November 9, 2007

Brazilian, Spanish films come to San Diego in November

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

A Brazilian woman returns to her village with a newborn son after being abandoned by her husband. She’s poor, uneducated, and has little hope for the future.

But she’s beautiful. That’s when she has the idea to raffle “a night in paradise” with her.

That’s the premise behind Love for Sale, a Brazilian film opening this Friday, Nov. 9, through Thursday, Nov. 15, as part of the San Diego Latino Film Festival’s Countdown to 15 series at UltraStar Cinemas at Hazard Center in Mission Valley.

“MACSD is excited to bring a Brazilian film to San Diego for our final installment of our monthly film series of 2007,” said Ethan van Thillo, executive director for the Media Arts Center San Diego, the non-profit that organizes the San Diego Latino Film Festival, which in March turns 15. “Our organization’s goal is to constantly show the diversity of the Latino community and the diversity of Latino cinema. It’s truly an international form of cinema that people of all cultures can appreciate. No matter what language you speak or what country you may be from.”

Love for Sale is in Portuguese with English subtitles.

  “Brazil’s Love for Sale is a beautiful film from the Director of Madam Sata and Cinematographer of the Academy Award hit Central Station. It’s a great escape for the viewer and allows you to feel how life is in a very small town,” Van Thillo said.

  The film was an official selection at the Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals and was shown in the 2007 New Directors/New Filmmakers series in New York.

Also opening on Nov. 9 and screening through Nov. 15 is the Spanish drama DarkBlue AlmostBlack, directed by Daniel Sanchez Arevalo and starring Antonio de la Torre, from Pedro Almodovar’s Volver.

“We’re also honored to screen DarkBlueAlmost Black this month,” Van Thillo said. “It’s a film we tried to get for the film festival in March 2007, but it was not available at the time. It’s from one of Spain’s premiere production companies and distributors, Sogepaq.”

The film tells the story of Jorge, a young with a recently acquired degree and big plans that don’t include taking over his father’s janitorial position.

“A lot of young adults here in San Diego will connect to the main character and his situation. Educated, but can’t find a real job he likes,” Van Thillo said. “Still living home at his father’s house. Seeing someone to love. All these evoke emotions and feelings that we all dealt with at one point of our lives. As everyone knows with the films from Pedro Almodovar, Spain is a powerhouse when it comes to quality cinema. DarkBlueAlmost Black has all the qualities we see in Spanish film, excellent actors, script, stories, and cinematography. For those who missed El metodo earlier on in August, this is your final chance to see great Spanish cinema on the big screen for the 2007 ends!”

DarkBlueAlmostBlack is in Spanish with English subtitles.

There is a separate admission price for each film. Tickets are $9.50 General Audiences / $7.50 Students, seniors & Media Arts Center San Diego members.

For more information call 619-230-1938 x 101 / or visit on-line to view trailers and read more about the films at:

“Once again this month’s films show the wide breadth and truly international flavor of Latino cinema today,” Van Thillo said.

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