Volume XXXI Number 12 March 23, 2007

FrontPage Stories

Reclaiming Jewish Traditions in Mexico

By Roberto Loiederman
Jewish Journal

MEXICALI, Mexico – We were near the desert, somewhere past the Salton Sea, when Daniel (Dany) Mehlman, a 48-year-old Conservative rabbi, summed up the situation.

“OK,” he said, “we’re going to rendezvous with a man I’ve never met, go with him to a Mexican city I’ve never been to, then spend the weekend with people I don’t know.”

“Sounds perfect,” I said.

In El Centro, a California town about 100 miles east of San Diego, we met Jose Orozco — smiling, middle-aged, wearing a kippah. We followed him across the international border to Mexicali.

At a modest house in a residential area, Alfredo and Lupe Medrano greeted us warmly and introduced us to their children and grandchildren, as well as to relatives and friends who come to the home every Friday night to celebrate Shabbat.

By sundown, the living room overflowed with several generations, from babies in arms to those older than 80, and everything in between.

There were at least a dozen in their teens and 20s. Kippot were distributed to the men, candles were lit, small plastic cups filled with wine, prayers recited.

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Restoration is ahead for historic collection of murals
By Raymond R. Beltran
It’s been thirty four years today, March 23, 1973, since the first mural was resurrected along Logan Avenue in Barrio Logan, introducing a park that is today nationally registered as a historical piece of land. But today, the paint that was applied to the bridge columns is submitting to age, weather, sun exposure, and passing automobiles, and there are now twenty murals out of the forty that are fading into dilapidation.

Border Voices Poetry Fair: Where Student Voices Shine!
by Michael Klam
If you ask fifth-grader Fernando Bassoco what he wants to be when he grows up, he’ll tell you without hesitation, “I’ll be a poet.”


Ídolo de la lucha libre mexicana promueve cuidado de las costas
Por Luis Alonso Perez
El Hijo del Santo, la figura más popular de la lucha libre mexicana, emprendió una campaña con la organización ambientalista Costa Salvaje para concientizar sobre la importancia del cuidado de las costas y las especies marinas.

San Diego Episcopal Church Calls For Legalization of All Immigrants
By E.A. Barrera
“When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the stranger. The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the stranger as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.

Un minuto de fama
México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Como todo el mundo, los Minuteman tuvieron su minuto de fama. Y su minuto se acabó.
A finales de enero, el cofundador de los Minuteman, Joe Gilchrist, fue despedido como Presidente de la organización que a partir de 2005 comenzó a “cuidar la frontera” para que no pasaran los inmigrantes indocumentados.

Positive messages create positive changes at Granger
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Not many years ago, Granger Junior High, in National City, was a cradle for gangs, student underachievement, and graffiti. Overall, it was just a plain bad environment.

Deposita Cónsul General de México Ofrenda Floral Con Motivo del 201 Aniversario del Natalicio de Don Benito Juárez
Con motivo del 201 Aniversario del Natalicio de Don Benito Juárez García, el Cónsul General de México en San Diego, Luis Cabrera, depositó una ofrenda floral en la estatua ubicada en el Parque Pantoja, en el centro de San Diego.

Honoring Cesar Chavez by carrying out his ideals
Focus On Community
By Patty Chavez
Cesar E. Chavez was one of the greatest leaders of our times. He knew how to organize people for a cause and did so with passion for justice, truth and people.

UCSD to Present Monthlong César E. Chávez Celebration
By Jan Jennings
The life and accomplishments of César E. Chávez, labor leader and champion of human rights, will be observed with a monthlong series of diverse activities beginning April 2 and continuing through May 7 at the University of California, San Diego. All events are free and open to the public.

Project New Village Cesar Chavez Celebration
Saturday, March 31, 2007, Project New Village will host its seventh annual community tribute to Cesar E. Chavez. Called “one of the most heroic figures of our time”, by the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Chavez’s four decades of work led to significant political and social justice achievements. He believed in and practiced non-violence in the face of racial and social injustice. Additionally, Chavez was a staunch health advocate. 

Hispanic nurses break cultural barriers in health care
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Although many times they’re taken for granted, nurses might as well be the backbone of a health care facility.
And with the myriad of opportunities that exist for nurses, especially for bilingual nurses, it has become one of the hottest professions around.

Mujer, caos de la vida real
Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
La lista de enfermedades que afectan hoy por hoy a la mujer es casi interminable, pero lo lamentable es que la gran mayoría de ellas pueden evitarse o pueden controlarse de ser descubiertas a tiempo.

Breakfast: How to Make It Great, Without Being Late
By Kelly Healy
Ever wonder why there is such an emphasis put on breakfast? What is so great about this morning meal that it has earned the reputation of being the “most important meal of the day?” Well, based on scientific research, it appears quite a lot!

Editorial and Commentary

Guest Editorial:
Should Alberto Gonzales Resign? One Latino’s Answer
By Jorge Mariscal
Latinos, African Americans, and other groups in the United States, that have pushed back against race- and class-based biases for over a century and a half, often find themselves in a double bind.

