Volume XXXI Number 09 March 2, 2007

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“Showing Love to the Hood”

A Community Without Gang Intervention

Part I of a II part series

By Raymond R. Beltran

At ages seventeen and eighteen, cousins Carlos and Tony are already veteran gang members in Old Town National City, or more commonly known as OTNC.

They were jumped in during their early teenage years, somewhere around fourteen. But both will testify that initiation was inevitable since before their preteen years and that, for them, the lure of joining didn’t exist. It was more of a right of passage in a childhood already riddled with violence.

Today, they’re trying to make the best out of two lives, labeled by a criminal history. Tony works at a tire shop. He enjoys his trade. And Carlos is in school, and trying to get his life together for his new son, all while subject to the restrictions of National City’s gang injunction.

“I felt like I was by myself, and they took me in ... put clothes on my back and fed me,” says 17 year old Carlos about his initial years in the gang life.

But are they still from OTNC? For these two, there’s no alternative.

“You know how they say it’s never too late? Well, I skipped all those years being locked up,” Tony says. “Like regular students … it’s too late to go back and do that. You already got your friends, your gang. I can’t just go back and make new friends.”

Growing up, Tony’s friends were not only ten years older than him; they were heavy drinkers and gang bangers themselves. He didn’t have a father to turn to and his mother was a drug addict. If there was ever a poster boy for at-risk youth, it was Tony at nine years old, the age he began to recognize drugs, alcohol and street violence.

He and his two brothers, one older, one younger, raised themselves he remembers. Shootings were a part of growing up. In fact, Tony got on his knees during this interview to explain the day when he knelt down to hold his dying uncle, shot by rivals.

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Bulldozing the Memories of Murdered Women
In the run-up to International Women’s Day 2007, the memories of murdered women in Ciudad Juarez are being erased. Workmen have started clearing a portion of the old cotton field where the tortured, raped and mutilated remains of eight young women were discovered in November 2001.

Off Course: Current U.S.-Latin American Relations
By Larry Birns
President Bush (who begins a 5-country tour of Latin America March 8) has been witnessing the advent of a new bloc of left-leaning and sometimes robustly anti-American leadership that has sprung up in countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua, among others. At the same time, there are a number of recent developments throughout the region that Washington only now is beginning to correctly see as a menace to its own narrow definition of U.S. national interests. Bush will discover that the region will never be the same now that Washington’s obsession with Iraq has freed up the region to go its own way on a number of global highways. Preceding by several weeks President Bush’s upcoming visit to Latin America, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad stopped off in Caracas, Managua and Quito in mid-January to welcome an expanding crop of tough-minded and often abrasive hemispheric figures willing to aggressively speak out on regional issues, often at Washing-ton’s expense. Ahmedinejad’s visit coincided with civil unrest in Mexico, threats of secession in Bolivia, and President Chávez’s crackdown on a rabidly right-wing Caracas TV network.


Jorge Hank Rhon inicia camino a gubernatura
Por: Luis Alonso Pérez
Después de dos años como Alcalde de Tijuana, Jorge Hank Rhon, obtuvo licencia para despegarse de su cargo y comenzar su búsqueda por la gubernatura de Baja California en las elecciones del próximo 5 de agosto.

Richardson promotes his presidential run to Hispanic leaders
By Sayed Zafar Hashemi
WASHINGTON — New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson amused an audience of Hispanic leaders in the fourth week of his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president.

Arte Y Loqueras, Chicana Power products new at the mall
By Raymond R. Beltran
Eren Serrato was surprised to learn that International Women’s Day is this month. Now it acts as a backdrop to her new venture because she opened up her shop this Thursday, Arte Y Loqueras, in the Chula Vista Center.

Por Luisa Fermanda Montero
Píldora, mentiras y mareo
Conozco mujeres adultas que han planificado por años con métodos anticonceptivos orales y desconocen los efectos secundarios de las pastillas en el sistema cardiovascular o las graves incidencias de consumir la píldora y fumar simultáneamente después de los 35 años; a pesar de que las implicaciones de este tipo de medicamentos vienen impresas en largas tiras de papel, que acompañan el producto y que tristemente, van casi siempre a parar a la basura.

San Patricio el Santo del Trébol Será Recordado con Fastuosas Celebraciones en el Mundo Irlandés
Por: Paco Zavala
Irlanda, la gran isla que San Patricio pintó de verde. Al recordarla se arremolinan remenbranzas vinculadas con castillos medievales, hadas, duendes, tréboles “el símbolo del santo”, verdes colinas y otros simbolismos de ésta grandiosa y querida tierra, de hombres rudos y hermosas mujeres.


Ken Burns’ Documentary on WWII an Insult to the Hispanic Veteran
Options for this week’s editorial is a virtually cornucopia of is-sues from which to pick from: the Presidential visit to South America, Texas legislatures looking to change how the 14th amendment is applied to children of immigrants, the water rate increase by the City of San Diego, immigration, Wall Street, and Paradise Valley Hospital. While these issues, and more, are important, there is one issue, an issue that in the grand scheme of things pales in comparison, but keeps gnawing at our insides, an issue that keeps on going and gathering steam. And the more we think about it, the more we realize that this is a big issue and it should be discussed.

