May 4, 2007

CaliforniaVolunteers Awards San Diego Schools up to $125,576 to Establish Twelve Afterschool Service Clubs in Honor of Cesar E. Chavez

Sacramento - In celebration of Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning, California-Volunteers awarded San Diego Unified School District up to $251,600 to establish after-school service clubs at Alex-ander Graham Bell, Monroe Clark, Jean Farb, Horace Mann, George W. Marston, Roosevelt International Baccalaureate, William Howard Taft and Wilson middle schools. Sweetwater Union High School District will receive up to $125,576 to establish service clubs at Castle Park, Chula Vista, Granger Junior and National City middle schools.

“These afterschool service clubs honor the legacy of Cesar E. Chavez by demonstrating the value of connecting with our communities,” said Karen Baker, executive director of CaliforniaVolunteers. “Through teaching kids the value of giving back to their communities, we are planting the seed for a lifetime of service.”

In partnership with Youth Service California, California-Volunteers awarded more than $2 million in grants this year for the establishment of 72 after-school service clubs in Title 1 middle schools across the state. 

“The afterschool clubs are an inspiring way for students to learn about the life and values of Cesar Chavez, and to experience the fact that-like Chavez-they can make a difference in the world,” said Mark Batenburg, executive director of Youth Service California.

The Cesar Chavez Day holiday was established in 2000 to honor the life and legacy of labor leader Cesar E. Chavez. CaliforniaVolunteers administers the Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning program which includes the grants for service clubs, curricula development to integrate lessons regarding Chavez’s life into school day and after school activities and the construction of playgrounds by volunteers in communities across the state.  

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