,” said Virchis, who’s considered one of the founding fathers of Chicano theatre and one of the most important performing arts educators in San Diego County.

Virchis will retire from his job as director of the Visual Arts and Performing Arts Department at Sweetwater Union High School District in April. He had planned to retire in December, but due to several projects that came up, such as him directing a musical on the life of campesino leader Cesar Chavez, he’ll wait a few more months.

“It’s time to leave the ship for another captain,” said Virchis.

On November 29, the Southwestern College Chicano Latino Coalition will have a banquet and tribute for Virchis as a recognition for his more than 30 years in performing arts education. Among the invited guests are actors Edward James Olmos and Mario Lopez, and comedian Paul Rodriguez.

“This celebration isn’t just about me. It’s about everybody who has supported me,” he said.

Virchis truly deserves this tribute—and many more.

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Bill Virchis, una leyenda de la educación artística en SD
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Una de las fotografías más antiguas que William “Bill” Virchis tiene de él en las artes escénicas es una donde, a la edad de nueve años, aparece con su madre con una guitarra de $5 que ella le había comprado en Tijuana.

Steve Padilla
So, another rant from a member of the San Diego political establishment’s good ‘ol boys network, who conveniently (and inaccurately) wrote about Chula Vista’s looming financial woes in the last election, is back to crow and heap praise on the current saviors from same. (Voice of San Diego, 11/1/07). Chula Vista’s budget woes are not due to the meltdown in the housing market and a slowing economy, no, it’s all due to the prior Mayor and City Council’s recklessness don’t ya’ know.

Fighting the Anti-Immigrant Movement in the States
By Nathan Newman
The Progressive States Network is launching a new initiative, the State Immigration Project, to support state legislators and advocates working to promote a smart, humane immigration policy in the states. In the last few months, Progressive States Network has been working with labor, community and religious allies to develop a network of advocates to support state leaders on the immigration issue for the coming legislative session.


Hillary’s No. 2: A Good-Looking, Military Progressive from the South
By Peter Micek
Editor’s Note: Good looks, Midwestern values and a military background are the characteristics voters are looking for in Sen. Hillary Clinton’s running mate, according to editors from across the U.S. ethnic media landscape. New America Media asked some of its partners for their predictions about whom the Senator from New York should choose if she wins the Democratic primary.

Programa Nacional de Derechos Humanos debe proteger migrantes
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
El Colegio de la Frontera Norte y la Secretaria de Gobernación realizaron el pasado jueves 8 de noviembre un foro de consulta ciudadana para el Programa Nacional de Derechos Humanos en la región Noroeste de México.

Alumnos bajacalifornianos reciben reconocimiento del presidente Calderón
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
10 alumnos que obtuvieron el mejor aprovechamiento en las pruebas de enlace a nivel estatal en el ciclo escolar pasado, recibieron el pasado jueves 15 de noviembre un reconocimiento en manos del presidente Felipe Calderón en la residencia oficial de Los Pinos.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Una pequeña victoria
“La Administración del Seguro Social no mandará cartas No Match este año”.

Hispanics on Both Sides of Subprime Lending
By Steven Holland
Two words – “subprime lending” – captured headlines at midyear. Immortalized as the practice of making loans to borrowers with deficient credit histories, subprime lending has led to more than 100 major mortgage lenders closing their doors.

After the Fires - SBDC is Here to Help!
The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is available to assist business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools and guidance they need to sustain and grow operations.

Por Jose López Zamorano
Deber, honor y país
Hace 41 años un joven mexicano nacido en Chihuahua desafió lo que él mismo llamaría “diez minutos de infierno”. Tenía apenas 21 años de edad pero como soldado su meta era clara: rescatar a sus compañeros heridos, sin importarle que en el intento se le impactaron las esquirlas de una granada y una bala le atravesó la espina dorsal.

