Volume XXXI Number 21 May 25, 2007

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Bishop Chavez Retires With a Progressive Legacy in Mexican Community

‘He has stolen our hearts,’ say congregation

By Raymond R. Beltran

When Gilberto E. Chavez was ordained auxiliary bishop in 1974, there weren’t many priests of Mexican descent who were placed in roles of leadership in the U.S.

In fact, he was only the second, following Aux. Bishop Paul Flores in San Antonio, Texas.

Chavez is now retiring, effective Thursday, May 31, and Latino Catholics who’ve built a kinship with him say there will be a ‘black hole’ in his absence for a spiritual community where he leaves behind an imprint of social justice.

Auxiliary Bishop Gilberto E. Chavez with former Guadalupanas Alicia Esparza (left), Gabriela Ginese (right) and Clarita Ramirez (far right).

“He has stolen our hearts,” says Gabriela Ginese, former president of the Guadalupana Confederation, a Catholic group that organized a 650-person farewell gala for the bishop this past Sunday. “He is a man full of love, and strong will, and generosity for those in need.”

Chavez is a former priest who long ago found himself swept up in the midst of the Chicano Movement and spent a ‘Day of Terror’ in Ecuador after the military overthrow of President Isabel Martinez de Peron.

Originally from Ontario, California, Chavez was the second oldest of five siblings, one sister and four brothers, born to Ramona Espinoza Chavez, a Zacatecas native, and Margarito Chavez, also from Mexico.

His parents owned a produce store in the midst of vegetable fields, highly populated by Italian immigrants, he remembers. The families there hadn’t much, but they were dedicated to their families and faith, examples that he says helped shape his spiritual path.

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How many Mexican stereotypes do you know?
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
As a little boy growing up in Laredo, Texas, William “Memo” Nericcio used to watch Speedy Gonzalez cartoons like any other American kid in the 1970s.

¿Cuántos estereotipos de mexicanos conoces?
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Siendo un pequeño niño en Laredo, Texas, William “Memo” Nericcio solía mirar las caricaturas de Speedy Gonzalez como cualquier otro niño estadounidense en los años ´70.


Mexico’s Drug War: A Society at Risk - Soldiers versus Narco-Soldiers
By Alex Sánchez

In early May, five Mexican soldiers, including an army colonel, were killed in a shoot-out with drug traffickers. It is believed that some of the attackers were members of Los Zetas, former members of Mexico’s Special Forces who have deserted or retired and who now work for the drug-trafficking Gulf Cartel. This violent incident is an example of the brutal tactics routinely utilized in the current daily confrontations taking place in Mexico.

Derechos humanos detrás de las rejas: Trabajando para humanizar el sistema penitenciario de Baja California
Por Luis Alonso Pérez

Por muchos años las cárceles de Baja California han dejado de cumplir con la función de readaptar delincuentes y reinsertarlos exitosamente a la sociedad. Al contrario, para muchos presos se han convertido en un simple lugar de reclusión al que regresarán en repetidas ocasiones durante su vida sin lograr convertirse en ciudadanos de bien.

Migrantes opinan sobre la reforma migratoria
Por Luis Alonso Pérez

Es un miércoles por la noche como cualquier otro en la Casa del Migrante Scalabrini y Avinadad López espera pacientemente su turno para usar la regadera después de haber recibido una cena caliente y un cambio de ropa limpia.

Bilingual Preschools for Black and Latino Kids Few and Far Between
By Leisel Bogan
PACOIMA, Calif. — On a street riddled with potholes, “Auntie Di’s Preschool,” as Diana Smith calls it, does not look like much more than a house with a banner dangling from a tree. But stepping past the front gate and into the bright, colorful interior of the school, it is immediately evident that much work and care has gone into developing the preschool Smith runs in a low-income neighborhood of Pacoima.

Bilingual radio show tackles senior, ethnic issues
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Many times, American and Mexican seniors are the ones that believe the stereotypes from each other because of the era in which they grew up in.

Programa de radio bilingüe trata temas de ancianos, étnicos
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Muchas veces, los ancianos americanos y mexicanos son los que creen los estereotipos uno del otro grupo por la era en la que crecieron.

Sweetwater’s Bots Rock the Competition
The task was daunting – design, build and program a microcontroller-controlled robot that could climb slopes, track lines, avoid obstacles and identify and handle colored objects. But meeting challenges has never been a problem for three female engineering students who make up Southwest High School’s robotics team. Working together, the team took third place overall, first at the district level, in the “RoboRocks Robotics Competition” at San Diego City College.

La Ley de la Selva
Por Javier Sierra

Los pulmones de nuestro planeta tienen un cáncer que año tras año va corroyendo estos imprescindibles ecosistemas. Este cáncer se llama la explotación irracional de los bosques tropicales, en donde demasiados confunden su color verde con el color del dinero.

