Volume XXXI Number 25 June 22, 2007

FrontPage Stories

Teen Filmmakers Document the Lives of Local Community Leaders

By Michael Klam

No other medium captures the human condition and the realities of a complex world like documentary films. They bring us face to face with the people, places and events that define culture and society at every level. They track the footsteps of greatness and reveal tragedies large and small. They exalt the heroes and expose the villains living next door.

With technology and information at their fingertips, imagine what students can learn and eventually teach through documentary film.

Argenis Herrera, Teen Producer

The Teen Producers Project (TPP) has been training local youth to show and tell the stories that you don’t necessarily find in the mainstream media.

“Our goal is to connect kids to their communities,” says Kate Trumbull, Education Coordinator for Media Arts Center San Diego (MACSD), which runs TPP and produces the annual San Diego Latino Film Festival.

Trumbull says the goal of TPP is to help students become leaders by making inter-generational ties — connecting past to present — and ensuring their communities’ cultural futures. Students document a broad range of subjects, from immigration to preserving local history through the arts.

The teen producers come from Barrio Logan, Downtown, Golden Hill, North Park and El Cajon. This year, with their Media Arts Instructors, teen filmmakers interviewed and researched local leaders Roger Cazares, Victor Ochoa, Father Richard Brown and Herminia Acosta Enrique (Techitzin).

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Eminent Domain receives strong opposition among young fighters
By Raymond R. Beltran
National City - Mayor Ron Morrison and the city council were pelted over the head again by residents opposing eminent domain, which was up for discussion at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Buscando a Pedro: Una madre lucha por encontrar a su hijo deportado erróneamente
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Maria Carvajal camina por las calles calurosas de Tijuana sosteniendo la foto de su hijo Pedro, un hombre de 29 años que fue deportado a Tijuana después de haber cumplido una condena de 25 días en una cárcel del Condado de Los Angeles.


Mexican Army Drug War Role Debated
Hauled out as the shock troops of Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s declared offensive against drug trafficking, the Mexican army is under increasing criticism for alleged human rights violations in its recent campaigns. As charges swirl around multiple incidents involving soldiers across the country, controversy simmers over possible, new troop deployments.

Whatever the Outcome: The Proposed U.S. Immigration Bill: A Challenge for Calderon to Practice Self-Help in Mexico
By Jenna Schaeffer
The new bipartisan immigration bill unveiled in the U.S. Congress last month would provide a dual opportunity for Mexico’s new president, Felipe Calderon, to confront the “brain drain” that is robbing Mexico of much of its intellectual capital. It would also present a good opening for him to restructure the Mexican economy, in order to prevent thousands of poor Mexicans from being lured into working for drug cartels or forced to legally, or more likely, illegally migrate to the U.S. to find a job.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
El idioma oficial
Desde que Estados Unidos es Estados Unidos, ha sido un país multilingüe. En las famosas 13 colonias que formaron Estados Unidos, había inmigrantes ingleses, franceses y alemanes, por no decir nada de los cientos de miles de indios de diversas tribus que no se entendían unos con otros.

Suit filed to protect Chula Vista residents from traffic, infrastructure impacts
Citizen claims UCSP violates landmark ‘Cummings ‘ Growth Control Measure
Claiming that the city’s recently approved Urban Core Specific Plan (UCSP) violates both the spirit and letter of Chula Vista’s landmark ‘Cummings’ Growth Control Measure, Chula Vista property owner and concerned resident Earl Jentz today announced the filing of a lawsuit to require the city to put in place adequate traffic impact fees, create a park impact fee for western Chula Vista equal to one required for development in the east, and to adopt a financing plan that ensures that infrastructure improvements keep pace with future growth in the city’s urban core.

‘Segregated’ schools hinder reading skills
CHAPEL HILL –Children in families with low incomes, who attend schools where the minority population exceeds 75 percent of the student enrollment, under-perform in reading, even after accounting for the quality of the literacy instruction, literary experiences at home, gender, race and other variables, according to a new study.

Dreams Across America Tour Concludes with the Sharing of Stories with Congress
WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, June 20, 100 “Dreamers” took part in a press conference aimed at updating the public on their efforts to put a human face on the immigration debate in Washington. Through dozens of legislative appointments that will take place that day, Dreamers will not only share their stories with legislators, but will urge them to create immigration laws that build bridges to help all Americans achieve their dreams.