Educational Documentary to Inform Public of Cross-Border Health Issues
In response to the lack of knowledge regarding cross-border health, the International Community Foundation and Fundacion International de la Comunidad A.C. are providing an educational documentary to help inform San Diegans about critical health issues affecting both sides of the border.

Free Flu Vaccine Clinic Announced For Fire Victims
Plaza Bonita on Nov. 17 will be first clinic to begin dispensing 10,000 doses of donated flu vaccine
The American Lung Association of California has scheduled the first vaccination clinic where people affected by recent fires can receive a free vaccine for both flu and pneumonia. On Saturday, November 17, the clinic will take place at the Plaza Bonita Mall from 10 am to 2 p.m. The address is 3030 Plaza Bonita Road, National City CA 91950. The vaccination clinic will be located inside the mall, near the entrance.

California’s Elections and Education Chiefs Launch ‘MyVote California,’ Encourage Teen Civic Engagement
SACRAMENTO – To engage teen voters-to-be in the excitement of the February 5, 2008, Presidential Primary Election, Secretary of State Debra Bowen and Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell today launched MyVote California, a hands-on civic engagement project for high-school students that will culminate in a statewide mock election in January.

South Bay Expressway will save you time
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
You could say that the new South Bay Expressway, which opens on Monday, November 19, is going to be a traffic blessing for commuters that currently use Interstate 805.

South Bay Expressway le ahorrará tiempo
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Se podría decir que la nueva South Bay Expressway, que abre el lunes 19 de noviembre, va a ser una bendición para los conductores que actualmente usan la Interestatal 805.

Editorial and Commentary

Immigration Not the Number One Issue Among Voters
If the early elections are any indication, and they usually are, immigration is not going to be the driving issue when it comes time to choose between a candidate who takes a strong stance as an anti-immigration candidate over a candidate who is moderate on immigration and presents a broader campaign platform. We can derive this from the outcome of the Virginia and New York elections that were held this November.

Vote Hope Fills Void in Latino Political Media—in Particular in California
By Jenifer Fernandez Ancona
Last Spring, America saw the potential power of the Latino community as a political force. Millions of people, in cities across the country, poured into the streets, marching in solidarity for equality and justice for immigrants. In November of 2006, Latino voters proved again that they could help deliver victories, as their turnout increased by 33% in Congressional races, and was much more heavily Democratic than in years past, according to a recent report by NDN’s Hispanic Strategy Center (http://www.ndn.org/hispanic/new-report.html). The GOP’s constant drumbeat of anti-immigrant rhetoric has opened up an incredible opportunity for Democrats and progressives to solidify Latino voters as a reliable – and fast-growing – part of our coalition.

Clinton’s Lack of Respect for Latin America
By Tom Barry
“A great nation must command the respect of others,” writes Hillary Clinton in the new issue of Foreign Affairs. But what about showing a little respect? In her infatuation with U.S. power and the transcendent “American idea,” she forgets that international cooperation is not just about winning respect, it’s also about respecting other nations.

La importancia de la “s”
Por José R. Uzal
En el 2005, en anticipación de las elecciones del 2006 Karl Rove, estratega de la administración en aquellos tiempos, abrió la caja de Pandora y se escaparon los demonios de la inmigración. Nadie los ha podido volver a poner en la caja. La inmigración seguirá siendo un tema candente en el panorama nacional. La elecciones del 2008 y la caída económica que se avecina aseguran que los mercaderes de mitos y mentiras en los medios de comunicación, continuarán arengando a los estadounidenses contra nosotros los inmigrantes que hablamos español.

Too Many Police Shootings: More Than A Few Bad Apples
By Rinku Sen and Alysia Tate
The problem of fatal police shootings in America goes beyond a few bad apples. It points to persistent and systemic problems that lead to ongoing tragedies for communities of color.