Alzheimer’s tends to strike Hispanics at an earlier age
What role do fish have with Alzheimer’s?

Doctor’s Corner
By Dr. Eduardo Grunvald
What do fish have to do with Alzheimer’s disease? Researchers at UCSD (University of California, San Diego) are trying to figure that out.

Alzheimer tiende a atacar a los Hispanos a edad temprana
¡Comer pescado puede retrasar la enfermedad!
Esquina del Doctor
Por Dr. Eduardo Grunvald
¿Qué tienen que ver los pescados con la enfermedad de Alzheimer? Investigadores de UCSD (la Universidad de California, San Diego) están intentando entenderlo.

Community Notes:
Southwest Association to meet at MAAC Center
The Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association, (which was organized to  provide a structured association for the residents, property owners, and business owners of the underrepresented Southwestern region of Chula Vista, to participate in the preservation, planning, development and protection of the unique character of the area through community education and group action) will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday May 31, 2007 at the MAAC Community Charter School at 1388 Third Ave, Chula Vista 91911.

Esmeralda offers the best of two worlds:
a great home and close proximity to Tijuana
For one local South San Diego family, moving into Pardee Homes’ Esmeralda neighborhood in Ocean View Hills was an easy choice. The Buswell family needed a home close to the border but also wanted a newer neighborhood. Esmeralda offers both.

Editorial and Commentary

We say goodbye to Bishop Chavez,
as we look forward to the next Hispanic Bishop

This past weekend the Guadalupana’s from San Diego’s Hispanic Catholic Community bid a fond goodbye and retirement party for their Vicar, Auxiliary Bishop Gilberto E. Chavez. It was a heart felt,warm goodbye and tribute to the man who has been their guiding light for the past 33 years.

Message to America: Respect Memorial Day
By Paul A. Morin
Here is a surprise, I am not going to defend the Iraq war. I won’t even explain the importance of the war on terrorism. VA budget? Not today. That’s because this column is about Memorial Day, a hallowed day that should be about honoring the more than one million men and women who died in the service of this nation in wars and conflicts dating back to 1775. It should be above politics. Period.

Support Our Troops Week
By Ernie McCray
San Diego City Schools just finished up a “Support Our Troops Week.” And just the thought of such a celebration makes my heart weak.

Struggling To Get From Many To One
By Alan Jenkins
Over 100 million people of color now live in the United States, the U.S. Census Bureau reported last week, one-third of our population and a new milestone in our nation’s diversity. Two important decisions currently facing our federal government will help determine whether that diversity continues to be one of America’s great strengths or is met with division and denial.

La Burla
Por José R. Uzal
El verano pasado la Cámara de Representantes llevó a cabo audiencias para discutir el problema migratorio. En aquel momento, en lugar de audiencias, se esperaba la designación de delegados para homologar el proyecto de ley HR4437, aprobado por la Cámara, con el proyecto S2611 aprobado en mayo por el Senado. Se burlaron de nosotros y usaron dichas audiencias para que la reforma migratoria no fuera parte de la campaña electoral.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Time for a change in Iraq
I am disappointed that no matter what the consequences are, the president is unwilling to change course in Iraq.

Guadalupanas hosted a wonderful retirement party for their Obispo, Gilberto Chavez. Obispo Chavez will be sorely missed as the Vicar for San Diego’s Hispanics, but he won’t be gone totally… he will continue to serve the community preside over baptisims, weddings, etc, which is good news.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

First Person
By Al Carlos Hernandez
The other day I was trying to install my niece’s high tech baby seat into my car and the process was frustratingly complicated. There is an arcane left wing conspiracy protocol of straps and buckles. In order to secure it in properly, I almost straight jacketed myself upside down while doing a hand stand in the back seat. Got it in all right, but it may not ever come out again.

During Immigration Debate,
Artists Rustle Feathers From Afar
By Raymond R. Beltran
Just when the word Republican was at the bottom of the popularity totem poll, two San Diego artists, from afar, reminded lawmakers that it’s not as bad as being a “Know Nothing Republican.”

“Out of the Shadows”
La curiosidad del visitante inicia desde el momento en que el letrero Amarillo de “Caution” nos atrae como abejas al aromático aroma de una flor. Nuestra primera pregunta es ¿Qué hace este letrero afuera de este edificio? ¿Por qué se encuentra en este lugar residencial? Una vez adentro del pequeño espacio nuestros ojos – ajustándose a la oscuridad del interior – se percatan del mensaje que se esconde detrás del gigante amarillo con las imágenes que ya sin pensarlo dos veces relacionamos con la inmigración indocumentada. Se trata de una de las exhibiciones más coherentes, explosivas sobre los dos temas que tienen dividido al pais: La inmigración indocumentada y la guerra en Irak.

