Volume XXXI Number 20 May 18, 2007

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Act of Honor, Tale of Two Families and Tragedy

By Raymond R. Beltran

Rosa Peralta is declining phone calls from reporters from now on. It’s too hard on her, emotionally. Reliving the death of her son, periodically, throughout the past two and a half years.

Rafael, her eldest of four, died embracing a live grenade in Iraq to save the lives of fellow Marines, the focal point of a new documentary Act of Honor to air on the History Channel this weekend.

The film exhibits Rosa at her most vulnerable, crying on her eldest daughter’s, Isela’s, shoulders. Her now-only son Ricardo, sixteen, is twirling his thumbs to avenge his brother somehow. Karen, his sibling peer, joined him at a Devil Pups camp, a ten-day junior military training program.

“He did good, but his loss is felt,” says Rosa, who’s had to keep her family at bay from an onslaught of press during the release of Act. “Imagine us now … we’re not good.”

One morning on November 24, 2004, Marine Sgt. Rafael voluntarily joins a combat unit sweeping homes in residential Fallujah for Iraqi insurgents and is met with a barrage of gunfire after kicking in a door. Shot in the face and in the chest, Rafael fell to the floor. During what may have been only seconds of gunfire, a single grenade is rolled out beneath the chaos, which he grips and hugs as it detonates, saving the lives of at least three soldiers close by who suffer minor shrapnel injury but live to tell the story.

The story they tell throughout the film: Rafael, a native of Mexico City and resident of San Diego, was an honorable man, a dedicated combatant, a motivator and a great salsa dancer, amidst some of the most horrific conditions anyone could experience.

His actions now have become golden among new recruits and veteran soldiers, and could more than likely, earn him a posthumous medal of honor, the highest military award possible.

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AIDS: biggest health problem among Latinos
By Shertease Wheeler
WASHINGTON - Latinos make up 14 percent of the total U.S. population, but they make up almost 25 percent of all HIV/AIDS cases, a group of Latino leaders said Wednesday. The community must overcome the stigma associated with seeking treatment before that number will change, they said.

Tianguis Turistico promotes Tijuana in the United States
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
It’s as if Tijuana were up for sale.

Tianguis Turístico promueve Tijuana en Estados Unidos
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Es como si Tijuana estuviera a la venta.


AfroColombians Displaced
By David Bacon
Ana Valencia still tries to eke out a living as a miner in the hills near the headwaters of Colombia’s Rio Salvajina. Her sisters are gone now to the nearest city of Cali, where they work as domestics. She’s having a hard time hanging on.

Wal-Mart’s Mexican Empire Steadily Advances
Consumers in Ciudad Juarez and other Mexican cities will now have access to cheaper medicines at the numerous Wal-Mart company retail outlets across the country. The corporate mammoth has started rolling out a line of 250 generic pharmaceutical products that cost less than $4 per item. For instance, a 400-milligram supply of penicillin that costs nearly $3 at other commercial outlets will sell for less than one dollar at Wal-Mart stores. What’s more, Wal-Mart is considering offering low-cost medical consultations to the public.

Senate Deal Launches Immigration Reform Process Towards Getting A Bill Enacted This Year
Bill a Good Start, With Room for Improvement
Washington, DC – Today, a compromise immigration reform bill worked out over many weeks by Republican and Democratic Senators and Bush Administration officials was released at a press conference in Washington. The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, a pro-immigrant advocacy organization in Washington.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Aurora la absurda
Unos le dicen Aurorita La Bella, pero esta semana el suburbio al oeste de Chicago cambió de nombre al aprobar una ley local que prohíbe ondear banderas desde los automóviles.

Humo fronterizo: monitoreando los contaminantes en la garita de San Ysidro
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
La garita de San Ysidro. Un concurrido punto de cruce internacional donde miles de peatones y conductores pasan largas horas de espera escuchando el radio, maquillándose, tomando café o leyendo el periódico.

Focus On Community:
Who do you call for help? 2-1-1
By Patty Chavez
2-1-1 is the new national dialing code for free, 24-hour community, help and disaster information. It’s a great starting point to not only connect people with important community services; it also offers great information for volunteer opportunities. When you call 2-1-1, a live phone specialist can help connect you to the best nonprofit services or agencies to fit your needs.

Marco Murillo, New President of UC San Diego Students, Credits Preuss School With Opening Scholastic Perspectives
He Transitioned from BorderHome to Charter School to Prestigious UC Campus
By Pat Jacoby
A stellar example of the pluses of educational out-reach to California’s low income minority youth is personified in 20 year-old Marco Murillo, recently elected to represent some 27,000 students at the University of California, San Diego, as president of the Associated Student Board.