Migrant Outreach Project Makes Significant Impact on San Diego Day Laborers
By Nancy Madrid
“Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.” Indeed, the previous words spoken by Mahatma Gandhi reflect the emotional experience of many San Diego county migrant workers who on Sunday, May 27, 2007 were once more the beneficiaries of the mobile clinic provided by the Migrant

Proyecto hace gran impacto en trabajadores de San Diego
Por Nancy Madrid
“La fe no es algo que se solo se alcanza, pero un estado al que se debe crecer”. Las previas palabras dichas por Mahatma Gandhi reflejan la experiencia emocional de muchos emigrantes en el condado de San Diego, quienes este pasado Domingo 27 del 2007 fueron los beneficiarios de la clínica móvil facilitada por el Migrant Outreach Project, un proyecto que esta enfocado en ayudar a emigrantes. Por casi un año, los que trabajan muy duro pero a la misma ves sufren de la pobreza, han gradualmente renovado su fe en el kindness de la humanidad y la esperanza para salud mejora través de la Asociación Estudiantil Medica Latina y los médicos en la Escuela de Medicina de UCSD.

Por Jacqueline Marin
Preeclampsia: Si eres mujer te puede pasar
La primera vez que supe sobre la preeclampsia fue durante el embarazo de mi hermana. Nunca me imagine que en cuestión de horas, su vida y la del bebé estarían en peligro. Afortunadamente y gracias a la intervención inmediata del doctor, mi hermana y mi sobrino pudieron salvarse. A partir de ese momento, me di cuenta que tanto mi hermana como yo desconocíamos que como mujeres estábamos propensas a desarrollar este tipo de hipertensión que se manifiesta sólo durante el embarazo.

Just Drive South: Baja California busca impulsar el turismo “carretero” del sur de Estados Unidos
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Por décadas, millones de familias del sur de california han empacado sus maletas y manejado hacia el sur de la frontera para pasar un fin de semana de descanso en las playas, montañas o ciudades turísticas de Baja California.

Where do Minors Get Alcohol?
County Officials Reveal Sources of Booze; Warn of Dangers of Underage Drinking During Graduations and Summer; Alcohol Present in 59 Young Deaths in San Diego County
On March 30, 2000, a 15 year-old was drinking beer and vodka in a vacant lot. He then tried to cross the trolley tracks walking between two cars. He never made it across. On April 1, 2007, a 19 year-old college student and track athlete was drinking heavily with his friends. He passed out. He never woke up. Just two weeks ago, four high school students were on a graduation trip. They were drinking and driving. They crashed. They will never get to graduate. This week, the County Medical Examiner confirmed the cause of death of the 19 year-old female who died early last month. The SDSU student died of acute cocaine and alcohol intoxication.

Pardee Homes Delivers Quality of Life
As an area recruiter for Kaiser Permanente, Rudy Arambula is an expert at finding top medical professionals for his company. A San Diego native, he specializes in finding bilingual pharmacy and laboratory assistants.

Community Notes:
Chula Vista Community Meeting
Members of the Community Development Department of the city of Chula Vista will be at the June meeting of the Southwest Chula Vista Civic Association on Monday June 25, 2007 to give a presentation on Redevelopment and answer questions. The new city manager, David Garcia, and the acting Assistant City Manager Scott Tulloch (in charge of Community Development, Engineering, Public Works and General Services) will be there as well.

Editorial and Commentary

Guest Commentary:
No Cause For Democrats to Get Cocky About the Latino Vote
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
It’s fast becoming a political article of faith that Republicans can kiss the Latino vote good-by in 2008. At first glance, there’s good cause for the Democrats to get cocky about bagging the Latino vote. Bush is widely, and unfairly, blamed for making a mess of the immigration reform fight in Congress by not pushing hard enough for passage of the bill.

¿Apaguemos la Televisión Hispana?
Por Israel Ortega
Recientemente el Gobernador Arnold Schwarzenegger metió la pata al sugerir que la mejor forma que la comunidad Hispanoamericana puede aprender el inglés es apagar el televisor de programación en español. Pero ¿por qué la molestia? ¿Será que el Gobernador haya estado en lo cierto?

El Estío
Por José R. Uzal
El verano es tiempo de entretenimiento y diversión. Todo toma un paso más calmado. La política no escapa de este ciclo. Se calman las pasiones y los líderes parten a disfrutar el tiempo muerto en sus lugares favoritos.

El espíritu anti-inmigrante
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Uno piensa que el espíritu maligno anti-inmigrante desapareció de la órbita política en la ciudad de Costa Mesa. No es así; todavía vive y mantiene el rabo coleando. Y como siempre, la sombra infame de Martín H. Millard, el supremacista blanco costamecino que organizó la enbestida contra las familias latinas y latino-estadounidenses, sigue pregonando su mensaje de odio, aunque esta vez lo hace más fuera que dentro de las oficinas del gobierno.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

First Person
By Al Carlos Hernandez
I injured my shoulder playing basketball with my sons and their homies. Despite the real threat of injury we obstinately persevered, all the while informed by a library of “don’t do it’s” from my wife, and lucid others from my demographic to be careful.