‘Immigrants Bring Crime’ Is a Myth
By Walter Ewing
Among the many troubling aspects of the public debate over immigration is the power of myths over facts. One of the most enduring myths about immigration, despite literally decades of evidence to the contrary, is the belief that immigrants are more likely to commit crime than the native-born.

Dramático Aumento de la Pobreza en Estados Unidos
El país más rico del mundo tiene su propio tercer mundo… Y sigue creciendo.
Eduardo Stanley
El sueño Americano no es tal para millones de personas que viven en Estados Unidos. Es que la pobreza extrema crece a diario en un país que dedica una creciente parte de su producto bruto interno al armamentismo y a la industria de guerra más que en su propia gente.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Público
Celebrate Women’s History Month
March 1 marked the start of Women’s History Month. In this historic year for women in which Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi shattered the marble ceiling, a record number of women were elected to Congress, the first woman president was named at Harvard, and Wimbledon agreed to pay women players the same as men, Women’s History Month serves as an important celebration of the progress that has been made by women as well as a reminder of the obstacles that still exist today. Our elected leaders should take note of these firsts and make policies that will ensure such barriers continue to fall.

A little Salsa comes to the Food Network. The Food Network is big and fun to watch but one thing has always been missing a show about cuisine south of the border! Well that void will be filled by Ingrid Hoffmann, of Columbia and host of her own cooking and lifestyle show, Delicioso on Galavision/Univision. It’s about time, how many shows can they do on the hot dog anyway?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

First Person:
Out of the closet Gato guy
By Al Carlos Hernandez
After a lengthy visit with my daughter from San Diego, we came to the realization that irrespective of my bluster and anti-feline tirades, I am indeed a cat person.

Haga un Viaje Fantástico por la Ruta del Vino
“Visite estos hermosos lugares en un Tour el próximo sábado 3 de marzo”
Por: Paco Zavala
¿Se encuentra aburrido, cansado, hastiado, apesadumbrado, colérico, triste, melancólico? ¿Por qué no se prepara para realizar un viaje fantástico?

Representan en Corta Temporada la Obra Teatral “Playa Azul” en el Teatro del Seguro Social
Por: Paco Zavala
Representarán la genial obra teatral “Playa Azul” de Victor Hugo Rascón Banda, los tres días del último fín de semana 15, 16 y 17 de febrero y todos los fines de semana de marzo, contando a partir de: 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 29, 30 y 31, todas las representaciones iniciarán a las 8:00 pm., en una corta temporada en la sala teatral de la Clínica 7 del Seguro Social, sita entre el Blvd. Salinas y el Blvd. Agua Caliente

Los Gipsy Kings Regresan con Pasajero
Por James Klein
Los creadores de “Bamboleo” regresan con su nuevo disco de estudio “PASAJERO”, el sucesor de Roots (2004).  El álbum continúa con la línea que los lleva de regreso a las melodías con que se criaron en su infancia.

Luna Flamenca in Concert
Program features Lakshmi in concert with guest artist Luis Peña direct from Seville, Spain
The riveting sights and sounds of flamenco by Lakshmi Basile and her Luna Flamenca dance company will fill the air in a spectacular display of Spain’s revered dance form in two shows at San Diego’s own Turquoise Café Bar Europa in north Pacific Beach. The program features the artistry of rising flamenco star Lakshmi Basile (La Gita) and her guest artist Luis Peña direct from Seville, Spain.

Teen filmmakers Premiere Work at the 14th Annual Latino Film Festival
The Media Arts Center San Diego’s Teen Producers Project in conjunction with the 14th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (March 8 - 18) will premiere three short documentaries directed and produced by two teams of local student filmmakers, ages 12-18, from the neighborhoods of Escondido and Barrio Logan.

¡Tic Tac Tiempo!
Lila Downs en San Diego
Por Alma Delia Martínez
El año pasado también vino, pero para presentarse en el Humphreys, un agradable foro a la orilla del mar…

Latin Americans to be Well Represented at Upcoming Pacific Life Open Tennis Tournament
By J. Fred Sidhu
Chilean Fernando Gonzalez, David Nalbandian of Argentina and Brazil’s Gustavo Kuerten, will lead a host of Latin American players who will compete for the men’s singles title at the 2007 Pacific Life Open tennis tournament.

Lorenzana Looking to Help Titans this Season
By John Philip Wyllie
It is unusual for a freshman to make a high school varsity baseball team especially when the team in question is a quality program like the one at Eastlake High. But that is exactly what shortstop Hector Lorenzana did last year. In the past, this South Bay powerhouse has developed players such as the Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and San Diego State shortstop, Nick Romero. The Titans have also either won or at least been in the hunt most seasons for a CIF championship. It is way too early to tell, but Titan coach, Ernesto Hermosillo believes Lorenzana, his young shortstop, might be the next star to emerge from Eastlake.

Lizarraga Taking on a Leadership Role for the Titans
By John Philip Wyllie
A year ago, the Eastlake High School Softball Team was a perfect 10-0 in Mesa League play and battled a tough Poway team evenly before eventually falling 6-5 in the first round of the CIF playoffs. Senior outfielder and third baseman, Delores Lizarraga hopes the Titans can repeat as league champions this season and then drive a little deeper into the postseason playoffs. Her coach, Aida Esquer, is counting on Lizarraga to be one of the team’s leaders this season.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
There are many taurine words and expressions that lose a great deal in their translations to English. The word “bullfight” is a prime example.

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