La Población Latino-estadounidense
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Mi hija, Karen, nació en Estados Unidos. Mi esposa es colombiana y yo soy boliviano. Tanto mi esposa como yo estamos seguros de nuestra nacionalidad y me parece que los dos también tenemos claro, por lo menos yo, el rollo de nuestra identidad. Por el contrario, mi niña todavía no tiene certeza si es boliviana-americana, colombo-americana, o simplemente norteamericana.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

First Person:
By Al Carlos Hernandez
TV and film writers have gone on strike and are walking catered picket lines with very clever no doubt re-written, glib and cutesy picket signs.

Writing in Netantla
By LaVon Rice
Yet another voice is weighing in on the fate of la frontera these days—but it’s a poet, not a pundit. In her latest novel, The Guardians, the multi-genre writer Ana Castillo takes a look at life on the U.S.-Mexico border with sensitivity and imagination—qualities often sorely lacking in the immigration debate today. Told through the eyes of several characters, The Guardians explores the politics of the border with irony, lyricism and desert-spare clarity.

Recibió Diplomas de Graduación la Quinta Generación de Guitarristas Populares
Por: Paco Zavala
El pasado domingo 11 de noviembre a las 10:00 am. en sencilla, pero solemne ceremonia se realizó el acto de diplomar a cuatro jóvenes guitarristas populares, los que a partir de esta fecha vienen a engrosar las nutridas filas musicales de ejecutantes de guitarra, así lo demostraron en tan trascendental acto.

Javier Bardem’s one-two punch with ‘Country,’ ‘Cholera’
By Kiko Martinez
From a Cuban poet and novelist to a passionate quadriplegic to a sadistic crime boss, Spanish actor Javier Bardem has taken on some challenging roles.

De Lujo e Inolvidable “Una Noche de Otoño” con el Tenor Javier Sevilla
Reflejó en el escenario su trabajo y dedicación

Por: Paco Zavala
El escenario cualquiera que sea, es el escenario, impone mucho respeto al artista que logra colocarse en sus espacios y admiración por el artista que logra dominar el “track” en el momento de pisarlo.

The Party Never Stops! The REP Celebrates The Opening of Rick Najera’s SWEET 15 (Quinceañera)
The party never stops at the Lyceum Theatre! To celebrate the opening of Rick Najera’s interactive comedy SWEET 15 (Quinceañera), San Diego REPertory Theatre has set up a series of festive, performance-inspired events. This includes a special mixer with members of the local Latino business community, an intimate fundraiser for the Dorcas House and an exclusive theatrical SLAM performance by a few of the South Bay’s finest artists. The REP will also be hosting a mariachi performance by Maestro Jeff Nevin, an intriguing discussion on Chicano Theatre and a reception in celebration of the Grand Opening of the San Diego Latino Film Festival’s Visual Arts Exhibit. Admission to these surround events will be free of cost to those who purchase tickets to selected SWEET 15 performances (excluding the Dorcas House fundraiser).

Soto Excited about the Turnaround at SDSU
By John Philip Wyllie
Football has never been a sport to attract an abundance of Hispanic athletes, but the rapidly improving San Diego State Aztecs have a good one in starting defensive end Jonathan Soto. The 6’3” 265 pound Soto traces his ancestry to Nicaragua and Guatemala and is one of the few Spanish speaking players on the team. It is what he does on the field however, that has the Aztec coaching staff excited about his future here. Soto had seven tackles and a sack in the game against New Mexico several weeks ago and he hopes to top that in the three weeks remaining in the regular season.

El Nuevo Estadio Caliente
Al fin se cumple con Tijuana. Después de 25 años de promesas a todos los niveles, públicos y privados, Tijuana contará con un digno Estadio, un inmueble diseñado para albergar a lo mejor del fútbol nacional y mundial además de ser un recinto donde se presentarán los mejores espectáculos internacionales. El nuevo Estadio Caliente.

Cotto rises to “Greatness” with good win over Mosley!
By Mike Indri
The fight was super-hyped, and rightfully so, as undefeated welterweight world champion Miguel Cotto was facing his most difficult challenge in four-time, three-division former world champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley, for Cotto’s World Boxing Association title belt.

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