El Arte Popular en México Tema de Interesante Conferencia Dictada por Marta Turok
Por: Paco Zavala
Iniciativa digna de aplausos es la de haber forjado la idea de realizar un programa de actividades denominado “Reconociéndonos”. Este programa de sucesos se escenifica dentro del marco general de actividades académicas y artísticas para celebrar el vigésimo quinto aniversario de la fundación del Centro Cultural Tijuana, mismo que se cumple este año.

‘Get a Clue,’ ‘Seek & Be Fit’ Bring Summer Fun to All Ages at the library!
Clues abound this year with mysterious magic shows, science experiments, animal shows, movies, and arts and crafts activities that are among the many exciting activities in store for kids at the Chula Vista Public Library’s popular Summer Reading Program. Open to children, teens and adults at the city’s three library branch-es, all of these free programs begin on June 16 and end with final parties in early August.

Voices from the Front Lines: A Conversation about No Child Left Behind A discussion by district staff, teachers and parents about critical issues of NCLB will take place Monday, June 25, at Roosevelt Middle School Library (3366 Park Blvd) at 4 p.m. Panel includes Superintendent Carl Cohn, Deputy Geno Flores, SDEA President Camille Zombro and members of the PTA Council. For more info, call Jack Brandais at 619-725-5570.

Aída Cuevas y el Mariachi Vargas en Concierto
Por: Paco Zavala
Seguramente el próximo sábado 23 de junio a las 5:00 pm en la planta vitivinícola de Viñedos L. A. Cetto en el Valle de Guadalupe, estarán de “manteles largos” cuando como a la usanza ranchera se dice, algo grandioso sucede y este evento es la presentación de un concierto del Mariachi Vargas de Tecatitlán y la gran diva mexicana de la canción ranchera, la guapa Aída Cuevas, por supuesto, que interpretando joyas musicales mexicanas indiscutiblemente.

On Stage in North County: Death at the Border
By Mark R. Day
Most people know little about the tragedies that occur when inexperienced hikers cross deserts in the scorching summer heat or climb snowy mountains in freezing winter temperatures. That’s one reason why Nadia Cabuto jumped at the chance to play a physician in Cruces (Crosses), a new Spanish language play about desperate migrants crossing our southern borders in search of the American dream.

Discovery en Español presenta el documental “Viviendo en las Sombras”, una producción original sobre la realidad que viven los inmigrantes ilegales
Discovery en Español, el proveedor líder de programación de alta calidad basada en hechos del mundo real para la audiencia hispano parlante, estrenará “Viviendo en las Sombras”, una producción original que expone de manera única y objetiva el debate sobre la inmigración ilegal. Este documental le da vida al debate como nunca antes, a través de conmovedores testimonios de personas que viven clandestinamente sin la documentación necesaria y con miedo a ser deportados, pero aun así se esfuerzan en trabajar, criar a sus hijos, y soñar con un futuro mejor. “Viviendo en las Sombras” se estrena en Discovery en Español el domingo, 24 de junio a las 9:00 pm.

Última semana de la XII Bienal de Fotografía en el Centro Cultural Tijuana
Para aquéllos que no han tenido la oportunidad de admirar las obras que conforman la XII Bienal de Fotografía, les informamos que el Centro Cultural Tijuana extendió su periodo de exhibición una semana más, por lo que podrá visitarse hasta el domingo 24 de junio.

Perez in Net for Sunwaves
By John Philip Wyllie
It has been four years since the San Diego Spirit women’s professional soccer team played at USD’s Torero Stadium. This weekend, a new women’s team will attempt to recapture the excitement and enthusiasm that the Spirit created there. The San Diego Sunwaves opened their season on the road last month and after a five-game road trip and last week’s 0-1 home opening loss sit in second place in the Western Conference standings with a 3-2-1 W-League record. The team is captained by Mexican national team goalkeeper, Sophia Perez, a former SDSU Aztec.

Nat Gonzalez Named SDSU Women’s Soccer Assistant Coach
Former USC associate head coach and UC Riverside men’s soccer head coach to join first-year head coach Mike Friesen’s staff
San Diego State first-year women’s soccer head coach Mike Friesen announced Monday the hiring of Nat Gonzalez as an assistant coach at SDSU. Gonzalez has been the associate head coach at USC the past three seasons after coaching the UC Riverside men’s soccer program the previous three years. Gonzalez is also currently an assistant coach for the U.S. Under-20 Women’s National Team in their preparation for the 2008 World Championships.

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