May 11, 2007


Celebrating Mothers Day

We celebrate Mothers Day this Sunday. We like to think that we celebrate our mothers not only on this day but throughout the year! Mothers are the core of the family. They are what keeps a family together and they make a home, well, a home.

It is that unmistakable bond that comes with birth; we look to our mothers for food, for comfort, for warmth and security. When a baby cries it is usually only the mother that can comfort the baby. As we get older when we scrape our knees, it is our mother that we run to crying looking to be healed and comforted. We sit and read with our moms and it is mom who helps us with our homework. For boys it is our mom who we want to please and impress. For girls it is our mom from whom we learn and want to be like.

As we get older we begin to appreciate all the little things that our moms do for us. We show our appreciation with a goodbye kiss every day and a warm hug hello when we come home from school. It is our mom that cooks for us and goes shopping for our clothes. It is our moms who take us to the dentist and the doctors’ office for our check ups. She is the one that makes us feel better when we get our shots and tells us it will be well worth it when we get braces on our teeth and that we don’t look that bad with them on.

It is our moms who bake the cookies for the PTA and comes to school presentations. It is our mom who helps with the school projects and makes sure they look just right.

It is our moms who are there during the bad times and the growing up times. She tells us there will be other opportunities when things don’t go our way and they make us feel better and give us courage when we start dating. It is Mom, who also disciplines us, but only to a certain point, the really hard punishment comes from our dads; we have all heard it before ‘wait till you dad gets home!’

Even when we are all grown up, we call dad for advice but it is mom we call to see how things are going, the latest gossip, and is still the soul of the family. We always go back home from some of mom’s cooking, always the best. And we still look to mom for comfort.

There are not enough words or space to say thank you and we love you. So we celebrate our Mothers this Sunday and every day.

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