Why do filmmakers continue to use the human sacrifice to depict Aztec culture?
By Heriberto Escamilla
I don’t see movies often enough to consider myself a legitimate “critic;” but like everyone else, I have opinions that are not always, but sometimes as valid as anyone else’s. So along with some reflections, I’ll share a few. Last night, I attended a screening of “La Otra Conquista,” which opened this past weekend at the AMC 26 Promenade Theaters on Palm Avenue. I understand this was actually the second release of Salvador Carrasco’s 1999 record setting, epic depicting the struggle between the Indigenous Mexican culture and the one espoused by the legendary conquerors of Mexico.

Un pirata surrealista e interminable
‘Los Piratas del Caribe’ se esmeran en terminar la historia
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Alrededor de la mitad de las dos horas y tres cuartos que dura la tercera parte de la trilogía de los Piratas del Caribe estaba completamente perdido, y sospecho que la mayoría del público también. La trama incorpora tantas historias y subtramas alrededor de sus siete personajes principales que al final lo único que puedes hacer es dejar descansar la cabeza en el respaldo y sonreír ante el “viaje”.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
41st Anniversary of Death of Carlos Arruza
“When the moment of truth came, there was no brass band playing, only the soft wind; no aficionados, screaming for the kill, just the whisper of wind in pine trees. And, there was no blood and sand of the bullring. Instead, there was the blood and asphalt of a highway accident.”

Robles Happy to Be Back Home
By John Philip Wyllie
After six seasons in the Mexican League primarily with Diablos Rojos of Mexico City, former Montgomery High School CIF Player of the Year Oscar Robles made his MLB debut with the Dodgers two seasons ago. Acquired in the off-season by the Padres, the 31-year old utility infielder is delighted to be playing just a few miles from his home in Tijuana.

Farewell Champ!
Diego Corrales buried in Las Vegas
By Mike Indri
Boxing buried one of its most beloved champions Tuesday afternoon, as former two-division world titleholder Diego Corrales was peacefully laid to rest following last week’s tragic motorcycle accident that claimed the life of the legendary fighter.

Tex-Mex Fest: A Tribute to Freddy Fender
An All-Star tribute will be presented at a show-stopping Las Vegas extravaganza in honor of the late Tex-Mex musical legend and country-rock trailblazer Freddy Fender. Among the slate of All-Star celebrity artists scheduled to appear are Grammy Award-winners such as Little Joe y La Familia, Ramon Ayala y Los Bravos del Norte, country crooner Johnny Rodriguez, Roberto Pulido, Johnny Hernandez, California Chicano sound originators Tierra, Charlie Rich Jr. and Augie Meyers, a founding member of the Texas Tornados. Actor Jesse Borrego, former star of the television series “Fame” and films such as Con-Air, Bound by Honor and Lone Star will join the all-star musical line-up as master of ceremonies.

¡Tic Tac Tiempo!
Bestselling Author, Victor Villaseñor, signing books in Carlsbad
by Raymond R. Beltran
When a writer knows he’s got something good sitting on his desk, he’ll sacrifice whatever he needs to put it in a reader’s hands.

Regina Orozco ‘La Megabizcocho’ Rutilante Estrella Presenta su Show en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Ante la audiencia de la comunidad tijuanense el próximo domingo 27 de mayo a las 7:00 pm., se presentará la rutilante estrella Regina Orozco ‘La Megabizcoho’, con su estraordinario espectáculo ‘Regina en Diván’, en el Centro de Espectáculos El Foro (Jai Alai).

¿Extraña tiempos pasados? Feria “Old Time” toma lugar a primeros de Junio en Ramona
El primer fin de semana de Junio es tiempo de feria en Ramona. La “Old Time Country Fair” es la feria de la iglesia del Inmaculado Corazón de Maria, tradicionalmente uno de los festejos populares más alegres y especiales para familias hispanas en el Valle del Sol.

Ramos Bounces Back to Win Mesa League Golf Title
By John Philip Wyllie
After a so-so first nine out at Eastlake Country Club Bonita Vista High senior Max Ramos had little reason to believe that he would emerge as the Mesa League golf champion, but a sizzling back nine allowed the Iowa State bound Ramos a dramatic come from behind victory.

Warning to Gomez: It’s not TV, it’s Gatti and HBO!
Facing “Thunder” in AC too big a step up for ex-contender?
By Mike Indri
New York - If television’s reality boxing series “The Contender” has done anything for it’s participants, it has provided several young fighters with very rare and beneficial mainstream exposure, as well as some well deserved finances. A majority of those that fought on the “The Contender”, such as Peter Manfredo, Sergio Mora, Joey Gilbert, and now Alfonso Gomez, are better known and more recognizable than most of the current world champions within boxing!

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