Volume XXXI Number 18 May 4, 2007

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Richardson Calls Himself a “Business Friendly” Democrat

Would Tear Down Wall Between US and Mexico

By E.A. Barrera

In his bid to become the nation’s first Latino president, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson said he would not raise taxes to reverse an “income disparity” between the rich and poor in the United States. Speaking to an enthusiastic audience at the California State Democratic Party Convention, held in San Diego this year. Richardson said raising taxes was too often the first solution Democratic politicians suggested for solve festering social ills.

“Democrats always want to raise taxes when there is a problem out there that needs a solution. As a governor, I do not believe raising taxes ever makes things better. Simply redistributing the wealth won’t solve our problems,” said Richardson to some 2,000 delegates who took part in the April 27-29 state convention. “I’m a pro-growth Democrat. I’m a business-friendly Democrat. I believe the middle class in this country are already paying too much in taxes.

Richardson was one of several presidential hopefuls to appear in San Diego. Others included Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Christopher Dodd; former Senators John Edwards and Mike Gravel; and Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Richardson is the only governor in the race and has one of the broadest resumes of the candidates. He has been a Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations, U.S. Energy Secretary, and was elected Governor of New Mexico in 2002.

Though the war in Iraq and other foreign policy issues dominated the speeches and conversations of the candidates and delegates at the convention, Richardson outlined a series of domestic policy issues he said needed addressing by the next president. These included the creation of “an Apollo Program” to find new forms of energy; providing health care for the uninsured; raising teacher salaries as a means to improving American schools; and instituting a “comprehensive immigration policy” which he said the Bush administration had failed to achieve.

“The first thing I will do as president is tear down that wall,” said Richardson to thunderous applause as he referred to the fence along the San Diego-Mexico border. In his prepared remarks and again during a press conference following his speech, Richardson said the United States needed “a comprehensive immigration policy that brings people in this country together and does not foster hate.

“There are five things we need to do right away. First we have to secure our border. Then we need a realistic legalization plan, with background checks so we know who is here, requiring immigrants to learn English, and have those who have been here without legal authorization pay a fine. Then we must enforce employee sanctions, so the job-magnet is eliminated. We need to talk to Mexico and begin working with Mexico to create more economic opportunity in that country, so that fewer people will want to leave their home. Finally we need to increase the numbers of legal immigrants we allow into the United States.” said Richardson.

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May Day immigration forum turns into teach-in for Point Loma High
Activists want students active, but educated too
By Raymond R. Beltran
“People should have to go through a [legalization] process,” said Pedro Guerrero, 17, from Point Loma High School. “But right now the process is what’s discouraging.”

20 años al servicio del Migrante
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Es una noche fresca de primavera y la luna llena ilumina las ventanas de la entrada de la Casa del Migrante de Tijuana, donde hombres cansados y hambrientos se forman para entrar.

Combatiendo la explotación sexual infantil en Tijuana
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Activistas contra la explotación sexual infantil discutieron esta semana con alumnos y maestros de la Universidad Iberoamericana sobre la gravedad de la situación y sus estrategias en el combate de este delicado y preocupante mal social.


Presidential Hopeful Bill Richardson Courts Ethnic Media
By Daffodil Altan
LOS ANGELES – Gov. Bill Richardson, a candidate for the 2008 presidential elections, met with Los Angeles area ethnic media this week for a question and answer roundtable about his bid for president, the value of California’s diverse population in the 2008 elections, and North Korea, among other subjects.

May Day attendance depleted for several reasons
“But it’s definitely pretty good,” said some
By Raymond R. Beltran
Preliminary meetings held by organizers from Si Se Puede, a City College-based immigration rights group, already had an idea that matching last year’s historic turnout for May Day pro-immigration marches would be a feat. Obviously.

Día Glorioso para los Mexicanos el 5 de Mayo de 1862 Celebrando la Batalla de Puebla
El Gral. Ignacio Zaragoza héroe de esta batalla muere a los 33 años de edad
Por: Paco Zavala
México, país convulsionado por guerras intestinas e intervenciones extranjeras en el siglo XIX, después de la Guerra de Independencia y de la dictadura Santa-Annista, en la década posterior a 1860, se cierne sobre el territorio nacional el fantasma de la Intervención Francesa, la cual fracasó, pero dejó su estela de muerte, trastorno y los efectos colaterales consecuentes en un lance de esta naturaleza y en esa época.