The Invisible Mexicans of Deer Canyon Highlights Migrant Struggles in San Diego Hillside
By Nancy Madrid
Imagine a day in which you have spent long hours working in a physically demanding and underpaid job which you must walk miles to get to and then head back only to arrive and find that all of your belongings have vanished, forcing you to move and start anew deeper into the wilderness. So is the story depicted in Juan Carlos Frey’s documentary “The Invisible Mexicans of Deer Canyon” which screened on April 4, 2007 as part of UCSD’s Cesar Chavez Celebration.

Girl Scouts name “San Diego’s 10 Cool Women of 2007” and honors community partners
Girl Scouts, San Diego-Imperial Council introduced “San Diego’s 10 Cool Women of 2007” during its Volunteer Celebration and Annual Meeting on April 26.

Por Marcos Nelson Suarez
La tragedia del acoso sexual
Puede ocurrir en la escuela, en su trabajo, hasta en su iglesia.

Restaure ese mueble lleno de recuerdos
Furniture Affordable Repairs le renueva ese comedor, esa sala, ese mueble que significa mucho para su familia
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Quizá su mamá o su esposa tengan un mueble que tiene mucho significado sentimental para la familia.

Restore that furniture that’s full of memories
Furniture Affordable Repairs renovates that dinning table, that sofa, that piece of furniture that means so much to your family.
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Maybe your mother or your wife has a piece of furniture that has an important sentimental meaning for the family.

El Estatus de Protección Temporáneo (TPS) extendido por 18 meses
Washington, DC. — Michael Chertoff el Secretario del Departamento de Homeland Security anunció su decisión de extender el Estatus de Protección Temporáneo (TPS) por 18 meses para individuos de Honduras, Nicaragua, y El Salvador. Su decisión permitirá que benefactores corrientes de TPS de estos tres países puedan seguir viviendo y trabajando legalmente en los Estados Unidos por 18 meses más. Este beneficio afectará aproximádamente 78,000 Hondureños, 4,000 Nicaragüenses, y 230,000 Salvadoreños.

Editorial and Commentary

Time to hold the No Child Left Behind Act accountable
In 2001 The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was passed by the Bush administration. The NCLB is a federal mandate, which is focused on helping all students acquire the basic skills necessary for living a productive life, in particular it was focused on leveling the educational field for minorities and low income areas.

National City Moves Forward
By Ron Morrison, Mayor, National City
National City stepped up early in the game to see if relocating a major stadium made sense for our community and the San Diego Chargers. Getting the Port of San Diego to agree that a member city should be allowed to explore this potential was the next step. This was done by highlighting access to freeways, the trolley and proximity to downtown. An out of the box regional approach was developed to spread the benefit and burden of building a facility that could house professional football, college and bowl games as well as special events. We worked diligently and professionally to showcase our location and city to the team and prospective partners. However, a viable partnership has not materialized and we have decided to move on to a new day.

America Dreamed
By Rosa Martha Villarreal
Perhaps it is only appropriate to begin a conversation about the future of illegal immigrants in America with a reference to the Mexican anthropologist Guillermo Bonfil Batalla and his insights about what constitutes a “civilization project.” Appropriate because it is not lost on the American public that it’s our neighbor Mexico that has made the most significant contribution to this population and because Mex-ico’s recent nationalistic rhetoric has arouse skepticism, fear, and contempt in the American public. A prominent argument among the fiercest opponents of normalization of this illegal population—or, to use a politically incorrect term, amnesty—is that Mexican nationals constitute a threat to the very core of what it means to be an American. This is where Professor Bonfil Batalla’s definition provides a provocative point for discussion.

Presidential Politics and Foreign Policy
by Jacob G. Hornberger
During the recent MSNBC Republican presidential debate, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul made three profound points on U.S. foreign policy that the American people would be wise to heed. Needless to say, Paul’s three points, being libertarian in nature, aren’t likely to be favorably received by either his presidential opponents or people within the Washington, D.C., establishment, especially among lobbyists for the military-industrial complex.

Los dos semillones
Por José R. Uzal
Todos los hispanos no son indomentados. Todos los indocumentados no son hispanos. La cacofonía migratoria hace que aceptemos cosas que se repiten sin ponerlas en tela de juicio. Por meses los micrófonos antiemigrantes titubearon entre 12, 18 o 20 millones de indocumentados. (Aclaración: son indocumentados porque al ser aceptado el derecho a la vida no pueden existir seres humanos ilegales). Por fin se transaron en 12 millones de indocumentados. Esta cifra se repite a diario y se acepta como si fuera un dictámen bíblico. El Congreso, la Casa Blanca el Departamento de Seguridad Interna, la prensa, los comentaristas y los líderes hispanos han aceptado el número de 12 millones sin que nadie se haya tomado el trabajo de analizar como se llegó a esta cantidad. Esta cifra, cuando se repite, también implica que solo se refiere a aquellos que entraron por la frontera sur lo cual es una falacia.

