November 9, 2007

$9 Trillion: Hijole, este pobre Indio doesn’t even know what 1 trillion is. The brain can’t comprehend, imagine what a trillion looks like. But, $9 Trillion that is the projected debt for the United States next year.

$9 Trillion in debt and we can’t even provide health care coverage for our children, qué pasó????

Of course you know where they are going to get the money for this debt, sí, from us pobres indios!!!!

Speaking of debt the City of Chula Vista is $8 million short this year, give or take a few hundred thousand. Of course, Mayor Cherly Cox ran on the platform that the budge was a mess, but she never did say what her plan was during her campaign, so we sit and wait to finally see what she has in mind!!!

If the recent budget troubles with National City are any indication, they were $7 million in debt, then expect a bunch of services to be slashed, jobs eliminated and a tax bill on the next ballot, with all the politicans, unions, and big businesses saying this is the only answer (to save their piece of the pie!).

$7 million — $8 million doesn’t sound as bad as $9 Trillion though.

The Inzunzas may be out of sight but they are still pretty busy. Heard they bought more property in Barrio Logan, Porky Land property???

Amigo de La Prensa, Bill Virchis is retiring this month. A big bash is planned for the end of the month at Chuey’s in Barrio Logan. Contact the Chicano Latino Coalition at 619-482-6508. It’s going to be a red carpet affair with mucha gente and plenty of stars!

Una pregunta: How does a fire disaster turn into an immigration issue????

What’s up with the Sweetwater High School Board? Community meeting was held to discuss equal representation in school board races and the school district paid for suits to come down and argue against the community petition, the only question is: did their lawyer even read the petition? His whole argument didn’t even relate to issue, but mostly, dealt with tearing apart a map that was merely there for show. The final map would be drawn up by the County Board of Education in the future.

So lets see... looks like the Sweetwater School Board paid for a lawyer from LA, a political consultant from Saco, and some Ph.D who came down to an informational/community meeting sounds like over kill. County Board appeared to be up to the challenge though and didn’t give into the suits, they got their 5 minutes, no more, no less. 5 minutes just like everyone else. That must have been an expensive 5 minutes for the Sweetwater school board to pay for.

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