Reforma Comprensiva de Inmigración - La Casa Blanca Circula Resultados de Negociación con el Congreso
Por Sonia M. Muñoz
Washington, D.C. — Durante la tercera semana de Marzo del 2007, la Casa Blanca circuló una lista de principios para la Reforma de Inmigración. Estos principios no son una propuesta para ley todavía. Aun reflejan los resultados concluidos en negociaciones entre el Presidente Bush y los miembros Republicanos del Congreso de los Estados Unidos.

Focus On Community:
We hold the power to decide our future
By Patty Chavez
Change raises fears and clouds our judgment. In unfamiliar territory, we leave ourselves vulnerable and often believe what we are spoon fed. We have seen this throughout history and in the foundation of some of our current debates. It can happen to the best of us.

Hispanos y la Opción Educativa
Por Israel Ortega
Una lección que todos podemos aprender es que el gastar más en nuestras escuelas públicas no necesariamente garantizará excelencia escolar. Como evidencia, nuestro país gasta más de $9,000 dólares por cada estudiante en nuestras escuelas públicas, pero la realidad es que muchos niños no están recibiendo una buena educación.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
Madres, inmigrantes, invisibles
La situación que vive el país en términos inmigratorios es insostenible, intolerable e insufrible.

Give Homeless Mothers Something to Celebrate
Perla is an articulate, young single mom with long, dark hair and a ready smile. She works every shift she can pick up at a local security company, and spends every spare minute delighting in her 2½-year-old daughter. By all accounts, Perla is a typical mom.

CaliforniaVolunteers Awards San Diego Schools up to $125,576 to Establish Twelve Afterschool Service Clubs in Honor of Cesar E. Chavez
Sacramento - In celebration of Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning, California-Volunteers awarded San Diego Unified School District up to $251,600 to establish after-school service clubs at Alex-ander Graham Bell, Monroe Clark, Jean Farb, Horace Mann, George W. Marston, Roosevelt International Baccalaureate, William Howard Taft and Wilson middle schools. Sweetwater Union High School District will receive up to $125,576 to establish service clubs at Castle Park, Chula Vista, Granger Junior and National City middle schools.

Inicia El Programa Empleo en Consulado General de Mexico en San Diego
· Independientemente de la calidad migratoria del solicitante, el Programa EMPLEO brinda auxilio en casos relacionados con salarios no pagados, discriminación laboral, despido injustificado, etc.

25 Años Atendiendo en Español
Armida Arana y AT&T, Pioneros en Servir al Cliente Hispano en su Idioma
Hoy en día ofrecer servicio al cliente en español es bastante común, pero 25 años atrás, Armida Arana era una pionera. Armida fue especialmente seleccionada para hacer parte del centro de llamadas en español en San Diego. Ahora ella recuerda eso días cuando aún el centro no había sido creado.

Editorial and Commentary

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo
We celebrate “Cinco de Mayo” this weekend, which should be a fun filled festival, celebrating heritage. Instead what we have been seeing lately has been a degrading of the celebration and the funny thing about it is that it is coming from within our own Hispanic community! The most popular refrain is that this is just an American made holiday and just an excuse to eat tacos and drink Mexican made beers. Cinco de Mayo is not really an important day for Mexican-Americans to celebrate!

Police continue to use excessive force against Hispanics
This week the U.S. Department of Justice released a report that Hispanics and blacks were more likely to be searched and arrested by the police. The study covered police contacts with the public during 2005 and was based on interviews with 64,000 people ages 16 and older.

Hispanic outreach crucial to GOP
By Ken Mehlman
In 1980, as he was preparing to run for president, Ronald Reagan asked Lionel Sosa, an advertising executive from San Antonio, to lead his outreach to the Hispanic community. Reagan told Sosa his job would be easy: “Latinos are Republican. They just don’t know it yet.”

What the Youth Know
By Sergio Bendixen
Each generation is a mystery to the next, and none are more mysterious to us than our own half-grown children. What is important to them, and what do they fear? What’s on their iPod, why are they wearing that—and why are these accessories so important to them, anyway? And what on earth are they talking about on those cell phones all day long?

Ethics in Journalism
By Christine Tatum
In the public’s eyes, just about the only folks struggling with believability issues more than the Bush administration are journalists.

Entre palos y toletes
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
El Primero de Mayo es una fecha llena de contradicciones. Mientras el mundo recordaba el movimiento heroico de los trabajadores de Chicago, quienes lucharon incansablemente para acortar el día laboral a ocho horas, en tierras estadounidenses esta fecha nuevamente se vistió de luto.