Los trapos sucios
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Cuanta más información se busca en el caso del Secretario de Justicia, Alberto A. Gonzáles, más ropa sucia se encuentran en su ropero. Empero, los trapos sucios no parece que le pertenecen, sino que son de otras dos personas poderosas de la Casa Blanca. Dentro del ropero de Gonzáles también se encuentra unas botas fétidas de vaquero. ¿De quién serán?

Bush’s Swing Through Latin America Did Little for Debate at Home
By Dan Restrepo
WASHINGTON — In a world where national interest and reason held sway, President Bush’s six-day swing to Latin America should have helped the cause of comprehensive immigration reform here at home. Unfortunately, the reform debate is not being carried out in such a world.

El Boicot
Por José R. Uzal
“En Washington, una coalición de activistas anunció un boicot nacional el próximo 1 de mayo para protestar contra las redadas y deportaciones de indocumentados. Líderes del “Movimiento del 1 de Mayo” han pedido que, en el “Gran Boicot Estadounidense, II Parte”, los inmigrantes se ausenten de los trabajos, escuelas o centros comerciales, como medida de presión a favor de una reforma migratoria integral”.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Hispanic Groups Reject the PBS-Ken Burns film
The American GI Forum of the United States, a National Congressional Charter Hispanic Veteran’s organization with over 500 chapters nationwide and Puerto Rico, adopted a resolution showing a rejection of the Ken Burns WWII documentary because of its exclusion of Hispanics.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican:
Why should Mexican nationals have more of a right to stay in this country than Chinese, Somalis or others who can’t cross an open land border and must thus wait on the bureaucracy like everybody else?
700 Miles Isn’t Long Enough

¡Tic Tac Tiempo!
In losing a son, he gained a new prospective for peace

(an excerpt from the non-profit organization Global Exchange)
On March 27, 2003, Fernando Suarez del Solar lost his son Jesus when Jesus stepped on a US cluster bomb while fighting in Iraq. Since then, Fernando has been traveling around the country speaking out against the invasion and occupation of Iraq. In December he traveled to Iraq with Global Exchange and a group of military families to listen to the needs and desires of the Iraqi people, and returned home to meet with congress people, UN officials and the media to call for the withdrawal of US troops. Fernando is also an active member of Military Families Speak Out www.mfso.org.

Organizaron Muchas Actividades para Celebrar el “Día Internacional de la Mujer
“Las damas de la sociedad tijuanense participa activamente en estos festejos”
Por: Paco Zavala

El ser que sin él, el mundo no sería mundo, la vida no sería vida, el hombre no sería hombre, en fín tantos conceptos que pueden definir la vital importancia de la existencia de la mujer, la ideal compañera del hombre sobre la faz de la tierra. Para celebrar el “Día Internacional de la Mujer”, se organizaron diversas actividades las cuales se están realizando a través del transcurso de los hermosos días del mes de marzo, “Mes de la Primavera”, en el que el brillar de la luz solar, el canto de los pajarillos y el verdor de los campos se manifiesta.

Un tirador con la escopeta torcida
‘Shooter’ es lo peor que ha salido de un estudio en mucho tiempo

Por Jose Daniel Bort

¿Cuánto odia ir al cine, y ver que la lógica se bota por la ventana? ¿Cuántas veces no ha visto una película, donde el héroe está tratando de alcanzar al villano y está a punto de hacerlo, cuando de repente y sin razón aparente los escua-drones del villano vienen a su rescate, aunque no hay ninguna forma o manera de que se hayan enterado dónde estaba la acción?

Magistral Estreno del Oratorio “Oración por la Ciudad” de Alberto Ubach
El Texto es del Inolvidable Maestro Ruben Vizcaíno
Por: Paco Zavala

El próximo miércoles 28 de marzo a las 8:00 pm. en la Sala del Multiforo del Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, se realizará el regio estreno del Oratorio “Oración por la ciudad”, obra musical del renombrado Maestro de Guitarra: Alberto Ubach con texto del inolvidable maestro Ruben Vizcaíno. Este evento es organizado por el Seminario de Cultura Mexicana, Corresponsalía Tijuana y el Instituto de Cultura de Baja California.

Golden Boy vs. Pretty Boy: Who Will Be The Man?
By Greg Goodrich

On May 5, 2007, Oscar De La Hoya (38-4) will defend his WBC Jr. Middleweight title against reigning pound for pound kingpin and defending WBC Welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (37-0). This historic bout captioned ‘The World Awaits’ is scheduled for 12 rounds, and will be held at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Though the bout is still eight weeks away, public sentiment and media coverage are already in ‘high gear’, anticpating 2007’s most intriguing fight pitting two future Hall of Famers, whose credentials are second to none.

Acevas an Ace for the Mustangs
By John Philip Wyllie

As a sophomore last season, Otay Ranch pitcher and first baseman, Valarie Acevas earned South Bay First Team All-League honors. Not content to rest on her laurels, she is back stronger and more determined as a junior this season to help her Mustangs as they set off to battle new competition in the Mesa league.

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