¿Y dónde están los capos?
Por Humberto Caspa
Alrededor de 30 toneladas de droga al mes pasan a suelo norteamericano por la “frontera chica”, corredor que une el sureste de Texas con el norte de Tamaulipas, México. Probablemente más de 100 toneladas mensuales son destinadas a alguna urbe estadounidense.

Freedom Riders Teach From Their Experiences
By Joseph Young
Washington area residents who participated in the historic Freedom Rides during the Civil Rights Movement shared their stories with students during a forum and field trip last weekend.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

First Person:
ABC TV Network Has Failed Latinos
By Al Carlos Hernandez
In an attempt to save money and improve ratings, ABC has cancelled the George Lopez show. Its new line of replacement programs include a show about the Geico Cavemen, which clearly marginalizes, mocks, insults and degrades the gay movement.

By Gustavo Arenallo
Dear Mexican: I was going through a local state college’s academic program the other day and found that they offer a bachelor’s degree in Chicano Studies. My question is in what field of work would someone with a bachelor’s in Chicano Studies land? Here are a few jobs I came up with: working at a lowrider or tattoo shop. Designing Virgin de Guadalupe T-shirts. Make Loc’s shades, Work for Nike in their Cortez shoe department. Design a web page like Mapquest but only to show popular cruising routes in the city.

Valiente sargento de la Infantería de Marina que se sacrificó por sus camaradas es recordado a través de imágenes y las voces de su familia y soldados compañeros
En noviembre del 2004, la ciudad iraquí de Faluya, se vio envuelta en una ola de violencia sectaria. Después de que cuatro contratistas militares de EE.UU. fueran brutalmente asesinados por una turba, las fuerzas de la Coalición ingresaron a la ciudad con el fin de restaurar el orden. En la cruda batalla que se desató, docenas de soldados estadounidenses dieron sus vidas, incluyendo al sargento de la Infantería de Marina, Rafael Peralta, un inmigrante mexicano de 25 años de edad. El nuevo documental de una hora, EL HONOR DE UN SACRIFICIO (An Act of Honor) rinde homenaje a los sacrificios de estos soldados y de sus seres queridos al detallar el extraordinario camino que Peralta recorrió desde Tijuana, México a San Diego y que concluyó trágicamente en las calles de Irak.

“The Other Conquest” (“La Otra Conquista”) To Receive Renewed and Expanded U.S. Theatrical Release
The epic Mexican film The Other Conquest (La Otra Conquista) will receive a renewed and expanded theatrical release in North America May 4th, 2007 by Union Station Media.  The film is considered a cultural breakthrough for its profound exploration of the spiritual and psychological effects of colonization.

¡Sensacional! Comparten el escenario Virulo y Germán Dehesa
“Un escritor y un comediante en un duelo de canciones, chistes y risas”
Por. Paco Zavala
El próximo miércoles 6 de junio aparecerán tras la luz de las candilejas del “Lugar del Nopal”, el sensacional comediante cubano “Virulo” y el escritor mexicano “Germán Dehesa”, en un espectáculo Cómico musical, único en su género.

El Sueño Final de Ibrahim Ferrer
Por James Klein
El cantante cubano Ibrahim Ferrer, la estrella de la Buena Vista Social Club, luchador durante muchos años. Finalmente en el 2004, Ibrahim había llegado a un momento en su carrera en el que podía hacer un disco de lo que quisiera. Para su proximo proyecto, quería dedicar un disco al bolero, las canciones románticas de Cuba.

Presentan por Primera ves en México “Ars Latina” Festival Internacional de Arte Latino
Por: Paco Zavala
La ciudad de Tijuana nuevamente es distinguida para celebrar la Cuarta Edición del Festival Internacional de Arte Latino “Ars Latina”, el cual se inaugurará el próximo viernes 18 de mayo, en las salas del Espacio Cultural Independiente del Sótano de Rita, ubicado en la Av. Revolución entre las calles 3era. y 4ta.

¡Tic Tac Tiempo!
Christ the King Catholic Church Invites Community for Family Fun and Fellowship at Annual May Festival

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
41st Anniversary of Death of Carlos Arruza
“When the moment of truth came, there was no brass band playing, only the soft wind; no aficionados, screaming for the kill, just the whisper of wind in pine trees. And, there was no blood and sand of the bullring. Instead, there was the blood and asphalt of a highway accident.”

Robles Happy to Be Back Home
By John Philip Wyllie
After six seasons in the Mexican League primarily with Diablos Rojos of Mexico City, former Montgomery High School CIF Player of the Year Oscar Robles made his MLB debut with the Dodgers two seasons ago. Acquired in the off-season by the Padres, the 31-year old utility infielder is delighted to be playing just a few miles from his home in Tijuana.

Farewell Champ!
Diego Corrales buried in Las Vegas
By Mike Indri
Boxing buried one of its most beloved champions Tuesday afternoon, as former two-division world titleholder Diego Corrales was peacefully laid to rest following last week’s tragic motorcycle accident that claimed the life of the legendary fighter.
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