El guión
Por José R. Uzal
Esta semana en una emisora de radio, de las tantas que arengan a la población contra los inmigrantes, la presentadora sugirió que debiéramos dejar de usar guiones para identificar nuestra procedencia, por ejemplo, cubano-americano, mexicano-americano, afro-americano etc. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo. El único problema es que en su ignorancia, no sabía, o no quería saber que los guiones nos los otorga el gobierno.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Por Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: I’m a gringa married to a mexicano and we have a three-year-old son. His family is wonderful for the most part and they adore my son, but as he is getting older, his tíos are trying to “toughen him up” and make him more macho. So far, they’ve taught him how to cuss (in both languages) and flip people off (like his preschool teacher). Lately, they’ve taught him to say inappropriate things about women’s bodies. I’ve talked to my husband but he doesn’t want to say anything to them and doesn’t seem to care. How can I get them to stop?

Celebre el Cinco de Mayo al son de la tambora
Banda El Recodo estará en Del Mar el domingo 6
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Mientras que en la mayor parte de San Diego celebrarán el Cinco de Mayo con los acordes del mariachi o el ballet folklórico, en la Fiesta del Pueblo, en los Terrenos de la Feria en Del Mar, retumbará la tambora.

Pistolera, Trayendo Tradición Mexicana a la Escena Indie
Por James Klein
Pistolera es algo nuevo. La banda toca un estilo totalmente original de Rock Indie. Ellos mezclan la música mexicana tradicional con elementos de rock, armoniosos vocal, poderosos “riffs” de guitarra y un acordeón melodioso.

2007 Año de Celebraciones del XXV Aniversario del Centro Cultural Tijuana
“Primer Evento Exposición de Iconos y Tradiciones”
Por: Paco Zavala
Los Arquitectos Pedro Ramírez Vázquez y Manuel Rosen Morrison, iniciaron el diseño del Centro Cultural Tijuana, el cual fue inaugurado el 20 de octubre de 1982. En este año 2007 están transcurriendo 25 años de la fecha en que el Centro Cultural Tijuana, realizó la apertura de sus funciones impulsoras del arte y la cultura en esta zona fronteriza, las cuales no han dejado de trabajar en aras de una mejor realizacón cultural en la región y representando hoy en día el Centro Cultural, más importante del noroeste del país, sobre el que giran la vida artística y cultural de esta siempre activa Tijuana y la zona fronteriza.

Más es más
Spider Man 3 cierra la historia de una vez por todas

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Con la posible excepción del Señor de los Anillos (una película completa lanzada en tres entregas), Spiderman 3 es la cinta más ambiciosa alguna vez filmada. Mas allá de su presupuesto (más de doscientos cincuenta millones reportados, se rumora que más de 300), es la diversidad de sus temas y la necesidad de cerrar todas las tramas abiertas de las otras dos películas lo que lo hace aspirar a su grandeza.

¡Tic Tac Tiempo!....
Your mother made it through for you, return the favor May 10
By Raymond R. Beltran
Unluckily for mothers, Cinco de Mayo drowns out Dia de la Madre festivities. Sort of like when those of you who were born near Christmas feared the one-celebration rule in the house, if that’s all your mother could afford.

Golden Boy vs. Pretty Boy: Who Will Be The Man?
By Greg Goodrich
On May 5, 2007, Oscar de la Hoya (38-4) will defend his World WBC Jr. Middleweight title against reigning pound for pound kingpin and defending World WBC Welterweight Champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (37-0). This historic bout captioned ‘The World Awaits’ is scheduled for 12 rounds, and will be held at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tamayo Contributing to Titans Solid Defense
By John Philip Wyllie
Currently atop the Metro Lacrosse standings with an 11-16 overall record and a single blemish against seven league victories, the Eastlake Titans appear to be closing in on a league banner. Their upcoming match against Otay Ranch may decide if they win the title outright or have to share it with the Mustangs and Bonita Vista High. On offense, veteran players like (BYU-bound) Dustin Drees and Ryan Rosas have lead the way with support from stellar midfielders Jose Urrutia Dan Lyons and Chad Larson. Their 9.76 goals per game average is a major reason why the Titans have enjoyed so much success. But that is not the whole story.

Quintero Soaring for Titans
By John Philip Wyllie
“Pole vault is really a different kind of sport. It’s for guys that, how do I say this nicely, are a little crazy,” according to Eastlake High track coach, John McFadden .“They have to be willing to put their lives on the line. And they have to have that (fearless) attitude.”

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